How to Adjust the Clock on a Panasonic Hybrid Phone System 1

This is one of those blog posts that’s almost 100% for my own benefit, since twice a year I have to fumble around with my phone system trying to remember how to adjust the clock to and from Daylight Savings Time. Of course, this would be easier if I knew where I’d put the paper overlay that shows what each of the keys do in programming mode, but where’s the fun in that? ūüôā

Here are the steps I take to adjust the clock on my Panasonic Hybrid phone system:

  1. Move the Memory button on the back of the phone from SET to PROGRAM. PITS-PGM NO? -> will appear on the LCD screen.
  2. Type *# followed by my 4-digit password to enter programming mode. SYS-PGM NO? -> will appear on the LCD screen.
  3. Type 000. Day/Time Set will appear on the LCD screen.
  4. Hit SP-PHONE key. The screen displays the current date.
  5. Hit the FORWARD button to move forward through the date and to the time.
  6. When the hour is flashing, enter the correct hour. Hit FORWARD to move to the next item and adjust minutes, if necessary.
  7. Optionally, hit AUTO ANSWER / MUTE to change AM or PM, if necessary.
  8. To save the adjusted time, hit the AUTO DIAL / STORE button. You’ll hear a long beep to confirm.
  9. Move the Memory button on the back of the phone from PROGRAM to SET.

Your Panasonic Hybrid phone system now has the correct time!