Review: ZQuiet Anti Snoring Mouthpiece 290

ZQuietI’ve been told that sometimes I snore.

Because my father suffers from sleep apnea (which causes him to snore like a swarm of chainsaws), I went and did a sleep study last year to see if I had sleep apnea, too.

Nope! The study noted that I fall asleep on average in less than 5 minutes and have normal REM patterns. The study also noted that I have “mild snoring.” Although, my guess is that my snoring is mild only relative to those with sleep apnea.

I know my snoring affects my wife’s sleep, however. But she’s way too nice to be mean about it. She’s used earplugs to muffle the noise and in extreme cases, resorted to using music from her iPhone to drown me out help her get to sleep.

So when the (admittedly cheesy) commercial for the ZQuiet Anti Snoring Mouthpiece came on the TV a couple of weeks ago, she casually mentioned “Maybe you should check one of those out!” I’m no rookie – so I took the hint and ordered one.

Skeptical from the start

As with any “miracle cure” product, I was skeptical from the start. But the commercial said that I could test it out for free (if you define “free” as $9.95 shipping and handling), and then pay another $59.95 if I decided to keep it. The fine print (which I found on their website before ordering) says:

This is a 30-day trial period. No returns will be accepted without a RMA number, or from 30 days after original purchase date printed on your receipt unless specified by a ZQuiet Counselor.

Initially, I couldn’t tell if that meant 30 days from the day I ordered it, 30 days from the day it shipped, 30 days from the day they processed my credit card, 30 days from the day it arrived, or some other combination involving 30 days. Generally, when companies are this vague in their marketing materials, my Spider Sense™ tingles… However, I found the answer in their really fine print at the bottom of their home page: the 30 days starts when the order ships.

Regardless of the trial period, I didn’t worry, because ZQuiet’s website stated that they accept American Express. I use my Amex to pay for everything I possibly can – not only because I get airline miles, but because of their fantastic purchase protection. Some merchants prefer not to accept American Express because they pay a higher processing rate than with VISA or MasterCard. Also, disputing a charge with a VISA or MC is a somewhat complicated process, and my experience has been that with any disputed charge, they generally assume the merchant is “innocent until proven guilty.” With Amex, it’s the other way around: the customer is always right. If I have any issues, I just tell Amex and they reverse the charge, no questions asked. My Amex also has an additional level of purchase protection: if I decide I don’t want the product any time within 90 days of purchasing it, and can’t return it to the merchant for a full refund, Amex will just eat the charge themselves.

So, feeling protected by Amex, I ordered a ZQuiet online. During the ordering process, ZQuiet tried to upsell me on the shipping. They claim that the “standard” shipping (via US Mail) will take 8-12 business days, but for an additional $7.95, you can select “rush” shipping, which takes 3-5 business days. In both cases, they claim that it takes 24-48 hours to process the order before shipping.

Personally, it sounds to me like they are artificially delaying the “standard” shipping procedure in an attempt to make an extra 8 bucks. It should never take 8-12 days for something to be delivered from anywhere in the US to anywhere in the US.

Still, cheapskate that I am, I ordered one online on January 12th with standard shipping, and received an email confirmation at 2:45 PM, less than a minute after my order.

Email #1

55.25 hours after my order, on January 14th at 10:00 PM, I got this email:

Subject: Regarding your ZQuiet Order

Dear ZQuiet Customer,

We are trying to process your ZQuiet request, but unfortunately your credit card transaction was declined.

Credit card transactions can be declined for a number of reasons other than limit issues - including invalid credit card number, invalid expiration date, incorrect billing address, etc. Please contact us immediately by calling our toll-free customer service number at 800-281-0543 to verify your information and arrange payment.

Thank you, ZQuiet Customer Service

This was a bit surprising, because I have an American Express Centurion card – which technically isn’t even “allowed” to decline. Also, I use a secure utility to autofill my credit card information into online forms, so I know the number, expiration, and security code were entered correctly.

Customer Service phone call #1

On January 15th, I called the number in the email to see what was up. After a few minutes on hold, a representative came on the line, looked up my order, and then asked if perhaps I wanted to use a different credit card. I replied that I’d rather use my Amex. He then asked me to confirm the credit card information, after which he said “Ah – a number had been entered incorrectly.” He read the “corrected” information back to me and I confirmed it. He said they would process the order that day.

Voicemail #1

On January 17th, at 11:53 AM, an automated ZQuiet computer left this voicemail on my Google Voice number (press the blue “play” button):
Strange… didn’t I already fix this problem? How could they be having problems again?

