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Rant: Why is there no libbsd for CentOS 7? 6

CentOS 7 was released recently, and so I fired up my build VM so I could attempt to build the OpenDKIM package for submission to EPEL.

But the compile barfs on strlcat/strlcopy, because RHEL/CentOS doesn’t have libbsd available (yet?).

The libbsd package was a requirement for the package to work in CentOS 5 and 6… so we’re pretty much stuck in RHEL/CentOS 7 without it. Perhaps that package mainter is scrambling around trying to figure out how to get his package into EPEL for RHEL/CentOS, and then I can do the same.

A lot of people are installing CentOS 7, and want it to be a robust mail server with DKIM signing, and the best way to do that traditionally has been to simply install my package of the OpenDKIM code.

But until libbsd is available for CentOS 7, I’m stuck. 🙁

Update: I emailed the packager of libbsd, got a very friendly reply back, and yep – he is in the same boat as me and still working on getting it packaged and in the repos. I’ve offered to help test and provide karma once it’s in the testing repo, so hopefully I’ll have OpenDKIM for CentOS 7 in the repo soon! 🙂