InSinkErator SST Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Rave: Leaking InSinkErator SST Hot Water Heater Tank Replaced Out of Warranty 42

Flush your Instant Hot Water TankPreviously, I made a post about how to extend the life of your InSinkErator SST Instant hot water tank. Then, a few months later, one of my tanks died. It started leaking and dripping water under the sink, which is never good.

InSinkErator SST Instant Hot Water Dispenser

InSinkErator SST Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Since there’s an 800 number listed on the front of the InSinkErator SST tank, I called it and was connected to a cheery Filipina voice. But after reading my serial number to her, she informed me of the bad news: the serial number reveals that my unit was built in 2008, and my three year warranty ran out two years ago.

But that’s when her heavy accent delivered these magic words: “InSinkErator is proud of their product quality and customer service, so I would be happy to send you a new tank, free of charge. The new tank will have a 90-day warranty, and you will be responsible for installing it yourself.”

Yes! A new unit (which would come with another 3 year warranty) is over $200 on Amazon, so even with just a 90-day warranty, I’m ahead of the game. And installing it is a breeze — I’ll just follow my own instructions in my previous post. 🙂

Based on my research, this leaking issue is pretty wide-spread, but InSinkErator made some design changes to their newer tanks (which I’m presuming my new one will be) to address the issue.

So, three cheers for InSinkErator’s customer service replacing an out-of-warranty product!

UPDATE: It seems like the out-of-warranty free replacements have ended. I had another tank that was out of warranty that needed replacement, and instead of replacing it for free, the customer service rep offered me a coupon code that was good for a limited time at their online store, which would allow me a large discount on purchasing a new one. With the discount, it was still cheaper than I could find anywhere else (including Amazon), and I did take advantage of the deal… but it’s no longer a free replacement. It’s still worth a phone call to get the discount code, if your tank needs replacement.

  • DeNova Weaver

    Yes, great customer service and standing behind their products! Our Insinkerator SST-Fltr hot water tank (manufactured 11/2009) began leaking in June 2013. Just like you we called their customer service after going without hot water for several months, not having time to deal with the problem until recently. When we called today they asked us to find exactly where the leak was. Ours was dripping from the bottom whenever we drew hot water (but not cold). After providing the serial number we were also told it was past the 3 year warranty, however, they would be able to provide a free replacement of a modified tank model that would integrate with our current hose connections and dispenser. We were told it would be our responsibility to install it once it arrives. Not bad.

    • My unit is only about 4 YEARS OLD! It was a small fortune to purchase as much as a dishwasher, only one year past the warantee they offered me 65% off a new 400 dollar plus unit. I’m taking this hot water dispenser and throwing it in the garbage! It never worked correctly to begin with and this is just insult to injury. I would not purchase another from this company! Why would I spend another 150 dollars on an obvious poor quality product!

  • wendy smith

    Had the same thing happen here. They sent us a new one to!!! Five stars. Ours was out dated 3 years to.

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  • william shereck

    Well I also had a leaking tank but I was told they no longer have that program

    • Michael

      William – we must both be having the exact same problem. Just called Insinkerator this morning, and I, too, was told that I would need to purchase a replacement 🙁 🙁

  • Bonnie

    Yep, they stopped sending new tanks out.. Even when I told her it soaked the bottom of my kitchen cabinet and ruined the wood. They gave me a coupon code for a new one. They must have had to replace a lot!

    • I had to replace another one at a different house, and was offered the coupon code, as well. With the coupon, it’s a better deal than I could find anywhere else (even online), but it’s still not as good a deal as “free.”

  • Doug

    I have two that leaked,Opened unit and found burnt broken tubing hose that sets against tank,Replaced with new tubing hose that i wrapped with electrical tape to prevent it from getting burnt up again.Poor design.Will see if this fixes the problem.

    • Doug! You are a naughty boy! Actually opening something up to understand how it works, improve upon the original design, and extend the life of the product! Manufacturers in our “throw it out” society hate people like you. But I salute you. 🙂

  • charly

    Update ! I called to the 1800 number (to india) with a leaking unit from the bottom (the white plastic piece where the screw). I had to complain hard to talk to a manager, and them after I gave him the serial number, he gave me a code for a 65% discount. Final cost 144 for the new unit with filter..not bad ..but not free ;-(… Te unit is only 5 years old….I wonder if it is even worth it to get another unit or different brand …any recommendation ?..