Customer service phone call #2

That same day, I called ZQuiet and talked to a girl this time. She asked if I would like to use a different credit card (at which point I really started to be suspicious). I replied that I’d rather use my Amex. She said that their systems “sometimes have trouble processing American Express.” My first thought was “then you probably shouldn’t put the Amex logo in your TV commercials and website or include Amex as a payment option,” but what I said out loud was “Hmm, that’s strange. Let’s try my Amex again anyway.” I recited the numbers to her, at which point she said “Oh – the numbers had been entered incorrectly.” That’s when my Spider Sense™ really started to tingle. I had her read the numbers back to me twice to confirm. She apologized and said they’d process the order that night.

Voicemail #2

The next day, on January 18th, at 4:29 PM, I got this voicemail on my Google Voice number:

Sound familiar?

Let’s call the whole thing off

At this point, I made the decision to forget the whole thing and just ignore ZQuiet. They clearly didn’t want me to pay with my Amex, and that was a huge red flag. It made me suspect all sorts of things – mostly based on the assumption that they’d place the charge on a card that is more difficult for a customer to dispute. I thought if it didn’t work for me and I tried to return the mouthpiece, maybe they’d “lose” it, or it might mysteriously arrive just one day after the trial period. So I decided to just ignore ZQuiet, and assumed the order would just never ship.

Email #2

The following day, on January 19th at 10:00 PM, I got another email from ZQuiet, identical to the first one, saying that my credit card was declined. Again, I suspected some sort of scam because my type of Amex card never declines and I’d already confirmed my credit card information over the phone, with two separate people.

Suspicion mounts… and the plot thickens

I was now extremely suspicious. The technology to process a card at the time an order is submitted already exists, so why were they having such problems? When I submitted a card via their website, they should have attempted to process it and given me an immediate error message if the card declined. When they took the information over the phone, they should have been able to process the order via their own computer immediately. The fact that this didn’t happen meant one of two things: a) they were pretending to have issues with my Amex in an attempt to get me to use a different card (which was both cheaper to process and easier for them  to fight a potential chargeback), or b) they were using an outdated approach of “batch processing” the credit card charges; waiting for a few orders to pile up and then running them all at once. Neither reason is acceptable.

And in any case, the reason didn’t matter. I had already decided just to ignore them.

It’s a Festivus miracle

Then, two days later, on Saturday January 22nd at 2:18 AM, the most amazing thing happened! I received this email:

Subject: Shipment notice from ZQuiet.

Dear ZQuiet Customer,

Thank you for your recent order. Your order ZQUT00061870 has been shipped. Please expect to receive it in 7-10 business days, unless you upgraded to priority mail in which case should receive it in business 3-5 days

To track the progress of your shipment, click here.

Somehow, with no further intervention on my part, ZQuiet was magically able to process my credit card!

What I think actually happened was this: when presented with the choice between processing the order with an Amex and risking a chargeback, or not processing the order at all and losing the sale, ZQuiet decided to take their chances with Amex.

Oh, and it didn’t take “8-12 business days” for the ZQuiet to arrive. That shipping email arrived on Saturday, and the ZQuiet arrived on Wednesday (3 business days).

It’s here, so now what?

With all the runaround I had experienced just to get the darn thing to my house, I had zero confidence that it would work. If I weren’t the curious sort, I would have just refused the shipment and returned it unopened. I figured there’s no way a product from a mail-order company that engages in these types of antics could be anything other than total scam.

But here’s the surprising thing…

The bloody thing works.

Seriously – it works exactly as advertised.

Hey, nice package!

My ZQuiet came well packaged, with a thank you letter (including instructions on how to return it if I wasn’t satisfied), a well written instruction booklet (written by someone for whom English was a first language), and an oval storage case (slightly different than the round one on their website).

I followed the instructions and soaked the mouthpiece it in warm tap water for a minute before wearing it, then popped it when when I got sleepy. It felt slightly uncomfortable, but not enough to stop me from sleeping.

The idea is that the mouthpiece pushes your bottom teeth (and therefore your lower jaw with it) forward, opening the airway in the back of your throat and making it less likely that the back of your tongue will vibrate against the back of your throat.

Prima nocta

When I woke up in the morning, my wife was ecstatic: “You didn’t snore for most of the night, and then when you rolled over this morning, the snoring was really light!”

The fit takes some getting used to, and if I roll over and the ZQuiet shifts, I’ll snore a little. But apparently way less than before, and still not enough to keep my smokin’ hot wife from sleeping. So while I can’t verify that it will work for everyone, I can say (with no little amount of pleasant surprise) that it works for me. As of today, I’ve  used it two nights in a row, with good reviews from the lady whose opinion of the product really counts. 🙂

Pretty soon, you’ll get used to it

The instruction booklet warned that it might take between a few days to a few weeks to get used to the ZQuiet. My jaw and teeth felt… well, weird when I woke up the first morning. They didn’t technically ache or hurt, they just felt like they’ve been held in an unnatural position for most of the night (which is exactly what happened). I suspect (and hope) that after a few more days my jaw will adjust and I won’t feel any discomfort while sleeping or during the following day. I’ll update this review with my results.

