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Every year, for the past 36 years, the martial arts style Cuong Nhu has held an annual training event known as IATC: International Annual Training Camp. In its current form, the camp is held on Memorial Day Weekend on the campus of a major university, allowing hundreds of practitioners in […]

Cuong Nhu IATC 2013 Atlanta Survival Guide

For the very first time, the 2013 Annual Cuong Nhu Black Belt Meeting will be available via Google Hangout video conference for black belts not attending training camp. If you are a Cuong Nhu black belt who is not attending IATC 2013, Grandmaster Quynh encourages you to attend this important […]

Cuong Nhu IATC 2013 Black Belt Meeting Google Hangout Instructions

Finalizing their preferences 6
This post started in a grocery store last Saturday. My two daughters (Brooklyn – 16 and Sydney – 11) and I were shopping for the week, and we’d made it to the last item on our list: bottled water. As we headed down the water aisle, Brooklyn made a beeline […]

Which Bottled Water Tastes Best? You Might Be Surprised!