  • Arleen

    Thanks for this great customer service tip at Insinkerator. I called them today and learned my unit was manufactured in 2008 and out of warranty. They did not offer any discount coupon. I went ahead and asked if there was anything they could do to help me like offer a discount or some other suggestion. The rep immediately told me she could offer a 55% discount if I purchaed a rplacement on their website. She gave me a Promo Code which is good only for 5 days. Tip, if you have a receipt for the date of purchase and it’s within 3 years of the date of your call, they will still honor it and replace the unit free Otherwise, they revert back to the date of manufacture. It’s worth asking for a discount – they don’t offer it unless asked, based on my experience today.

  • Arleen

    Correction from Arleen – I actually got a 65% discount when I placed my order! The $410 Insinkerator Hot Warter Tank cost me only $143. Now THAT’S great customer service! I added in two high end filters $150 worth and with discount they totaled only $50. Thanks so much for this fabulous tip and sharing your exoerience, Steve. I will definitely buy an Insinkerator product in the future.

  • charly

    update II: After checking in the website the 65% off was real, costumer service told me the code it is for five days and one unit only (he told me I need the serial to get another coupon for the second liking unit). NOT true I order two units with the same coupon at 65 % off.BTW the new units F1000 come with filters BUT they don’t come with the snap-connect fitting. For contractors, I wonder if you can order 10 with coupon at $144 each ;-)…

  • 11/6/14
    A few months ago, I inadvertently used a non-food grade vinyl tube from a local hardware store to replace the worn out tube inside my SST-FLTR hot water dispenser. I believe this tubing assist in the return of water to the tank when the handle of the faucet is released. After discovering my mistake yesterday, I discontinued using the dispenser until I purchase the appropriate tube. I am really concerned about any toxins my family might have ingested as a result. We normally use the dispenser to make a cup of tea or to add how water to a recipe when required. I am especially concerned about my 4 and 8 year old grandchildren who enjoy a cup of tea now and then. From a medical standpoint, are we at risk for some type of chronic condition due to the use of this in appropriate tubing?

    • Hi, Lawrence. I’m not a doctor (and I don’t play one on TV), and I don’t know exactly what type of tube you used, so I wouldn’t be able to definitively say whether or not there’s any real health risk. If I’d done that myself, I’d just swap it out for the food grade stuff and go about my day. There’s not much you can do at this point, anyway.

      • Lawrence

        Thanks for the reply Steve. My wife told me the same thing, “you can’t do anything about it at this point” so you have to move on. The manufacturer gave me a huge discount on a new dispenser, so I opted to purchase the new unit.

        By the way, I used about an 8 inch piece of vinyl tubing to replace the failed tubing. Again, thanks for your opinion.

  • Ronald Fasano

    My dispenser is leaking at the point that the 2 halves meet. Seems like a rubber /silocone gasket has failed. The unit (H-770 SS) is out of warantee but I called to see if I could get a new gasket or could use a suggested sealing material since the unit is good except for the gasket. The response was to discard the unit and buy a new one. I asked how much they sell it for and was told $480.00. No discount was offered. Told them I had to think about that kind of outlay. Any suggestions on what to do to replace/ repair the gasket?

    • Hmm… before tossing it out, I’d at least try some food-grade silicone sealant, just for kicks.

      • Ron

        Called around and found out that food grade silicone sealant is NOT recommended for potable water use such as hot water dispensers. GE, DAP, and even Permatex said they did not have a sealant that coud be used. Then I called Dow Corning tech service and they had a sealant that WAS approved for such use. It is their Silicone sealant #732 and/or #748. The 732 cures faster but has that vinegary smell that is irritating until it cures. The 742 does not have the smell but takes longer to cure. Hard to find either, but came across it at a Motion Industries location that only had the #742 ($8.95 per tube). Dow was able to supply possible suppliers in my area which hepled me narrow down my search. I’ll let you know how it works once it cures. Hopefully will save me the cost of buying a new unit. And, InSinkErator did NOT offer a discount, they just said I’d have to discard my unit and buy a new unit which they quoted at $430.00. Must be gold plated instead of stainless steel.