The bottom line

So there’s my opinion of the ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece. Their ordering process made me extremely suspicious, to the point where I actually gave up. But they did get the product to me eventually, and it’s impossible to argue with the results. I really did see the ZQuiet as a long shot, and never actually expected it to work for me. But it does. Maybe it will work for you, too. For $9.95, you can find out for “free” if it does.

Got an experience of your own? Please share them in the comments. I’d love to know if I’m the only one who had credit card difficulties, and whether or not the ZQuiet worked for you, too.

UPDATE 3/31/2011

I took my ZQuiet with me to my dentist today, because I wanted to get his feedback. I told him that I sometimes have some minor tooth sensitivity in the mornings when I wear my ZQuiet (which is nightly, unless I’m travelling and therefore sleeping solo). I also asked if one of the dentist-made mouthpieces would also work, and if it might alleviate some of the sensitivity. After looking at the ZQuiet, he said that the dentist made ones work in very much the same way, and that the only difference is that my molding it to my exact bite, the mouthpiece wouldn’t slip around as much as I sleep. He said the sensitivity would still be there with the dentist version, but that it might spread the pressure around to more teeth evenly. I’m still considering it, but for now I’m still happy with my ZQuiet.

UPDATE 4/4/2011

I got an email from ZQuiet today, offering a $20 discount to my “friends and family” (actually, the email just linked to a special page on ZQuiet’s website). It’s not a bad marketing idea – get your customers to do your advertising for you, especially since the only customers who would forward the email to anyone else would likely be a satisfied ones. So, if you’re reading my blog, that makes us friends, and I’ll “forward” the link to you below. 🙂 I don’t know how long this link will work, but for 20 bucks off, it’s worth a shot:


FYI – users have reported that by using this link, you don’t get to do the $9.95 trial. You have to pay the entire $39.95 plus the $9.95 S&H up front, and then you can return the ZQuiet if it doesn’t work for you, but the $9.95 S&H fees are non-refundable. I still think that beats paying the non-refundable $9.95 S&H up front for the trial, and then paying $59.95 later if it works. Again – I always like using credit cars when I buy stuff online, so your credit card company can help out if you have any disputes.

UPDATE 8/5/2011

I’m still using my ZQuiet, and I’m still happy with the results. My mouth and jaw now seem used to it, as it’s not uncomfortable at all. If I happen to get into bed without it, my wife will run to the my sink in the bathroom (I rinse it every morning and leave it there when I brush my teeth) to grab it for me. 🙂

UPDATE 11/12/2011

So I’m still a happy ZQuiet user, but had some more news to share. As you can see by reading the comments, the makers of ZQuiet have been aware of my blog for a while (it appears to be a top hit for Google searches about the product). So when ZQuiet chose a Seattle-based company to shoot a new infomercial for the product, and started phoning Seattle-area customers to interview on-camera for testimonials about their product, guess who they called? 🙂 My wife wasn’t crazy about the idea (she’s pretty camera shy), but I thought it would be cool, so I said “yes.” They shot the infomercial at Microsoft Studios and my wife and I got to meet Trina and Dan Webster, the creators of ZQuiet, both of whom were very nice to us and made my wife feel a whole lot more comfortable on-set. We also met some other real ZQuiet users from the area who were also interviewed on camera. I was glad to see that they weren’t hiring fake actors to just pretend to use the product. I told my story of skepticism and pleasant surprise, and I heard similar stories from the other users. None of us were paid – since that would kinda defeat the purpose of having actual users and make it impossible for them to say “These people are not actors and were not paid for their testimonials.” But in the interest of journalistic integrity, I need to come clean: I ate a couple of cookies from the snack tray the production company had on the set. They were Oreos and I couldn’t resist. I hope that doesn’t qualify as “payment” and ruin my objectivity. 🙂 Anyway, I don’t know when the infomercial will air, and I don’t even know if they’ll actually use any of the interview they did with my wife and me (or any of the home video footage that my wife shot of me snoring). But just in case they do, I figured it was best to announce it here on my blog first before it airs, so nobody thinks I got paid to do the interview. I got free cookies, and a chance to meet some very nice people. That’s payment enough. 🙂

UPDATE 8/6/2012

I figured it was time for another update, since I’ve had a few friends tell me that the updated version of the ZQuiet Infomercial is now showing on late-night TV, and that my wife and I appear in it. I think that’s cool, but the only thing I don’t like about it is that the commercial was filmed almost a year ago, and since then my wife and I have both been eating better and training hard, and we’re a combined 50 lbs lighter than we appear on that commercial. So hey – if anyone from ZQuiet wants to come reshoot our scenes with the skinnier versions of ourselves, that would be awesome. 🙂 I also think it’s funny in the commercial when they compare my snoring to the sound of a chainsaw. My wife will verify that they aren’t making any of that up. I really do snore that loudly.

