How to Backup your Navigation DVD/CD 81

With the insane prices map software companies are charging these days for replacement map DVDs (used in DVD-based nav units), it’s a smart idea to create a backup of your nav DVD in case of theft, loss, or damage.

I’ve used the following method to back up the MDV-09D data DVD for an Eclipse nav system, as well as the OEM NAVTEQ DVD for my Cadillac Escalade (which means this approach should work for any GM-based nav DVD backup), and my neighbor’s Toyota Sienna (which means this should work for most Toyotas and Lexus).

What You Need:

  • A computer with a DVD+RW drive (a drive that can both read and write DVDs). I’ve successfully used a Samsung TSSTcorp CD/DVDw SH-s183L.
  • DVD Decrypter – the original free DVD reading and decrypting software… and still the best.
  • ImgBurn – a free, lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application
  • A blank dual-layer DVD (look for DVD+R DL on the package). Regular DVD+Rs will only hold 4.7GB of data, which isn’t enough for modern nav discs. A dual layer DVD+R DL will hold up to 8.5GB. I’ve successfully used Memorex DVD+R DL 8X discs, which are read as RITEK-S04-66 in ImgBurn.

Copy the Original Image:

  1. Put your original nav disc in your DVD+RW drive.
  2. Open DVD Decrypter. Make sure you’re using version (final).
  3. From the Mode menu, select ISO, then Read.
  4. Choose the Destination on your hard drive for the backup image.
  5. Press the green “Play” button to decrypt and save the data to your computer. Depending on the speed of your DVD+RW drive and the amount of data it needs to read, this could take a while. Eventually, you’ll end up with two files: a large one that ends in .ISO and a small one that ends in .MDS. You’ll need both files later.
  6. Remove your original nav disc and store it in a safe place.

Burn the Backup Image:

  1. Insert a blank DVD+R DL disc into your DVD+RW drive.
  2. Open ImgBurn. These instructions are based on version (released June 16, 2013).
  3. At the opening screen, select Write Image to Disc.
    Write Image to Disc
  4. If you have more than one DVD+RW drive, set the Destination option to the one that contains the blank disc.
  5. Click the small book icon in the lower right corner (if you hover your mouse over it, it says Change Book Type…).
    Change Book Type
  6. Select the tab for the manufacturer of your DVD+RW drive (check your Windows Device Manager and then Google the device name if you’re unsure of the manufacturer).
  7. Drop down the Change For: option list and select DVD+R DL Media.
  8. Drop down the New Setting: option list and select DVD-ROM.Change Book Type Settings
  9. Press the Change button. You should get a “Success” message.
  10. Press the OK button to return to the main screen.
  11. Click the yellow folder icon to select the source file (if you hover if says Browse for a file…).Select ISO file to burn
  12. Select the .MDS file you created above, which should be stored in the same folder as the .ISO file.
  13. Change the Write Speed under Settings to 1x (the program might automatically change this later, which is fine).
  14. Press the large “ISO to Disc” icon on the bottom left side to burn your backup image to the blank DVD.Burn ISO to Disc
  15. The status screen will show you the progress of your burn. How long it takes depends upon a number of factors, including how much memory your system has, how fast your processor is, how many other processes are running, etc. I recommend not doing anything else on your system while the disc is burning, to reduce the chance of messing up the burn.Burn Status

All Done!

When the process is complete, take your new backup DVD out to your car to test. If it works, I recommend leaving the copy your car and keeping the original DVD stored in a safe place. If it doesn’t work, discard the unusable backup DVD and try again with a blank one. If it still fails, try searching online for your specific nav disc to see if it uses some extra-special copy-protection and what method(s) might be available for you to make a backup.

Please post in the comments if you’ve successfully backed up your nav disc, and include details on the car and the map DVD type.

  • phil

    I try this step by step but cant get to work
    at the top you said Eventually, you’ll end up with two files: a large one that ends in .ISO and a small one that ends in .MDS. You’ll need both files later.

    but then you said Select the .MDS file you created above, which should be stored in the same folder as the .ISO file.

    i did and oly burned the mds file but what do i do with the iso file?

  • All the “real” data that gets burned onto the DVD is stored in the .ISO file, while the .MDS file contains the “meta” data that tells ImgBurn what settings to use when it burns the contents of the .ISO to the DVD. But If you’re using a program other than ImgBurn to burn your DVD (such as Nero or InfraRecorder), then the .MDS file won’t work. Just select the .ISO file as your image source, and set the options in your burning application manually.