  • I am now on my third Insinkerator in six years and all three have leaked identically from the bottom into a kitchen cabinet after about two years of use. There is quite clearly an inherent design fault with this model and plainly from comments made the cost of replacement and even the cost of giving discounts against a new one have got much too high for the manufacturer to stand. As advantageous as hot water heating is, this is not a product one could or should recommend to a friend. There are other better makes on the market like Quooker.

    There is something inherently wrong in a product that in every instance of installation starts to leak after such a short period of use – often when just out of warranty. I have no confidence in this fault having been quickly addressed and corrected – the company appears to be benefitting hugely from the sale of replacement models to previous customers. Leaking water in chipboard kitchen furniture can cause considerable damage which can be very expensive to rectify if, as quite likely nowadays, granite worktops are installed. Any Insinkerator hot water heater should certainly have a drip catchment arrangement under it – you will need it sooner or later.

  • Sav Age

    Is Insinkerator the only company that makes these?

  • mike

    My 4 1/2 year old tank started having a “sputtering” problem; I called the 800 number for technical advice and they told me it would need to be replaced. But they offered me a no-cost “courtesy” replacement tank at no cost, with a full warranty! I didn’t even ask for this, the agent just offered it.

    Still, I feel like I’ll be luck to get 5 years out of this next tank, and I’m NOT going to buy a full price tank when this one fails. Too bad; I do love the instant hot function, but the product quality just isn’t there.

  • Mary

    HI Guys considering the inherent faults, is this particular model not discontinued then? INSINKERATOR SWT-FLTR-1

  • Joanne

    Over the last 10 years I have replaced my Insinkerator twice and now need to replace it for the third time due to it leaking just like everyone else’s. The last time I replaced it I just paid full price at Home Depot as my warranty was up and I was not aware there were so many problems with this item. When it broke again last year I called Customer Service and they did not offer any help what-so-ever. No free tank or discount coupon so I just bought a kettle.

    Now I am getting ready to put my house up for sale and need to fix all those little things that you let go. My Insinkerator being one of them. I went online and read about all the problems and offers Customer Service has being giving other customers. After four phone calls to Customer Service and one from a Manager all they keep telling me is to go buy another one at full price. I keep trying to explain that the only way I can find them in stores or at the replacement parts company they recommend is in a kit form with a faucet included $408.00 plus tax or with the tank and filter system at $449..00 plus tax and shipping! I will never recommend this item to anyone or buy from this company again. Clearly there is an on-going problem with these tanks and they are offering no help what-so-ever. They even had the nerve to say it was my fault or the kind of City water we have.

    The new owners of my house will just have an extra faucet installed in the granite countertop that does nothing and I will leave them a note NOT to replace the unit!

    • Egon

      My unit just failed after 10 years. The leak was at the gasket where the electrical connection penetrates the tank. At first, I thought I might be able to repair it with some gasket maker, but the old gasket crumbled in my fingers and I discovered the thermostat was corroded and no longer functional. The good news is that the 65% discount is still in effect. I called the customer service number and was told the SST-FLTR model is discontinued, and I should buy a new HWT-F1000S. She said the fittings are the same and I would be able to use the old filter, for which I had just bought 2 replacement cartridges. I asked if they had any discount on the new one, and the lady gave me a code that resulted in a price of $143, including shipping, for a whole new unit. Not bad!

  • Doug Rodgers

    I had the exact same problem. I called the number, they said if I could find my receipt, they would honor the 3 year warranty from date of purchase. I could not find my receipt, so they said I would just need to purchase a new tank. They didn’t offer any discount. So I asked about a discount, and she quickly said she could give me the coupon code that is good for five days.

    Before ordering the replacement, I disassembled my leaking tank to see if it was something I could repair on my own. Once I removed all the insulation and got it down to a bare tank, I filled it half way with water, then applied about 20 lbs of air pressure to the tank with a compressor. I was expecting to see the leak at the gaskets. To my surprise, the leaks were happening right in the middle of the tank (where all the corrosion marks were). Very tiny, hair line cracks running up and down. They were all bubbling with the air pressure. Once I saw that, I knew I could not repair it on my own. Maybe the cause was age, maybe metal fatigue from the temperature? Maybe weakened metal from forming the tank? Maybe rust… who knows.