I actually first learned that the infomercial was on the air when a friend of my teenage son came over to hang out. My son popped his head into my office and said that his friend’s mom (who usually just drops off the friend in our driveway) wanted to talk to me for a second. I thought that was a bit strange, and wondered if maybe the boys were about to be in trouble. 🙂 But when I went to the front door to talk to the mom, she said she just wanted to thank me. She and her husband both snore, and they’d recognized us on the commercial. Like me, she figured it was a total scam at first, but after recognizing us she decided to give it a try because she knew we’re honest people and wouldn’t have done the commercial if it really didn’t work for us (she’s right). She said that they’d both tried their ZQuiets just the night prior, and that it worked for both of them. I was relieved, because that would have been seriously awkward… Of course, there’s no guarantee that a ZQuiet will work for everyone, but I was glad that it worked for a couple we know personally, and who purchased it only because they knew us.

As for me, I’m happy to report that the ZQuiet is still working for me and I use it every night (in fact, my wife made me put an extra one at our cabin, just in case I forget to bring mine with me). Every morning when I take it out of my mouth, I give it a quick rinse and leave it next to the bathroom sink to air dry. Then once or twice a week (after it’s dry) I pop it in a small battery-powered “clam shell” UV light cleaner that’s designed to keep sports mouth-guards clean. It keeps my ZQuiet from getting the funky smell of something that lives in your mouth for 8 hours a night.

As always, please feel free to leave your comments or feedback below!

  • Steve –
    I’m so glad to hear that ZQuiet is working for you! Thanks for the positive review, although I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with your Amex card authorization. We launched a new website that evening and were experiencing a few technical issues that have now been remedied.

    I sometimes share your skepticism when ordering a product online or from a TV commercial, and that’s why our goal at ZQuiet is to keep it simple and honest. People are happy with ZQuiet, and if they are not, we issue a return authorization within the trial period. It’s really that simple.

    So glad to hear that your wife is ecstatic! I know how she feels…my snoring husband is how this business began, and I’m pleased to report that we sleep happily together every night now.

    Peace…and Quiet,
    Trina Webster
    President, Zquiet

    • Hi, Trina. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear you’ve got the credit card and website stuff worked out. Sometimes business growth due to success can be more a difficult problem to manage than business failure. 🙂

      I’m skeptical by nature, so I was very happy to finally purchase an “as-seen-on-tv” product that works exactly as advertised. It’s only been a few nights, but I now have no discomfort at all wearing the ZQuiet, and my mouth and jaw feel back to “normal” more quickly each morning. I think that within a few more days, I won’t notice anything.

      Best success in your entrepreneurial venture. Mark me down in the “satisfied customer” category. 🙂

      • Marc T

        Steve have you had anyone tell you if this works for someone who has sleep apnea? I use a CPAP right now. Just curious. I will be ordering it though

        • It’s NOT for sleep apnea. Let me repeat: it is NOT for sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, you need sleep apnea treatment from your doctor, and even if ZQuiet makes the snoring better, it’s not solving the underlying problem.

        • Andrew Ybarra III

          I bought my Z quiet one week ago and trust me even being two rooms away I could wake you up with my snoring. The first night I used it. I snored but it was so light you had to get right next to me to hear it. I use my cell to record my sleep and then I swith to the decibel meter to see how loud of a noise I am making. It barely registers,And If I sleep on my side which is how I prefer. All you hear is normal breathing. I also sleep straight through my alarm clock and its the loud Submarine dive alarm with light flash to go along wit it. I havent slept this good in years and its noticeable from te very first night. My kids have to walk up to me because they think Im dead the were so used to my snoring. LOL !!! Best money I have ever spent. Trust me it works !
          Andrew Ybarra III
          Marysville Michigan

      • Debi

        i want to say thank you for writing your review.I just ordered through your friends and family link which still has it $39.95 plus the $9.95 but the price now is $79.95 plus the $9.95 so it actually said i saved $40.I really hope this thing works my husband and i have been sleeping apart for a year due to my snoring and we have only been married 3 years .Plus i am so tired all the time im hoping to get a better nights sleep.I will post again after trying this just ordered 05/17/2015 so lets see how long shipping takes.

      • Ken Rich

        It’s now September 2015 and the AMEX problem still exists. The issue is the number entry format. It’s set up for 4 entries of 4 numbers each. AMEX is 4 – 6 – 5 and doesn’t fit. I had to use a different card.

        Also, since I stopped and left BEFORE completing the purchase, I received an email two days later offering the $79.95 mouth guard for $39.95 through a special link. You still get the 30 day guarantee plus the $9.95 shipping charge, but it’s billed as soon as it’s shipped, not after the 30 day trial.

        When I called I was told that to return it I had to call to get an authorization number first, ship it with a tracking number to make sure it’s delivered, and then a refund is issued within a week after they receive it.

  • b bebe

    I did not recieve the instruction manual. can somebody email me one ? or show me where to find on line ?

