You Can Wash and Dry It. We Can Help. 5

Those who truly know me know that I’m extremely “handy” with tools and DIY projects. My Dad grew up on farms and ranches, so he knows how to fix pretty much anything. I grew up going to Parkrose Hardware with him every Saturday, wandering around the aisles until we found a project that we could complete in one day to keep my Mom happy, then handing him tools and holding the flashlight for him as we got the job done.

Now that I’m a grown-up (well, legally at least), I love doing electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and general “fix it” stuff myself. I think it makes sense in some strange way.¬†Guys who work with tools all day long want to relax at night and on the weekends by sitting in front of a computer, moving around a mouse, and listening to MP3s. Conversely, guys who sit in front of a compter running a mouse all day want to relax by swinging a hammer and listening to the sexy-sweet sounds of a compound mitre saw (yes, know I spelled it “mitre” – I grew up in Australia where we speak the Queen’s prisoners’ English). I think being able to fix things is part of being a real man. And if you’re a man who disagrees, then there’s a good chance you don’t know how to you use tools or fix things, in which case you’re probably a wuss, in which case I’m certain I can beat you up, in which case I don’t care that you disagree with me. We disagree… and I digress.

Anyway, I love hitting the hardware store, buying new power tools, and making up excuses to use them. So when my smokin’ hot wife pointed out for the umpeenth time this morning that our washing machine was running less than optimally, I saw an opportunity to turn it into an excuse to go to the hardware store. Not to buy parts to fix it, but to replace it. And of course, if I bought a new washing machine, it wouldn’t match the existing dryer… so I’m going to need one of those as well, please!

So I threw on some flannel, jumped in my Hummer (I’ve taken the Maserati to the hardware store before, but it just didn’t feel right today), and headed to the Home Depot. Yes, the Home Depot. If I’m gonna have to go shopping, then it’s gonna be at a store I like to visit! Plus, it’s the closest store to our house that sells washers and dryers, so that’s a huge selling point (hardy har) right there.

I arrive at Home Depot, force myself to ignore the wall of power tools calling my name, and head to the girliest part of the entire store: the kitchen/bath/laundry appliance area. And what a surprise… two ladies were sitting at a desk… talking. I asked them for help looking at washing machines, and one of them paged “JJ” over the intercom. I headed over to the washers and started looking at my options. A couple minutes later, JJ arrived to help me out.

Don’t be fooled by JJ. He looks to be in his mid 20s, soft-spoken, and somewhat shy. He didn’t really strike me as the kind of dude who belonged in a hardware store, let alone the type of guy who would know everything there is to know about washers and dryers.

I was wrong.

JJ has probably forgotten more about washers and dryers than I’ll ever know. He actually talked me out of the set that I thought I wanted to get – even though they were more expensive (which leads me to believe that JJ isn’t compensated on commission… which is fine by me).

I abandoned my plans for another set of Maytags and opted for the LG WM2101HW and DLG2102W (avec pedestals, bien sur). They’ll be delivered on Tuesday, and the old ones will be whisked away and thrown into a landfill somewhere in Tacoma recycled responsibly.

Keri is SO happy. And that makes me happy. How weird is it that if you buy something for a girl, it makes them happy?

So if you’re in the market for a new washer and/or dryer, holla at my boy JJ at the Covington Home Depot.

LG WM2101HW - Apparently, it's good for the environment. I just need it to be good to my Superman Underoos.

LG WM2101HW - Apparently, it's good for the environment. I just need it to be good to my Superman Underoos.

LG DLG2102W - It's full of gas and hot air, just like me!

LG DLG2102W - It's full of gas and hot air, just like me!