    • thomas

      hallo Steven habe ein Problem How to Backup your Navigation DVD/CD kannst du mir sagen wie ich die iso Datei mit dem imgbrun schreiben kann geht bei mir nicht er will immer eine mds

  • Jeff

    I just did this but I used imgburn for the whole process to backup the navigation DVD for my 07 honda civic. First, I copied the original navigation DVD; I opened imgburn and used the “write image file from disc” option. When this process was done there was two files, the iso(6.94GB) and a image file(9KB). Then I put a blank dual layer DVD in the drive, fired up imgburn again and use the “write image file to disc” option. Then I selected the image file(9KB) to burn onto the disc. Wahlah! I had a working backup navigation disc.

  • SteveA

    You may want to mention that not only do they need a dual layer DVD disc, but to make sure they are using a dual layer capable DVD burner; a lot of DVD+R drives in the wild are not dual layer; only relatively new ones are (last 3-5 years)

    • Bri

      Yup. I ran out an bought a package of Dual Layer CDs and THEN found out my 2004 DVD drive doesn’t burn DLs. Oh well.

  • Scott

    I just tried to copy the honda OEM navigation 4.92 white dvd update from my hard drive to a DL DVD using a DL dvd burner. Once I tried to load it into my car it gave me an error code. the honda folks said it can’t be copied. I can’t imagine their isn’t a way to get around the encryption which is what I am assuming is preventing it from working. Is there something I am doing wrong with ImgBurn? Is there a setting on ImgBurn that allows me to produce the correct encryption so that it works in my car? Please help.

  • Toyota Guru

    Thanks mate, did this with a single layer Toyota disc, used a DVD-R (without changing settings, just setting Samsung drive only). Works perfectly!

  • Jayesh

    I tried this for Honda CRV, and it didn’t work. It says ‘Incorrect DVD’ please consult your dealer.

  • AlwaysBackup

    Many thanks for the tool pointers and instructions – you rock, Memorex DVD+R DL apear to have been the rights ones for Infiniti – Keep an eye on the DVD NAV System eject, this is the second one I have had to open (a 2003 and 2004) to help it eject the DVD, pain to figure out why it does not eject – may be a good idea to eject the disk every few months to keep things working, however I did not see any dried grease etc… just kept pushing on things to get the disk out, but had same drive but different mechanisms that I had to push while it tried to eject, be patient and gentle.

    FYI latest version of imgburn has different UI, I just picked the top left icon to create a DVD with all the defaults it installed other than selecting the correct source image folder and that allowed the backup to be made, system booted and recognized the backup disk, it did do a reboot that was odd, but think that has to do with having pulled the power on the nav unit to get the disk to eject.

  • Slee

    Thanks, did the trick. I got a used Saab 9-3 and it had a burned disk that it had trouble reading at times. Ripped to a new one and reads much better. Write speed has an effect. i made a coaster at faster speed. 1.0x (or slowest default) burn speed worked.

    • Dave

      Hi. I also have a Saab 9-3 (from 2005) and I’ve done this procedure for 2008 Western Europe original DVD and also the 2006 version, with several DVD writers and media. Never worked. Seems that only originals are recognizable. Some other people seem to be having the same problem for cars from 2003-2006. Which year is your from ?

      • TMS

        I have a 9-5 2008 and i hade a success to copy the Original DVD with this instruction but i burned the image with DVD Dectypt instead of IMGBurn. For some reason i did get an error every time i tried with IMG-burn (the latest) in the begining. Tried two times so no i have 2 backup disks 🙂

  • Craig

    I have tried to make a working backup copy of my Gen 5 NAV disc (Version 11.1) that I just purchased from Toyota using the method by Steve, but no luck. Tried with several different DVD DL burners, several other iso file creator and DVD burning programs, and with Memorex and TDK DL discs. I have made at least 12 coasters. To test the copy, I always unplug the GPS unit to force a reset, and with most of my copies the GPS will load the program, but it never loads the maps. I have looked over the forums extensively, and there is a feeling that Toyota introduced a new copy protection scheme for the more recent MAP versions. One contributor who could make working copies of earlier versions (but NOT the 11.1) said that the byte count for the 11.1 copy did not match the original, where as the byte count always matched with earlier versions. That’s why he suspects there is a copy protection problem at play here. One program I used to evaluate the original DVD said there were dummy files and an illegal TOC on it. The program had the same findings the non-working copy. Not sure whether that is relevant or not. In any case, I am stumped and wonder if anyone has any ideas. THANKS.

