Product Update: KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit Parts Upgrade 26

My initial review of the KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit was positive… except for the part where the unit started to magically flush the toilet all by itself in the middle of the night. I called it the “phantom flush.”

If you recall from my review, KOHLER promised to send me two new upgraded pieces to address the issue, and I finally got around to installing them and testing them out. It’s only been three days since installing the updated pieces, but I’m happy to report that the issue appears to be fixed, and that I can now once again flush my toilet by magic.

The two upgraded parts are the Battery Holder Assembly (part 1245975) and the Assembly Detail Cover (part 120998-A). Both parts were easily replaced, without any tools, in less than 5 minutes.

If you’re experiencing the phantom flush from the KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit, check the part numbers printed on the cardboard inside the top cover and molded into the plastic on the side of the battery holder. The part numbers on my old parts were 1219733-A for the cover and 1207316 for the battery holder. If you have the older version of either, call KOHLER and ask nicely if they’ll swap it out.

I’ll update this post again if the phantom flushes return, but for now it looks like Kohler Customer Service strikes (in a good way) again!

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  • Stacy

    Thanks for the update! I called Kohler this morning and they are sending me the new battery holder. Have a great day Steve!

    • That’s great. Stacy. Please come back and comment again once you get it installed and report whether it also fixed the issue for you. Thanks!

  • Maximus

    Thanks – I found your blog while searching for “phantom flush” as my kit started doing this yesterday. I was ready to give up on it as another piece of tech gone bad. I will call Kohler and get it sorted out.

    • That’s great, Maximus. It’s been a few days now, and it’s still operating perfectly with the upgraded pieces. Please come back and report on if the fix worked for you, too!

      • Maximus

        Hi! So I received my new battery holder and lid. After installing it, this problem went away and a new one surfaced. Each time I flush, it makes three and a half rotations instead of a single rotation. This means it flushes three times and leaves the chain in the ‘up’ position to let the water drain indefinitely. I’ve reached out to Kohler again. Will let you know what happens.

        • Dang. Sorry to hear that. Ours has been working great (knock on wood).

        • Anon

          3 rotation problem as well!
          On the third motor, I’m done with these.
          Did you find a solution?

  • Jojo

    hello Touchless owners! I started having flushing issues such as not getting a full rotation for a successful flush. I reported to Kohler and they will send battery replacement holder and some kind of “ring”. Will revert after I receive the parts and will report outcome of fix. Cheers and please let’s stay positive!

  • Steve W

    I had the same problem and called Kohler but was told that the unit is “water activated” …that it senses the water in my hand when I wave over it, and that water has splashed onto the sensor to trigger. They told me to dry it off to solve the problem. No mention about a redesigned battery pack or lid. 6 months ago I was having this problem and they sent a replacement battery container with no mention of the water issue or lid. It feels like Kohler doesn’t really know how to fully solve the problem, or they are not being completely open about the issue.

    • Sorry to hear that. Knock on wood, mine still seems to be working fine after the fix. Did you ask them if they’d send you the new parts? I’d call back and try a different support agent. Or maybe tweet them?

  • Fran

    Thank you very much for this review! It was extremely helpful!

  • Sue

    We called Kohler customer service who were great. They’ve sent us an email with a letter attached which we had to take to Home Depot and get a replacement touchless kit. Unfortunately it wasn’t until after I installed it this morning that I realised they’ve just given us old stock, and we’ve got exactly the same part numbers as the previous two which caused the constant phantom flushing problem. It’s obviously a problem with the kit and I don’t understand why Kohler haven’t recalled them all. Will try this new one, just in case it actually works (not holding out much hope), but if it doesn’t at least we have new part numbers to give them thanks to you. What’s more frustrating for us, is that we bought the Cimarron Touchless Flush Toilet so don’t even have a handle to put back on ;(

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share this info!

  • Chris

    Thank you very much for the info. FYI, I just called Kohler Customer Service at (800) 456-4537, explained the issue. The customer service was awesome. I answered a few questions about my installation and they said this was a known issue with early units and that engineering had resolved the problem with a redesigned part. They will send replacement for free!

  • Kathryn

    My toilet started flushing by itself a couple months ago, about four months after installation (I installed it in November 2014.)Like you, Steve, I first thought it was the batteries and changed them multiple times. Then I played with the wire inside the battery pack, dried it good, everything I could think of. I have tried calling Kohler multiple times and they are always closed when I call. Today, I found your blog. It was awesome because it was exactly what I have experienced. We took the battery out and have been flushing manually. Today I have tried repeatedly to call Kohler and keep getting a recording that “due to extremely high call volume, we are unable to take your call at this time. Please call back.” VERY frustrating to me. Why don’t they have a place on their website where you can email them? I guess I will keep trying, but I am not very happy about this. I have not recommended this automatic flush toilet to anyone since I started having problems with it, and not sure I will recommend Kohler’s customer service dept either.

  • Lori

    I installed 2 of the touchless toilets and its been a nightmare. Both continuously flush randomly day and night. I’ve called Kohler and twice they have sent me replacement parts, which I installed both times, but the problem has not stopped. The last call to Kohler they sent me a letter to take to Home Depot for 2 replacement toilets. I haven’t done that yet as I have to get a plumber in to change them out which will be $200-$300 since I cant change it out myself! My water bill has gone up 20%. This product has been a nuisance for me.

  • Brian Martin

    that’s virtually impossible – you would have to spray a 55-gal drum of air freshner to create the level of build up required to create a sensor malfunction AND – the button on the lid of the tank doesn’t send any signal – it’s merely there to mark for the unknowing where the unit sensor is located in the tank itself. There is no activation from the label button on the top of the lid.

  • I’ve got two of these toilets in my house.

    The problem is caused by water/condensation build-up in the tank. If you take the lid off your tank and look underneath, you’ll notice that it’s almost always moist with water droplets forming. Apart from calling Kohler for replacement parts, one fix that I’ve seen is actually wrapping the top of the tank in plastic wrap (with a small hole to let air through during flushes) to keep the water in the tank and not on the bottom of the lid where it trips the sensor. The new parts should fix the problem.

    In addition, the completeness of the flush cycle is highly dependent on having good, strong batteries. Once the AA batteries drop into the 1.4 volt range, the system has difficulty completing a flush cycle. Only a fresh set of batteries will solve the problem. I’m in the process of trying rechargeable batteries to not waste so many still-good batteries.

  • Crossing my fingers with you!

  • VERY interesting. Thanks!

  • Wooot! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Hi. I feel like I’m on a first name basis with Kohler! Its absolutely ridiculous. We purchased and installed two touchless toilets in Oct 2015. They both have had issues with in 2 months after, ever since. We have replaced the inside parts at least 4 times. Kohler just sent me two moisture pads for the inside top of tank cover. We will see how this goes. Sooo frustrated. They have offered a letter to be taken to get replacement tanks but HD no longer accepts the letters. I wonder why?huh. So disappointed. We plan to live in this house 20 plus years, am I going to have issues forever? Seems like when we leave the tank top off, it works fine. Can you imagine not having the top on and having guests over? Wow.

  • ofladrt

    The sensor on my flush kit is not working after replacing the batteries.

  • ofladrt

    Each time I try to call Kohler they say “elevated calls” and then hang up on me.

  • Joseph Gajdowski

    mine doesn’t empty all the water out of the tank, i don’t get full flush. is there a fix for that??