1. Steve,

    You should have had me and my “crew” of workers come assemble it. I guarantee Henry and George would have complained much less ;-)

    Seriously though this is the beauty of the internet. Not only does RC Willey now need to make it right with you to keep you as a loyal customer, but their response to you will affect their relationship with many others as they read this. Nice…


  2. Jennifer Mayfield


    My ears prick up when I hear anything about bad customer service. After managing at Nordstrom for 7 years I know the impact letters like this should have on employee performance and productivity. Hopefully you will receive a timely response from RC Willey, I am curious to see how this is handled.

    BTW…way to go with the sweet bed…home run for Dad!


  3. Mike Fleischer

    Do you think they would have responded so quickly and nicely if you were a first time customer?


  4. Steve,

    I’m the community/online reputation manager for RC Willey. Let me start by apologizing once again for the inconvenience that was caused in this situation. I would also like to apologize for our delivery drivers being unprofessional and complaining the whole time. I’m glad that both Joanne and Larry have been communicating with you during this process. I hope that everything has been taken care of and that you and your girls are happy with the doll house bed. Let me know if I can do anything else for you.



  5. Mike and Steve,

    One of our main focuses at RC Willey is on customer satisfaction. We want to make sure that each customer is happy with their decision in making a purchase with us. This should begin from the moment you step in the store and continue until you have the product in your home. Unfortunately, problems do happen. That’s where we will find a way to make it right. So to answer your question, yes we would have. As soon as we are aware of an issue, we will address the problem to make it right.



  6. Steve,
    On the bright side, the girls will look back fondly on the time you spent working together to set things right. You set a great example.

  7. Mike Hunsaker

    I have purchased nearly all the furniture in my house from RCWilley and they do an amazing job and take care of their customers and follow up with their customers after they have had time to enjoy the product. Even most my electronics are from RCWilleys. Cameras, TV’s, tablet, 1 laptop and 2 monitors. They all work flawlessly.


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