    • Ted

      I have a 2009 Highlander and I made a copy following Steve’s procedures
      It works perfect. this is Gen 5 Ver 11.1

  • Alan

    I’ve followed your instructions and keep getting the following errors. trying to burn a DVD DL with a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632D Don’t know where its going wrong:
    E 06:33:01 Optimal layer break position must be a multiple of 16.
    E 06:33:01 Optimal L0 Sectors: 1,873,791
    E 06:33:01 Next Largest Acceptable Value: 1,873,792
    E 06:33:06 Operation Failed! – Duration: 00:00:04
    Can you help?

    • Bill

      I am having the same basic problem. Any ideas?

      • Alan

        No one seems to have the answer – if you find one please post.

        • Marcus

          Yep same issue 2 different machines.
          Anyone got suggestions. Using Verbatim DL Disks

          • Rick

            I’m not sure how much difference it makes to use DVD Decrypter first, but that is what causes the error. I you use iMGBurn to do the read and write it does not give that error. Not sure if there is a way to fix it by a special setting in DVD Decrypter or now..

      • TMS

        I had the same problem with my disc when burning (and the same DVD-recorder) so i changed it to an LG… same problem. THen i tried to burn the image with DVD-decrypter with the same settings as with IMGBurner, setting the burnspeed to the slowest for the burner. Succsess.
        The image was created with DVD-decrypter, it’s a SAAB 9-5 2008 DVD.

  • toyota-cruiser

    I am looking to make a copy for a 2002 landcruiser using the newest update, would I need any extra steps or different ones?

  • Daniel

    The only way it works on a honda is if you hack the dvd rom in order to prevent it from checking is the dvd is a copy or original

    • Mike

      How do you hack the dvd rom?

      • I didn’t… I only did what’s in this post!

        • Mike

          I was replying to Daniel. I have a Honda Odyssey. Although, I think the latest update sucks. It’s supposed to have a new electronic toll road feature and it doesn’t work well at all.

  • glitchus

    Your method worked! I have an Asus external optical drive that wasn’t listed in the ImgBurn software while configuring, but after some trial and error I found a manufacturer that worked (I think it was NEC, but don’t quote me on it) but anyway, it seems that if you just keep trying you’ll probably get lucky and find one that accepts your changes without giving you an error (as that’s how I finally got it to work). Once I put the disc in the cars stereo/navigation system there was an appreciable delay, as compared to the factory disc, but it finally came up with the map and seemed to work, although I haven’t actually tried it on the road yet. Thanks for your efforts in this project, as I’ve already gone through an earlier Navteq DVD due to driving on rough roads, as the drive head seems to skip across the surface of the disc, causing visible damage that appears as if someone has rubbed sandpaper around the center region of the disc! I imagine that this can’t be too good for the reading head either, but it still seems to work…well mostly. I figure that once it completely fails I can tear the DVD unit itself out and find a replacement unit to retrofit it with, as I imagine it’s just after-market anyway.

    • glitchus

      P.s. I have an 2006 Buick Ranier and used a Memorex DL disk.

  • deana

    I just bought a 2005 tahoe previous owner lost cd and navigation has been reset and asking for cd. Does anyone have a copy of this cd?

  • Paul

    Just burned a 2012 Mercedes Comand NAV DVD backup using your instructions. Used TDK DVD +R DL (choose Samsung as manufacturer as it is mfgd by toshiba / samsung). Selected 1x write speed but it auto increased speed as min burn is 4x.
    Thanks and huge Kudos Stevo

  • Hans

    This worked for me too!, My navigation system was constantly getting an error message saying to check the disc.Crating a copy fixed it. 2005 Dodge Magnum with the memorex DVD+R DL. Thanks

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  • Mike

    Damn, failed on verification. I guess I’ll try burning with DVD Decrypter next. 🙁

  • Thanks, I was able to copy the DVD to have a backup!

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  • Kang

    Nissan X-Trail 2013 disc, successfully backed up. Thanks!

  • joop boer

    nav builders aren’t stupid anymore…….

    • joop boer

      Toyota and Lexus can be copied, but you waist you time and dvd’s on it because the reader in your car since ca 2010 / 2011 does not accept burned DVD’s!!!!!!!
      ( DVD Double Layer OTP; burned VERSUS PTP ;pressed)
      And only if your skilled to change appropriate things in the original DVD content you may bypass this issue.
      Don’t ask me; I am not.

    • Hey, Joop. I never said they were stupid to begin with. 🙂

      • bijitj

        Haaa haa good

  • In Car DVD Sat Nav Player

    Great tutorial, getting replacement maps from dealerships can be costly even updates. It’s no wonder many owners opt for aftermarket sat nav option.