  • b bebe: I’d check out the FAQ on ZQuiet.com or contact their customer service dept. Their toll-free number is in the blog article.

  • James Butler

    Well, I don’t have an experience with ZQuiet but I have to sleep with a CPAP machine since I have sleep apnea. I have to put on a chin strap to hold my mouth shut and over that I have a nose mask strapped to my head. This mask is attached to a CPAP machine by a hose. The CPAP machine is calibrated for me so I get just the right amount of air pressure to keep my airway open while I sleep at night. The benefit is I am able to get to a deeper REM sleep and get a good restful sleep. A side effect benefit is, NO SNORING, which my wife appreciates big-time.

  • Ragan

    I have been using my Z-Quiet for about a week now and have had excellent results as far as snoring goes. I have never had a sleep study but I suspect I have some apnea along with my snoring because I wake up MUCH more refreshed on the mornings when I sleep all night with the Z-Quiet in. I did have one of the mouth guards that you mold to your teeth but I found that it didn’t really keep my mouth closed and was hard to sleep in. The Z-Quiet doesn’t have that problem at all since you can open or close your mouth naturally and it works equally well either way.

    The problem I do have is some tooth discomfort in the morning. I think the problem is unevenly distributed pressure on my teeth since they are not as perfectly even as the curve of the mouthpiece. Because of this, I get ‘pressure points’, particularly on my lower teeth that are doing the job of holding my jaw forward. If they had used a softer or mold-able material for the part of the mouthpiece that presses against your teeth, I think it would really help with that. It’s uncomfortable enough that I’m still on the fence about whether the snoring relief is worth the tooth discomfort.

    I may yet return it. I haven’t decided.

  • kenny towle


    I was SHOCKED to find out that my zquiet ACTUAL cost is $59. 95 plus $9.95. This is a scam. I’m angry about misleading marketing tactics. This is a Scam, shell game. Bull$#[email protected] Have you been charged the additional $59.95 on your card yet.?

  • Hi, Kenny. Yes, I have been charged the $59.95… but it came as no shock to me.

    The TV commercial was very clear that the $9.95 was the “shipping and handling” for the trial (that’s why I made fun of the “free trial” statement) and that ZQuiet would charge me another $60 if I decided to keep the thing. I’m sure they’d be asking for a lawsuit if they didn’t disclose that in their commercials. It’s also in the “fine print” on the front page of their website, although I do think it should also appear in somewhat bigger print and in the spot where you type your credit card info in.

    It’s always a good idea to read up on mail order products as much as possible before ordering them (even ones with “free” trials). One of the reasons I wrote this blog post is so that people who are doing online pre-purchase research on the ZQuiet will have a real review from someone who has nothing to gain whether or not someone else decides to buy one.

    There are other mouthpieces out there that may sell for cheaper, but I’ve been using mine for nearly a month now and I know it works for me. It’s been worth the $69.90 I paid for it.

    Although you did fail to mention whether or not it worked for you. Did it?

  • Jack

    Steve, I am curious, are you in any way affiliated with Zquiet?

    My brief experience: I was going to purchase this product, but decided against it. My very first impression was that the product costs only $9.95. After a little reading, my second impression was that it costs $59.95 (I assumed that the $9.95 would be applied to the $59.95). Lastly, I realized (after further reading) that the product costs a whopping $69.90.

    Of course, reading all the fine print is everything, but these were my quick impressions. These impressions created the feeling that the company is not being straight forward, and therefore tricky. This impression was strengthened by all the time it took me to figure out their 30 day return policy.

    Also, the price is very high. $70.00 for a piece of molded plastic?

    Lastly, Zquiet says the product is made in the USA (which is good), but that does not mean that the ingredients do not come from China. If they do, then this would also make me leery as somebody using it might absorb harmful chemicals with all the contact with the mouth piece.

    • @Jack: No, I have no affiliation with ZQuiet. You’d think they might hook me up with a free mouthpiece in return for the free marketing I’m giving them, but not even that. 🙂

      I agree with you that all companies should be completely up-front about how much their product costs and the details of their return policy, and I think ZQuiet could do much better with that. But before purchasing anything from anyone, I always do as much research as I can, and then always pay with my Amex so I can dispute the charge easily if there’s an issue.

  • James P

    Feb 24, 2011.
    Read the review and issues encountered when ordering and decided to buy one online anyway.

    Still problems with using AMEX. I selected AMEX as form of payment, but the boxes for entering card number information did not change to the AMEX format. The boxes for entering card information were formated for VISA/Mastercard.

    What gives Trina? I thought you were on top of the AMEX issue. Results, not excuses this time, Trina.

