Steve and Axel

Cuong Nhu IATC 2012 Report

Another fantastic Cuong Nhu International Annual Training Camp is in the books. For the second year in a row, the event was hosted at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. It’s basically just a few hundred of my closest friends meeting for some karate training, testing, partying, socializing, dancing, and reconnecting. It’s always one of my favorite trips of the year. Here’s a photo of those of us from Komokuten Dojo (Fairwood Martial Arts) who went this year:

This is not the crew you want to mess with.

New black belts from our dojo were Erin Riddle and Dave Strouhal. Sensei Joseph Cordell tested for 2nd degree black belt and Sensei Tony Kay tested for 4th degree. And Master Ricki Kay was promoted to 7th degree, making her the highest ranked woman in our karate style.

Sensei Axel and I played a couple of the bad guys in Joseph’s demo, which was a blast to perform in front of everyone.

Sensei Axel and me: it’s like twins separated at birth! LOL.

Check out the Komokuten Dojo YouTube channel for videos of the board breaking and demos (including Joseph’s demo where I meet an untimely end…).

I’m already counting down the days until IATC 2013!