1. George

    great post…now tempted to replace my saddle valve too as it always worries me…and I’ve actually opened and closed it a couple times (already a no-no) to do service on the humidifier.

    question though – do you have both city and well water? I saw the dry-wall cut-out (why?) to access a main water shutoff (why hidden in a wall?) but also saw what looked like a softener in your 3rd pic. Hear any word in the forums on one being better or worse (efficiency or otherwise) going through the humidifier?


    1. Hi, George. I agree – a basement bedroom is a strange place for the main water shutoff, but all the homes in this development have them “hidden” there. We’re not on a well, but still use a water softener at this house because the city water in Provo, Utah is extremely hard. This was an easy and relatively inexpensive upgrade to do. The Shark Bite fittings were really the only “expensive” part, but the ease of use and re-usability if I change the connections in the future makes it worth it in my mind. It’s cheap insurance against a saddle valve leak. Most of the forums do seem to agree that the hot water side is more efficient for moisture absorption, but it seems that’s probably only marginal. But I figured since I wanted to swap out the saddle valve anyway (especially since this is a vacation home where we don’t live full time), I may as well go all the way.


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