How to Disable Phone Options on a DSC Alarm Panel when Converting to Envisalink Internet Alarm Monitoring 17

As you may be aware from one of my previous posts, I decided to ditch both of my analog phone alarm companies in favor of digital monitoring using my Envisalink 2DS adapter which connects my DSC alarm panels to my in-home networks and, along with a host of other features, allows my alarm systems to be monitored via the Internet.

Envisalink, the developers of the 2DS, now offer EnvisAlarm: an alarm monitoring service that integrates wonderfully with their free ESP service, which allows users to log in from anywhere to view and control their alarm system details.

However, since my DSC panels were still set up to transmit alarm information via the telephone, I had to disable a few options on my DSC panels that were no longer needed now that I’m monitoring over the Internet with my 2DS. If you’re a new Envisalink monitoring customer who previously used telephone monitoring, you’ll want to following these same steps that I took to disable the phone-related options.

These instructions assume you’re using the factory-default Installer Code of 5555 (which you probably shouldn’t). Insert your own installer code in place of the 5555.

  • To disable the phone line: *8 5555 015 7 ##
  • To turn off test transmissions (which are no longer needed since Envisalink monitors network connection from them to your 2DS continuously): *8 5555 371 9999 ##
  • To turn off the phone dialer: *8 5555 380 1 ##

I relied on the following online docs to help me remember the correct menu options in the DSC panel:

So far, I’ve been very happy with the price and service of Envisalink’s monitoring.

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  • Jason

    Steve, I have a new system being shipped to me (PowerSeries 1832, basically the same as your 832) along with an Envisalink 3… I wonder if I need to follow the same steps for using the EnvisAlarm monitoring

  • I just set up a PC1832 with a PK5501 and EnvisaLink 3. Set up the Eyezon account it will work after that. The EVL 3 sniffs KeyBus codes and sends them to the Eyezon server. The remaining DSC programming steps are to get rid of the systems faults indications and disable communications. *8 5555 015 7 ## removes the phone line monitoring; *8 5555 380 1 ## (380 1 ## if your already in the programming mode from before) to disable DSC communication i.e. phone dialing. Piece of cake after 8 hours of reading the two manuals. Be sure your sensors are configured for the default mode or you will need to change the Zone configs also. PC1832 comes defaulted to single end-of-line terminations which can detect wiring shorts and open sensors (if the resistor is truly at the sensor end of the line not the panel end)

    • Also I too am happy with the price (zero dineros) and service of Envisalink’s monitoring. I set up an email with alarm and faults and sms to my cell phone with just alarms. Instant response in SoCal. Faster and cheaper than “Real”: service. Of cource be sure your whole internet connection machine is UPS’ed or what’s the point.

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  • Valeria

    I just check it & found that it work, but after few hours I get problem again. May be there is problem in settings but I never disappoint & going to try it again.

  • Mark Harris

    I am about to install the EVL-3 into my DSC 1832 this weekend. The 1832 is supposed to dial my cell phone on any alarm condition, but has been unreliable. I have seen it dial a few times, but know that it missed just as many other times.

    Question: Is there any problem with just leaving the analog dialing enabled? I am guessing that the EVL-3 will work flawlessly, and then the analog dial mechanism of the 1832 will continue to do what it does today, which really doesn’t bother me at all. Can I leave dialing enabled while the EVL-3 does it’s magic?

    • I haven’t tried doing both, but I imagine it SHOULD work just fine! Please come back and let me know for sure when you install yours, and then I’ll update the article!

      • aaron wong

        It works for me . I left the phone connection untouched.

    • Mark Harris

      It works fine! I installed the EVL-3, and didn’t change any settings on the PowerSeries832 controller. I simply wired the EVL-3 four wires, plugged in Ethernet cable, and VIOLA!!!! It worked as expected! I get 100% messages, and I have to say that while the EVL website feels minimalistic at first, it’s actually pretty user friendly and informative. For instance, the ZONE display is a set of numbered boxes 1 thru 8, and the box itself turns Bright RED as soon as the zone is tripped, and then darkens over the next to hours. So at a glance, you can get an instant view of not only which zones were tripped, but WHEN.

      Works great!

  • Wesley

    I hooked up my Envisalink and already had the phone line disabled (015 7). It has been working great for 2+ weeks! I just now replaced a battery in one of my window switches. Now I’m getting a communications error that I want to clear. I turned off the phone dialer (380 1) after finding your site Steve. Any idea how to clear my trouble light for communications? (I don’t have section 371 on my PC1832. )

  • Liam

    First off, hello from Ireland 😉

    Secondly, thank you very much for this helpful post!

    So in my situation, I wasn’t replacing my alarm system, but just wanted to disable the “monitoring” part of it. We bought the house last summer, so the alarm was already installed when we moved in. When I tried to plug my landline into the main phone jack in the hall, it didn’t work. Looking closer, I noticed a phone cable running from the alarm box, to in behind the phone jack. When I took the socket off, I saw that the alarm was wired directly to the phone line. This explained the random disconnects of my router (separate phone jack).

    I couldn’t get in contact with the previous owner and I had no idea when/how/who was monitoring. The first time I tried disconnecting, the alarm didn’t go off, but the panel gave a warning beep every ~90 seconds. Bit like a dripping tap when you’re trying to sleep.

    So anyway, long story short, this post helped me disable the “monitoring” part of my alarm (the diall out). I have rewired that jack and all is well in the world.

  • Michael

    I have Envisalink but am not using the monitoring yet. Will doing these steps disable the trouble light caused from a phone line that has been removed? I’m disconnecting my land-line phone service. I know once I’m disconnected the phone service my trouble light will come on. Once I am monitored with envisalink I dont want a trouble light to be on.

    • Hi, Michael. Yes. This will kill that Trouble light!

  • GCL

    My issue was resolved… need to use the installer code to execute the toogle…..I’d been using the master code…..default installer code is 5555 as per the above instructions.

  • Nice job! 🙂

  • Zaid tariq

    i have moved in a new home there is a DSC PK5500 security system monitored through the Previous Owner.
    my Question is
    1- How can i self monitor for free
    2- How can i keep it still active with out been monitored by a company and have these features on it on like the alarm and not to be disabled by the monitored company.