1. Steven Carroll

    Hi Steve,

    It was cool to see how a simple upgrade can make an older Maglite useful with today’s technology for such little $. As I was reading your blog, I thought of a friend of mine in California who has created a neat add-on to the Maglite called Bust A Cap. If you have a moment, check his stuff out at http://www.bustacap.net. Frankly, I don’t have one yet but I am thinking it would be beneficial to have in the car and possibly in the home. What are you thoughts? Is this something that could be necessary in the home and/or car?



  2. Buyabattery

    Hey Steve, I had also a number of maglite bulbs. They provide optimum efficiency at a minimum cost. Loved to go through your post. Seems that you have a quite in depth knowledge about this stuff. keep sharing mate..!


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