1. Dear Sir-

    It evidently is only designed to work on seagulls. Clearly marked on the box, is a flying seagull.

    Thus, you need to:

    1.) Acquire a seagull.
    2.) Attached said device to the seagull.
    3.) Observe the notifications of said seagull movement.

    If there had been a washing machine on the box, then perhaps it would work on a washing machine.


    PS- I in no way endorse the use of seagulls in poorly made product marketing. Dolphins are much better at smiling.


    1. DOH! How could I have MISSED that? Now I want to go buy another one and track down a seagull. :)

  2. Denny

    Hi Steve. The firmware has been updated many times since launch. Out of box, the firmware is the first version which I do agree the sensitivity isn’t quite suitable for some applications. However I think you’ll find the most updated firmware will be reliable for you needs. To update the firmware please read this thread. http://www.quirky.com/forums/topic/20422

    1. Jacob

      Denny, this would have been great for a cigar humidor or wine cellar, however, there are no real time readouts. And the temp is working now, but not the humidity. Such a shame. Cool idea, just not fully realized. Make it work in real time with actual readouts and it will be a cigar and wine lovers dream!


  3. Hi, Denny. Thanks for your comment. I’ve done as you’ve suggested and updated my article above. Probably not the outcome you were looking for, but my offer for a third evaluation is serious. Happy New Year! :)


  4. Steve, it’s not just the Spotter that has these issues. I bought the Quirky Pivot Power Genius and found that it suffers from many of the same issues, mainly spotty response, issues connecting to the phone, having to reset the phone (and the QPPG) to get it to see the phone, and then losing the connection repeatedly. Just not ready for primetime, IMHO.

  5. sally good

    At this year’s CES I was told quirky GE spotter issues are blamed on electricimp and they are doing a redesign using intel edison.

  6. AA

    Wish I had red this review before I bought a bunch of Quirky and Wink equipment. What a waste of time. The part that annoyed me is how much they mis lead and fail to communicate what features are available. And the sensors are horrible. I could never get the sound or light to go off.


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