1. Alan Chan

    awesome posts about this. I used to live in Kansas City and they offered a program, but the online server utilized the local power company servers. They actually used the Honeywell VisionPro 8000 thermostat. It was free for every unit (A/C, heat pump, etc) you had, but in response, they could cycle for demand usage. I wish more places in the US had this. The neat thing was it used radio frequency I believe, and not wifi – better uptime. no iPhone app though.

    great blog. I used to use your cheatcodes site for video games!

  2. Tom

    Enjoyed reading your posts on Ecobee. I’ve had one since July, and installed two more in a second house in Sept. I agree with your feature requests and improvements, and I have suggested a few of my own. I have an outdoor temp sensor connected to the Ecobee at one of my locations because my temp there and the local weather temp they use can be very different (10 degrees quite often). I asked if Ecobee would add a feature to display the outdoor temp sensor reading on the unit display. They thought it was a great suggestion and said they would look into it. But nothing has happened 3-4 months later. I also see nothing has happened on your suggestion of making the Ecobee accessible directly (without Ecobee servers). Have you heard anything from them?

    I wonder if it would be a good idea to start an online forum for Ecobee users? There doesn’t seem to be any one place to discuss these, and it might help to know how many people have them, how they use them, and be able to band together to get issues fixed or at least better heard.


  3. manuel

    hello i want to ask you my problem, i have a mitsubishi air condicion and this machine don´t work to 24v (works on 12V) and i wanted to know if any way to connect the ecobee smart thermostat to this air condicion. Thanks a lot


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