  • Ntc Wai

    Thank you for your guide.
    But I didn’t find the “yellow book icon” in step 3:
    “Click the yellow book icon in the lower right corner (if you hover your mouse over it, it says Change Book Type…).”
    Could you show up by a picture – print screen ?
    I’m very appreciated, thanks 🙂

  • BigD

    I followed this for my 2007 Lexus RX400h and it worked, but with a small hiccup. When I tried to do steps 4-7 in Change Book Type I got an error saying “FAILED! Invalid field in CDB” I proceeded without changing the setting and the DVD burned just fine and works perfectly. I used Memorex Dual Layer DVD+R media to burn a Gen5 13.1 backup with my lite-on DS-8A9SH-01 Supermulti dvd burner. Thanks!

  • barmalini

    Any Idea how to make a working backup of the Audio 50 NTG2.5 (B-Klasse 2010) disks?
    I have followed this tutorial to the letter and used the best quality Verbatim blanks, but my car refuses to accept the copy, which makes me a little bit concerned, should something happen to the very expensive original

  • chamnap.koy

    Did Steve’s method success with DVD NAV of Toyota 2007 Hybrid yet ? anyone try?

  • Shwe

    I search this information ages…finally I find this post. This post help me great and thanks million to Steve!!!


  • rob

    I have an eclipse avn nav unit and was wondering if you could send me a copy of your nav iso. My disc is damaged and no longer works. Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Omer

    Hello Steven! Which DVD should i use to burn. I mean dual layer or regular single layer DVD

  • ilvars

    Hello! Im trying to make a DVD for my Nissan Pathfinder navigation, but i dont have the .MDS file only the large .ISO what should i do ? Just burn the .ISO? how to get .MDS ? My navigation DVD is Nissan Xanavi X7.0… Any ideas?
    I have all equipment to do this thing… And i followed the steps until i got to 12…. :/

  • John

    Whenever i try to rip the it with dvd decrypter it stops at exactly 50%, someone help?

    • Bri

      Your disk has a scratch in it. Get some white toothpaste and some Baking Soda. Take an inch of toothpaste mixed with a sprinkle of baking soda and use it to thoroughly rub/polish out the scratches on the disc. Rinse and dry. Now try it. Google…. “removing scratches from CDs toothpaste” to read more.

  • Sam

    Hi, I have a matshita DVD/CDRW UJDA775 CB03 (ATA). My question is when i try to image burn or copy navigation dvd, What do I put down for the appropriate tab for my drive using image burn? do I put down samsung? Not sure..Help…

    • Bri

      Just skip that step and hit “OK” to move forward.

  • Tomek

    Not works with DVD800 in Opel Insignia

  • Subbu

    Hello Steve

    This is for GM NavTeq DVD 800 Sat Nav

    I did follow your steps to get a backup DVD. I was able to sucessfully get the mds and iso file from the decrypter. But when i was trying to burn using the Imgburn, I was not ablt to change the booktype. i dont know if this was only in my comp as I have a Hitachi LG DVD RW BD combo. I tried it in another computer as well but was not able to change the booktype.

    However I just proceeded with default settings. I burnt a DVD. It was fine until I checked it in the car to find that it was not being read. Then on checking it back in the comp I figured it was in the DVD Dl format not DVD ROM type.

    In my next attempt I used another burning software ( I am assuming the data has been decrypted correctly.) When burnt I checked it was in DVD ROM type. But, still DVD wouldnt be read. Can you please suggest where you think I am going wrong?

    Is the decryption not working?
    Or Is the burning is not as per the procedure. ( I think its later) .

    But, Just wanted to confirm as I read it somewhere that the particular DVD I am trying to backup has a special encryption ( Settec Alpha ROM). Can you please provide some inputs as to how can I get it working?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Aubrey

    I tried your process twice for Volkswagen and it didn’t work. Has anyone else had any luck duplicating the VW DVD?.

  • Biggles

    Thanks Steve, success at the first try! Backed up SAAB 2011/12 Nav disc ( I think the last one) to Intenso DVD+R DL with DVDdecrypter free from filehippo ( but ignore the “info” that your hard disc is almost full with an offer to rectify!). This works with Windows 8, despite suggestions elsewhere to the contrary. Hint: I always set up a restore point before downloading a program from an unknown source, in case things go haywire.

  • HondaDude

    This method did not work on the Honda White Version 4.D0 DVD.

