My iPhone is BIG in Japan, thanks to Emoji! 3

Emoji make Godzilla angry!

Got an iPhone? Wanna freak out and impress your iPhone-toting friends? Then you should enable Emoji and send them some Japanese love!

What’s Emoji? They’re cool little Japanese icons that Japanese people in Japan use on Japanese mobile phones to express their Japanese emotions to other Japanese people with Japanese phones. I think it was invented in France or something.

Apparently, however, Steve Jobs and his Apple-bots don’t trust you with Emoji. Maybe they are afraid it will anger Godzilla. Why else would they block Emoji support from non-Japanese phones?

But if you wanna stick it to The Man, as well as make all your iPhone friends text you back with a “lol how did u do dat,” then read on.

To enable Emoji support on your iPhone for free (yep, you can tick off Godzilla for FREE), just head to the App Store and search for an otherwise mostly useless app named Spell Number. It’s designed to help you spell out super-long numbers… like on checks… or Broadway show lyrics (such as Five Hundred Twenty-five Thousand Six Hundred), if you’re too stupid to waste the brain cycles on figuring it out yourself. Useless? Hmm… perhaps. But I’ve downloaded even more useless apps in the past (Atomic Fart, anyone?), but the real power of this app lies in a cheat code built into in Spell Number that unlocks the built-in Emoji support on your iPhone.

Banzai! Let’s DO this!

Open the Spell Number app and type in this number:


Then close the app. Yeah, I know. Pretty anti-climactic. There’s no confirmation in the app. Just close it and move on to the next step.

Next, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Japanese. You should see an option for Emoji. Turn it ON!

Now, any app that pops up your keyboard (like when you send a text message) will have a little globe icon next to the space bar. Hit it, foo!

BOOM! You’re big in Japan.