I’m not blogger, I just type a lot. 2

Yep. I did it. I fired up a blog. The world is no longer safe from my ramblings.

This blog is going to be a mishmash of a lot of different stuff. I’ll use it to vent. I’ll use it to think out loud. I’ll use it as a mega-geeky repository of references to techie stuff I believe I may need to remember later (but probably won’t).

What this blog will not be, however, is instructional – at least not from a business point of view. I think it’s moronic when business people blog about their business ideas (it makes them easy to steal), their business strategies (I entered negotiations one time with a guy who actually blogged about his negotiating tactics and valuation methods – it was like playing football against a team while holding their playbook), or anything else that might give others unnecessary insight into valuable information that really should be kept private. So if you’re reading this blog in the hopes that you can gather some background info on me and/or get some insight into how I do business, please allow me to make it easy on you:

  • I’m smart. My IQ was measured at 157, on an actual test… not on one of those silly online “What’s your IQ?” quizzes.
  • My Myers-Briggs type as tested in grad school is ENTJ, for whatever that’s worth!
  • I’m honest, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the smell of B.S.
  • This is not my first rodeo.
  • Don’t ask me to agree to anything you’re not willing to agree to yourself.
  • Our agreement is going to need a reasonable opt-out clause. If you aren’t able to deliver what you promised, I want to make pulling the plug as easy as possible.
  • If I sense you are playing games, the negotiations are over.
  • If I sense you are lying, the negotiations are over.
  • If I sense you’re not actually able to deliver on what you’re promising, the negotiations are over.

There you go! Apart than that, you’re going to have to gather information about me, FROM me, while we do business.

If you’re reading my blog for non-business reasons, then you really should have your head examined. I’m probably not going to have anything interesting to say.

If you’re a crazed ex who stumbled across this blog after putting my name in a search engine… move along. Desperation does not suit you.

If you’re a crazed ex of my spouse who stumbled across this blog after putting her or my name in a search engine… move along. Jealousy does not suit you.

If you’re anyone else, then welcome! Enjoy your time here. Or don’t.