    I ordered the new tank from their website, entered the coupon code and the ending price was $143. My three year warranty will start over. I’m going to keep my receipt and mark my calendar to check the tank before the three years are up.

    • Michael Stern

      As of May 30, 2015, the discount is alive and well! I did have to state that I’ve seen others get it on the internet before the agent would “check with her supervisor”, but she did come back and offer me the 65% off code, good for 5 days.

      • Suzanne McPherson

        July 31, 2015 my Insinkerator tank began leaking and after researching and visiting Lowes, I went on the internet and found this site. I called the 800 number and my tank was purchased in March 2010. I told the gal that I read the reviews and they said that Insinkerator had great customer service. After some ‘checking’ I was able to get the code for 65% off. I had them stay on the line to make sure it would work and it didn’t. It gave me 50% off. Again the gal ‘checked’ and eventually got the right code for 65% off. I kept her on the line until I had completed the purchase. It’s on the way! Customer service is usually frustrating, but in this case, it went really well.

  • Keith Wigley

    My Insinkerator hot tank started leaking from the base about 3 months ago, staged a recovery and then last week started leaking in earnest. I spoke to Insinkerator UK who have offered a new replacement tank despite the warranty being out of date by 2 years. Probably the best customer service I have experienced.

    • Wow. Nice to see they’re still hooking at least some of us up! 🙂

  • Dougie

    Hi. Ref Keith Wigley – i have had the same result in July 2015 in the UK. My unit was leaking – not from the tubing but from the heating element gasket. Anyway, phoned tech support and got the “its out of warranty so will need to replace unit at full cost” . I then said that it seemed like a common fault based on user feedback on websites and they passed me to head office UK. Explained situation and answered a couple of questions like “how often do you change your filters?” and they offered me a new unit free as a goodwill gesture, despite my unit being 2 years out of warranty. Happy with that……………………

    • Roger Goodgroves

      Snap November 2015, lady said it was outside a known batch where they had an issue, however as a gesture of goodwill they would send replacement for own fitting.

  • NICE! 🙂

  • ML Hanslits

    My SST tank, which was manufactured in April 2011 by the serial no., developed sputtering when I dispense hot water this week. I called customer service to inquire about repair procedure and parts. Very pleasant service representative walked me through diagnostic questionnaire, informed me it was an aspiration problem with the tank and offered to send me a free replacement tank of the new model with no prompting by me. I called hoping for a discount coupon after reading comments on this site.
    My last unit lasted from 1997 to 2011. Must have a design problem with the SST from all the reports but it’s refreshing to see them stand by their product like this.

  • Heidi

    I am on my 3rd Insinkerator .. I have a button to turn on the water. A couple of days ago i noticed that the water would continue to come from the faucet for a couple of seconds after I released the button. Now there is a steady leak from the faucet, not the tank as mentioned in these posts? Any idea on what to do? if not, is there any competitor? i am getting tired of buying products from the same company that do not last more than a couple of years.

    • That can sometimes happen if the tank is turned up too high. Does it still happen if you turn the heat dial down a bit (past where it “clicks” to indicate the thermostat shutting off)?

      • Heidi

        i will try that.. thanks.

  • Kate

    I just called the 0800 number today (Im in the UK) and was told it was out of warranty and I would need to purchase a new one. I tried to be persistant having already ready the comments above, but got nowhere, was told that the discount promotion only applied to the US and it is no longer available. Can someone please advise which number they phoned as I would like to give it another try to get a new one or at least a discount.

  • Dave

    Just took mine apart after it worked fine for 11 years. The silicone hose everyone else seemed to have problems with was just fine. My heating element apparently burned up. The plastic part of the element where the wires make the connections was fried and melted. It doesn’t appear to be too difficult to take this unit apart and I would love to just replace the element but I cannot find parts unfortunately.

    • Bummer. That would have been an awesome DIY fix. I’m guessing those parts are probably not available to the general public. 🙁

  • I’m gonna guess you were going to say the heating element burned out? Curious to know if you were able to replace it!