InSinkErator SST Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Rave: Leaking InSinkErator SST Hot Water Heater Tank Replaced Out of Warranty 42

Flush your Instant Hot Water TankPreviously, I made a post about how to extend the life of your InSinkErator SST Instant hot water tank. Then, a few months later, one of my tanks died. It started leaking and dripping water under the sink, which is never good.

InSinkErator SST Instant Hot Water Dispenser

InSinkErator SST Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Since there’s an 800 number listed on the front of the InSinkErator SST tank, I called it and was connected to a cheery Filipina voice. But after reading my serial number to her, she informed me of the bad news: the serial number reveals that my unit was built in 2008, and my three year warranty ran out two years ago.

But that’s when her heavy accent delivered these magic words: “InSinkErator is proud of their product quality and customer service, so I would be happy to send you a new tank, free of charge. The new tank will have a 90-day warranty, and you will be responsible for installing it yourself.”

Yes! A new unit (which would come with another 3 year warranty) is over $200 on Amazon, so even with just a 90-day warranty, I’m ahead of the game. And installing it is a breeze — I’ll just follow my own instructions in my previous post. 🙂

Based on my research, this leaking issue is pretty wide-spread, but InSinkErator made some design changes to their newer tanks (which I’m presuming my new one will be) to address the issue.

So, three cheers for InSinkErator’s customer service replacing an out-of-warranty product!

UPDATE: It seems like the out-of-warranty free replacements have ended. I had another tank that was out of warranty that needed replacement, and instead of replacing it for free, the customer service rep offered me a coupon code that was good for a limited time at their online store, which would allow me a large discount on purchasing a new one. With the discount, it was still cheaper than I could find anywhere else (including Amazon), and I did take advantage of the deal… but it’s no longer a free replacement. It’s still worth a phone call to get the discount code, if your tank needs replacement.