Second Amendment Rights Facebook Icon

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably already seen the red equal sign graphic that users are posting as their profile photo in support of equal marriage rights. I’ve even seen variations of it that have been altered to show the mathematical sign for “not equal,” in support of the movement against equal marriage rights.

But regardless of where one stands on any issue, I like the idea of using social media as a way of expressing that stand as it relates to one’s rights.

So […]

Rave: Blueline Innovations Customer Service

Initially, I had intended this post to be one of my “rant” posts. In fact, I’d already written it in my head after a frustrating day of wrestling with a combination of badly-behaved piece of network hardware and unhelpful front-line tech support personnel. Regular followers of my blog are familiar with my rant posts. Whenever I have a negative customer experience with a company or product, I’ll vent about it here and then tweet a link to the blog post to the company’s Twitter […]