    • Tony

      I just tried this with 4.D0 using the same media and burner that worked for the 2013 disk and it didn’t work. I also tried with ultraiso and that also failed.

      • chris

        I have HONDA crv sat nav 2013 – 2014 west europe. does not work when I follow the steps, Does the write speed has to be 1x?? I can not set to 1x, it said mismatch, and got speed 2.7x

        any help?

    • John Ivans

      I know how to patch the Acura Navigation – couple of BIN files need to be updated. I however, do not have the 4.D0 dvd, can anyone share the DVD, I can upload the patched files.

      • Tony

        I can totally share the files.just let me know where and how.

      • Tony

        I can share them. I purchased the navigation DVD V 4DO and I was going to install it, I aacidentally dropped its dn the DVD chipped. Thankfully it still work and none of the data was compromised, but proves my point about needing backups. Let me know where I can share the files.

      • Tony

        Hey John, email me. Have a couple of questions. If you’re still interested in the V 4.D0 acura navi dvd. [email protected].

        • John Ivans

          @Tony – sent you a PM.

          • Nathan

            Hello Tony and John, can you guys pls let me know if you uploaded the 4.D0 and patched bin files somewhere and did the burned disk work? Many thanks.

  • Han Gijswijt

    I’d like to update the dvd to a more recent version.
    Do you know which files need to be replaced and where to find them?

  • C3

    Anyone have success with Honda or Acura back-ups?

  • Tunn

    Thank you very much Steve for the valuable steps you provided.I used the procedure given but with small customization to fit my scenario and it worked.Below find the scenario i was in and the steps used.


    I have a honda civic 2007 with mitsubishi navigation map system. Did disconnected my car batt and was not able to use my navigation system. All need was the radio, CD/DVD subcomponent to work and was not much interested on the maps side of it.Unfortunately the car did not come with the map CD and had to find somebody with the map disk. this was not easy but i finally managed to get one.


    Refer to Steve’s post

    1. Copy the orignal image as explained by Steve
    2. Since it was difficult to get a dual layer dvd disk, i used normal 4.7 Gb disk to copy the ISO file since i did not mind losing the map files as the important files i needed was the start up files which i was not sure which ones were the right one. My writer is matshita dvd ram.
    3. Use the below settings on the ImgBurn application
    -Write image file to disc
    -for the source, select the .MDS file as explained by Steve.
    -Follow steps 7 to 15 of “burn the back up image” as explained by Steve
    – after in serting an empty DVD-R disc, a dialog box will show up and select ‘write untill end of disk (Truncate)’

    4. Test the new DVD-R in your car.

  • Anyone had any luck with Ford Travelpilot NX DVD backup which is a Blaupunkt device. DVD copies and it reads the files to upgrade the Nav software but then says insert original carrier disk suggesting that it doesn’t accept the dvd as valid. Thanks in advance

  • Trifon Anguelov

    I was able to burn my U90 NAV DVD for Toyota Prius 2010. Originally followed Steve’s instructions but was getting the “Optimal layer break position must be a multiple of 16” error, so here is what I did:

    1. Used DVD Decrypter application to create disk image by opening the application, then “Mode” -> “ISO” -> “Read”
    2. Create the ISO image and MDS file
    3. Eject the original NAV DVD disk and insert blank DVD+R DL
    4. Then go to “Mode” -> “ISO” -> “Write”
    5. Locate the ISO and MDS file and choose the MDS file
    6. Check the “Verify” check box
    7. Click on the icon to burn the ISO image to the DVD+R DL disk
    8. Wait to verify

    Hope that helps everyone.

  • Sushma Gupta

    To back up the navigation dvd is well mentioned over here step by step. I am very much benefited. Keep sharing.

  • You need the original image from an original CD. So you’ll have to buy one from whoever makes the map CDs for your model car.

  • Emsi DC

    Hi Steve,
    Really nice tutorial on how to do it properly. Sadly I have faced an issue with Step 7-8.
    My writer is a Samsung SH-224GB which i recently bought and when I select the DVD+R DL for book type, it gives and uknown error message with text that is cut by the screen which I can’t read. Any ideas what that could be ? I will try in 2 days with another writer of a friend to see how that is recognized. Now I will write the data as described below with the DVD Decrypter and pray that it works

  • tanc

    Thanks so much for this write up Steve. I tried all sorts of things before your technique worked for my Volvo V50 RTI discs. I don’t know whether it was just using imgburn or whether its imgburn and the book type set the DVD-ROM as I’ve only tried with the book type set. This definitely worked for me where Nero and other burning software didn’t. Thanks again!