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Bill of RightsIf you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably already seen the red equal sign graphic that users are posting as their profile photo in support of equal marriage rights. I’ve even seen variations of it that have been altered to show the mathematical sign for “not equal,” in support of the movement against equal marriage rights.

But regardless of where one stands on any issue, I like the idea of using social media as a way of expressing that stand as it relates to one’s rights.

So this morning, I fired up Photoshop, imported one of the red “equal” images, turned it blue, and rotated it 90 degrees to form a Roman numeral “2” in support of my Second Amendment rights, which have been under attack as of late.

2nd Amendment Icon

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Feel free to copy and share at will. Right-click with your mouse and select “Save image as…” (or something similar based on what browser you’re using).

Help spread the word that you support the rights protected by the Second Amendment.