Got New OBDII Code Scanner to Clear Check Engine Light on Maserati Quattroporte 4

A few months ago, I installed two software upgrades in my 2007 Maserati Quattroporte GT Sport: an enhancement module for the drive-by-wire system, and an ECM peformance chip, both developed and manufactured by Formula Dynamics. They both made huge differences to the car’s performance.

Until recently, neither unit had produced any engine fault codes. However, now that the cold months are upon us, and the wise overlords in our state capitol have deemed it necessary to put Ethanol in our gas tanks, I’ve seen the check engine light flash briefly under hard acceleration, but then go out. Last week, while driving across the I-90 floating bridge, the light came on, and stayed on. The info console flashed all sorts of ominous warnings, all being translated as “TAKE ME TO YOUR DEALER!”

Instead, I purchased this.

OBD II/EOBD Multilingual Code Scanner

It’s an OBDII Code Scanner from CEN-TECH. Within 5 minutes of opening the box, I’d plugged it into the car, scanned for fault codes, found 1 code in the system, read the code in plain English, learned it was a misfire in cylinder 7 (common for tuned engines running Ethanol), and then cleared the code. I turned on the car, and no more check engine light!

At at $99, it’s a bargain – especially if you live 45 minutes (or farther) from your Ferrari/Maserati dealer like I do.

  • ed


    could you tell me where the OBD2 Port is located on the Quattroporte in side the Car


    • There’s a panel just under the switch for the lights, to the left of the steering wheel. Remove it with a flat-head screwdriver and pull it completely off. The OBD-II sensor is inside!

      • JC Leveque

        I have the same car, same scanner. How did you get from the code listed on the scanner to the “plain English”? I don’t have the scanner in front of me, but the code listed was something along the lines of $7A89

        • Hi, JC. I didn’t do anything special – it automatically “translated” the code for me. Have you tried updating the firmware of your scanner? Maybe mine just has a newer version?