Ecobee Discussion Forum for Owners, Installers, and Enthusiasts 1

I’ve written a number of posts about the Ecobee Smart Thermostat since installing my first one in 2010. Since then, I’ve received a number of comments and emails asking if I knew of any discussion forums for Ecobee users. I didn’t, so I decided to launch my own using Google Groups.

UPDATE! I’ve now incorporated the Ecobee User Group as a section of

The Ecobee section on that forum is a resource to current and prospective Ecobee owners, and I’ve even been able to some of Ecobee Inc’s staff to lurk in there and help answer questions. 🙂

Please keep in mind, however, that it is an unofficial forum for Ecobee products (meaning we’re not affiliated with Ecobee Inc in any way). It’s just a place to discuss heir products, answer each others’ questions when possible, provide peer support, and promote the further use of these products.