    Completed the questionaire. Had to answer one of the sub questions even though it was not applicable. I believe it stated that if any of the above answers were “yes” then answer this particular question. So I did not. I had to select an answer to get the order to process. I also had to select “no” since answering “yes” would require I assign a pain level selection to identify just how bad the pain level was to others from the the “noise” level of the clicking in my jaw (yes, assign the level of pain that others felt due to the clicking noise in my jaw; that’s certainly pertinent!).

    After accepting the agreement and that all answers were as I entered them, the “rush” shipment page came up. I declined the added cost of the rush shipment.

    The order confirmation page then appeared. To my suprise, all the entries for the order were blank, but it said it was confirmed. There was no dollar amount, no name, no address nothing but the field labels where all this information should have been. I have not received an email confirmation of my order. Was my order even processed? My guess is that it was not.

    Trina, what gives? Not only is your product an overpriced piece of plastic, but you make it incredibly difficult to buy – even though I am willing to pay.

    As Trump would say, “Trina, you’re fired!”

  • JC Navarro

    I’m glad that I read your blog before purchasing the z-quiet because I was too under the impression that it was $9.95!
    I had been married for 29 years so either my wife is used to my snoring or she is going deaf – either way, she doesn’t bother me. I am more interested in a better night sleep. I will check with my doctor one more time – I have sleep apnea – to see if is anything new in the market and less bulky that my CPAP machine – which I don’t use anyway.
    This was very helpful – thanks!

  • Derek


    Aside from the reduction in snoring, would you say you feel better/more refreshed in the morning? I have sleep apnea, and while the reduction in snoring would be great, I’m also wondering if you feel you are getting better sleep as well.


    • @Derek: Prior to buying my ZQuiet I did a sleep study at a local hospital and they said that I didn’t suffer from sleep apnea. I just snored. 🙂 So I haven’t experienced any increase in sleep quality, but my wife sure has! My dad has sleep apnea, and a CPAP machine has really helped him. So if you (or anyone else reading this) has sleep apnea, I’d see a doctor before trying a mouthpiece.

  • alotoftrubel

    OK, now tell me this. Does this thing really work? My husband of 10 years and I are now sleeping in separate rooms. His snoring has gotten so bad that it is really affecting us together.

    Has anyone tried to return it? How difficult is it. I am willing to try anything, but if it doesn’t work, I don’t want to be charged the 70 dollars.
    I have ordered things online or AS SEEN ON TV before, and have always had issues with returning things if not 100% satisfied. So I guess my true question is, what kind of hoops do they make you jump if you want to return it?

  • Edith

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your recent review of the zquiet mouthpiece and for further updates on the continued effectiveness of the product!
    Reading about the hassle you experienced with the ordering/billing process, I was really hoping there would be much better news on the product itself – and there was!
    Just placed the order for my partner, and everything went well so far – btw, I find it quite clear how much the product is going to cost and which charges apply to what – if it works, it will definitely be well worth the money!!! I hope so :)…

  • Mitchell

    I purchased this product several months ago. I had no issues with the purchase but used MC. I have been using this every night for months and it absilutely and completely eliminates snoring. It is an absolute , 100% cure and a bona fide miracle. I had previously had 4 very painful surgical procedures done (uvulaectomy, tonsils removed, deviated septum repaired, and nostrils enlarged), none of which did anything significant. I had also used nose strips, claritin, throat spray, nasalcrom, and flonase (all at the same time). This was also ineffective. At that point I was willing to try anything. The zquiet has completely eliminated the snoring and I am totally blown away. I initially had the discomfort in the teeth and jaw but after a week or two it became pretty normal. If you snore, just get it and dont worry about returning it because you wont. Also, yeah its pretty ridiculous to be $70, but for what it does, I’d have paid $700 and been happy.

    • Vicky Rymshaw

      Same here! It absolutely 100% works for me and I have also had an Uvulaectomy and tonsils removed with little result. I’ve also used nasal strips, throat sprays and flonase. The Zquiet is the only thing that works! I’ve been using it for months and I couldn’t be happier….nor could my partner, who finally gets a full night’s sleep. It is worth the $70 and more. Try it.

  • Lisa

    I’ve seemed to have wasted my day researching this product.
    “free” $9.99……..what am I missing here? That apparently is not free. I would not mind paying the 9.99 but only if it would apply to the 59.99. Tina, I believe you would increase your sales by far if you were to lower the price. I find it hard to believe that your product is so superior to the others that are way less expensive. Is receiving a product that will eliminate, maybe, snoring worth your price? Yes, however I work in distribution and when I think of the profit you are making…..I just can’t bring myself to help pay for your next house, car or vacation.
    Plastic…..is just that………plastic. Lower your price and /or allow the “free” 9.99 trail to be deducted from the total price and I may give your product a try. Note: Sounds fair..30 day trail but consumers, please remember that our lives get a little crazy and busy and you may miss the dead line for return. Also, many other products offer two instead of one mouth pieces.
    Thanks for the comments. Between the research I did and your comments, I have decided NOT to purchase this product.

  • Lu

    I have dentures and usually take the bottom out at night. Do you think this will effect it.

    • @Lu: I don’t think it would work without the dentures. The mouthpiece is shaped to fit over teeth on the top and bottom. You may want to visit a dentist to see if they can make a custom mouthpiece for you.

  • I just ordered my ZQuiet device today. As a business owner I was amused by the attempted up-charge for “expedited” shipping. However as an avid snorer, I once cleared out an entire ibis hotel in France, I am hopeful for this device to end my malady. As an international traveler I can’t afford any more international incidents due to my boisterous snoring.

  • Greg Barstad

    Well here’s my odd story.
    I tried to order ZQuiet on their web-site and received a message that my order request “failed” I thought no big deal I’ll try tommorow, which I did and everything went through smoothly, got a confirmation number via email and everything, I’m now waiting for it to arrive. Today I looked at my bank account and they charged me for both transactions, the one that “failed” and the one that went smoothly. I called to see what was up and the guy said that there is nothing he could do that they we’re both in the mail and that I would be charged the $9.95 shipping charges for both regardless.
    I hope their product is better than their customer service, although I’m not done fighting this $10 extra charge.

  • Greg Long

    Tried z-quiet for a week and had to stop and am returning product. My teeth hurt so much. Talked to my dentist and he told me to stop using this device. My experience. The product fits so poorly it is uncomfortable to the point that it affects my sleep. I think there has to be a better product out there. I’m sure you won’t print this but I feel better telling you. Even negative comments can have a positive effect.

    • @Greg: Why wouldn’t I print your comment? I have no ties to ZQuiet and therefore no vested interested in their success or failure. I’m just a dude who snores and bought a ZQuiet, and then wrote about it on my blog.

  • Trev

    Steve, thank you for such a detailed review of the product and your process. I’m recently single and dred the idea of an over night guest rebuffing me because of snoring. I will ask me dentist if there is danger of jaw and teeth issues without a custom fit before I buy. But your review was EXTREMELY helpful. I’m sorry you have so many doubters here, but I think you laid it out well. And I thank you for it. It seems that Trina and the customer service need to get their act together. Is it still working for you after all this time? How often do you think you’ll need to replace it? I hope they fixed the Amex situation because like you, they will lose my business if they don’t! P.S. Let us know if you have a site where you review other products, I personally find you thorough and fair.

  • Dennis

    Thanks for your reviews they were very helpful I know my wife would love to get a good nights sleep and maybe my ribs will stop hurting (her elbow) after I get this product. I just ordered it with your friends / family link and got it for $39.95 +9.95 S&H a $20.00 savings not sure if I still get the 30 day trial but it worth a shot.

  • Mary

    I also bought the 9.99 – 30 day trial ZQuiet and yes I saw they would charge me the rest of the 59.95 price after 30 days. I don’t have sleep apnea – just loud snoring. I was a little leery myself but decided to try it before my husband divorced me for moving out of the bedroom. Much to my delight the bugger DOES work and only took about 3 days to get used to. The reason I ordered ZQuiet was it was much cheaper than a dentist ordered device that is not covered by insurance and it allows you to close your mouth with the flex hinge. I would reccommend this product.

  • Dave Ball

    Steve… I have been using my Zquiet for about 15 months and have finally wore it out (I grind my teeth and finally bit through it). I am just about to order another.

    I love the Zquiet, but not as much as my wife. She is a light sleeper used to wear earplugs that still didn’t drown out my snoring. The first night I wore it was the first time she can remember a quiet night’s sleep. In fact, she immediately knows if I forgot to wear it, because I begin to snore a short while after falling asleep. She no longer wears ear plugs and sleeps greatly.

    As to the initial discomfort, I too went through the adjustment period. After about a week and a half, the off morning sensation with my jaw went away and I haven’t noticed it since. I did notice some minor irritation with the gum line on the inside of my lower front teeth. I solved this with a little creative trimming of the part of the Zquiet that pushes the lower jaw forward.

    As to the purchase, I had no issues. I slapped it on my Visa and they charged the $10 for shipping and the $60 a month latter. It was the best $70 I have spent and my wife has insisted that I get a new one right away.

  • Jim

    I was trapped as well by the $59 delayed charge. I can only accept responsibility for missing the fine print.
    I found the product very disappointing. Although the initial side effects of using the product (increased saliva production, tooth pain, jaw muscle pain) are clearly stated in the product documentation, I found all far more severe than expected. The plastic leaves a foul taste in the mouth and it often falls out during the night. It also did not relieve my snoring entirely.
    I would not recommend the product to others, although I’m sure there may be some who will find it satisfactory.

  • Steve, thanks so much for an incredibly in-depth and detailed blog. You captured my interest and I really wanted to see how things played out for you. Hearing about the AMEX situation made me not want to place an order, especially when it got to the point it did and even YOU were ready to give up. But the fact that you finally received the product and it actually works for you makes me want to give it a shot (and the $20 off doesn’t hurt 😉 ). My wife snores, not me, and being kept up half the night isn’t fun. So I’m excited to see if this even puts a dent in her locomotive-like thunder and improves my quality of sleep. Thanks again, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out for us!

  • Brian

    Steve —- I have seen the commercials and had the same thoughts everyone else does about products like this but after reading your review (and the link for a discount) I decided to try it out. Just ordered one (by the way, used your link and it worked) and we will see how it goes. Thanks.

  • John S

    I went to a sleep medicine dentist for a fitting for something similar and was quoted over $3,400! I would venture $60 + shipping to see if I can save $3K+.

    Thanks for the info Steve!

  • Michele

    I have just received my ZQuiet. Although I managed the first night, I felt a lot of pressure behind my top front teeth. After reading their Warnings in the manual, I was concerned about tooth displacement from the pressure. The one thing I have is nice straight teeth, and I don’t want to jeopardize that. I called them to get my # in case I decided to return the product within my 30-day trial period, and the person in Customer Service said they would like me to boil the appliance first and then insert it into my mouth while it was still warm enough to mold it better to my mouth. After a few days of this, then I could call back for a return #. This put up red flags for me, but here I am with my newly “remolded” appliance. I am willing to give this a go, but I am still concerned about pushing my teeth out of alignment. Are there any LONG TERM users who can give me feedback re. this issue?

  • Jonathan

    I have for years snored pretty loudly and have sleep apnea as well. I tried the CPAP machine for several weeks but just couldn’t make it work for me. I’ve been using my ZQuiet for about 6 weeks and my wife reports that my snoring is almost completely gone. About once a week it slips just slightly out of place during the night and I’m told I snore softly when it does. Interestingly, I also am no longer waking up gasping for breath – not even once when using the ZQuiet device. My guess is that there a lot of people making big bucks on CPAP testing, machines, and supplies, and that the ZQuiet will therefore never be approved by the FDA for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It seems to work great for me. The $70 I spent on ZQuiet is well worth it. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even like to take a nap without it.

  • Michael

    Does anyone have any info on the Kudos Snorefighter? http://www.kudosnore.com/ It is less expensive than ZQuiet, and appears to be more customizable for your mouth?

  • Chris

    Just placed an order with your family & friends offer. Thanks for sharing that…it makes the ZQuiet $50 instead of $70. I’ve been sleeping on a hideaway bed for about a year, as I gained a lot of weight & started snoring again. I’m back on my diet again, but would prefer to sleep in the same bed as my wife. Nasal strips didn’t cut it, and a box of those were $20. If this works for $50, until I’ve lost enough weight to sleep without snoring again, I’ll be happy. So will my wife.

  • Willy

    just ordered based on your description of your order and use.
    thank you, i believe i got a $20 discount, paid 39.95 plus 9.95 shipping with a discover card.

    of course i havent received it yet, but i hope it works for me. i use breathe right strips and still snort away according to others.

    i didnt like the long purchase agreement they had, and wouldnt have bought from them except for your positive experience.
    so hoping it works, thank you.

  • whatdoyouknow

    I just saw this and can say that $70 is not bad. A couple years ago I had a couple dentists quote a custom fit plastic/metal device and ended up buying the least expensive for $600 (insurance did not cover it) it worked but finally my teeth shifted and it did not fit. To get another after 2 years it would cost me another $600 and multiple fitting visits to the dentist.
    I think I may try this one.



  • Tom Francisco

    Thank you so much for posting your review. I gave it a try and found that:
    1. The credit card problem is fixed. I used my AMEX and it went through with no hassle.
    2. Shipping was decent. Ordered on April 14th and arrived at my house on April 19th.
    3. The friends and family link still works (thanks for the $20 off!).

    Now, for my experience. I unpacked the item and read the directions. (I’m an engineer, its what I do.) One of the side effects mentioned was that it may cause excessive salivation. Boy, they weren’t kidding!
    But, the directions also say that you can trim the zQuiet piece to fit your mouth, which is exactly what I needed. I remember my dentist saying that I had a small mouth and it felt like the zQuiet was squeezing my tongue into too small a space.
    I trimmed quite a bit of material in the back so it fit better and did not rub on my tongue as much. Voila! Much more comfortable and significantly less salivation (still some).

    However, that night I slept and when I woke up, I was still in bed and my fiancee was right next to me, fast asleep!

    It worked!

    Later, when she woke up, I asked her what she thought.
    Her comment:

    “That thing is a miracle. You didn’t snore at all.”

    Thank you zQuiet and thank you Steve for your review and friends & family discount link! zQuiet should totally send you some swag. 🙂

  • Tom

    Well, lets see what happens. I used your friends and family link. No $9.95 “free trial”, my credit card (AMEX) was billed the full amount.

  • