1. The Genius Bar folks are pretty awesome, though, I have a story I like to refer to as “the Silence of the Lambs” incident resulting directly from the referral I was given by one of said geniuses…

    Have to give them credit though, seems they have no problem directing people toward more financially sound solutions!

    And yes, I’m sure I’ve purchased more than a few pairs of shoes for Mr Jobs over the course of my computer-using life, devoted Mac user that I am :)

  2. Dorian

    Thank you so much for your blog. Really interesting!! I bought a Mac Mini as well on craigslist. All good but is has some glitches or hiccups when watch videos or movies from internet. I was updated to Leopard 10.5 and I see the programs from the previous version still there. I also want to update the hard drive but i cannot get a retail version. Would it be too much to borrow yours since you borrowed it as well from “Internet” 😛 ??? It would be great to make it a little bit faster as it happened to yours. Best wishes.

  3. Dorian

    Second time I write on your site, the first one did not show up 😛 I want to thank you for your site, very informative. All the information will be useful to update my hard drive on my mac mini G4. Steve, is there any chance you could make me a copy of the r tail version of L eopard 10.5. I need it to make a fresh install in a new hard drive. Or could you tell me where to get it from the Internet?? Thank you.


  4. It’s a pretty big DVD to copy, so your best bet is to Google for “leopard os x torrent” and use a bittorrent client to download it fast.


  5. Thanks for the info! I have one of the first G4 1.25GHz minis with a 40GB drive, partitioned into 20GB Leopard + 20GB Linux. A few days ago I went to install the latest Leopard update rollup, and it informed me there wasn’t enough space available, annoyingly. This is basically a clean install; no extra installed programs and no large files, I really just use it for testing.

    Anyway, I looked at the 320GB Scorpio Blue, but didn’t know if there would be any issues with a drive that large (Apple never sold G4 minis with hard drives larger than 80GB). Good to know that I have the exact same specs as you, and it worked for you.


  6. I just upgraded my old G4 1.25 GHz Mini this year, including:

    – adding a bluetooth/airport card
    – changing the original 40 GB hard drive which had died for a 160 GB/7200RPM one (no problem for the Mini, and a significant speed increase)
    – upgrading the RAM to 1GB
    – dumping Tiger for Ubuntu 10.10.

    It makes a very fine machine for about 200€ (well I’m French too :) ) in upgrades, brand new OS included.


    1. Salut, Vincent! :) All great upgrades. And I’ve actually been dual-booting Ubuntu 10 with yaboot on mine, too. It runs REALLY fast.

  7. Mike Hunsaker

    This is my first time to your blog and so far I really like reading what you have to say. You seem to know your stuff. While I do own a Mac, I can honestly say the price Apple charges for any of their machines is pointless. I can build or buy a equally nice PC or better and hackintosh it with OS X or VM iOS on it with Horizon for less than half the cost.

    Dont get me wrong Macs are fun but unlogical in almost every way unfortunately. One reason I say this is that OS X 10.4 – 10.6 determine 1GB as 1000MB. Which is not true, its globally 1024 on every back end system. This cause some nasty reporting issues. Again Mac’s are great but not incredibly logical.

    Despite all this I really like reading your blog and you have some really good experiences that I enjoy reading about and posting about. Nice to learn some things also from your blog. Thanks again!

  8. Florence

    Dear Steve,

    I have a Mac Mini 1.42 GHZ . I have no idea what size hardrive it came with but it is in dire need of upgrade in harddrive space and speed. Will the upgrades you did work for me? Are those items you purchsed still available?

  9. Logan

    Hi, Steve! I have the exact same mini that you do, sans the upgrades. I had been considering doing these and I’ve been nervous about going forward with them, but reading about how well it went for you has really helped me make up my mind to do it. This is my first visit to your blog, and it most certainly will not be my last!


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