• Zach Coleman

    Thanks it worked great for my XP PRO computers except on XP you have to use control userpasswords2 or t

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  • dawsonweb

    Hi. Thanks for the excellent article. It’s worked great for a couple of machines on my network but i’m having great difficulty with a third. Despite 2 complete rebuilds of windows7 and adding the kids into local admin I stil can’t get WLFS to see them as local administrators? Any idea? Do you know how to get WLFS to do that initial check thing that it does right at the very start.

    Anyway i’ll keep plugging away. If you have any idea i’d love to hear.

  • rob

    well it almost worked for me — unfortunately FSS doesn’t seem to want to ever refresh the filter without an unspecified error 80004005 so whatever settings are there on install are stuck there 😐 why they make this functionality so difficult and/or impossible within a domain is just beyond me..

  • Michael Dixon

    Like dawsonweb I also couldn’t get Family Safety working on my new Windows 7 (64bit) box while it works fine on my other XP and Vista machines. I finally did get it working by inserting an extra step – after adding the kids domain accounts to the local Admin group I then logged in once as their domain users to have the local machine create a profile for them. Once I did this then they showed up in the Famiy Safety software for me to select.

    I also noticed that if I removed them from the local admin group after I set them up (step 10) they no longer showed up in the Famiy Safety Filter (when logged in as a parent to check who is being monitored) – but Family Safety still knows who they are when they log into the machine.

    Thanks for the article Steve – it pointed me in the right direction and gave me incentive to keep trying to get it to work 🙂

  • DonMiguel

    I found that it also didn’t work on new accounts until I logged in to each account one time. Once I’d done that the new accounts showed up fine in the FS list.

  • Michael

    is anybody able to use the timelimits and programm restrictions from family safety, while using this workaround?

    Thx and greetz


  • Raoul

    I too ran into the problem that WLFS could not be used with Domain accounts.
    Hopefully the info below will help others.
    (This being a different problem to re-enabling the control panel icon for “Parental Controls” which can be done via gpedit.msc – google for that)

    I have a Windows 2008 Domain and a number of Windows 7 Professional desktops with “Windows Live Family Safety 2011 (Build 15.4.3502.0922)”.
    Each of the Desktop PC’s have only a local-admin user account, no others.

    I’m not saying this is the only solution or that what else has been written before does not work, but in my case I found the important bit as being to logon to the desktop PC as the DOMAIN\child account. Without doing this WLFS did not list the DOMAIN\child account and so it could not be selected, even after adding the “child” to the LOCAL\Administrators group as suggested elsewhere in this blog.

    In order to link the “DOMAIN\child” account to the “WLFS\child” account, I:
    – logged on to the Desktop PC as the child “DOMAIN\child” account
    – started WLFS and selected “Add or Manage family members on this computer”
    – gave my DOMAIN\Administrator account to the UAC prompt
    – gave my WLFS Parent account details

    Then the list of accounts that could be selected included the “DOMAIN\child” account listed under the “Standard Users” section. I ticked this and associated it to the appropriate WLFS\child account.

    This allows web filtering and tracking, but does not allow time limits/game etc, but program execution and logon hours can be dealt with by using domain controls so not a problem.

  • Jason

    Worked perfectly for me running SBS 2011 Essentials (2008 R2) and 3 PC’s running 7 and Vista Pro, along with FSS 2011. Thanks for the post!

  • David

    Worked Great! Thanks for the information.

  • Truemmerli

    Your hack was working fine on Windows 7. I just upgraded the kids pc to Windows 8. Unfortunatley it isn’t working anymore ;-(.

  • It’s Me

    For anyone more recently hopping on this thread, I was able to add the users to the local box without them being admins. You just have to add the domain account locally (like the old roaming vs local profile from nt4)

  • I’ve upgraded to Windows 8 in order to have time limits and now it seems there is no way to add domain accounts to Family Safety at all.

  • David Corona

    Thank you, this workaround did great for our environment.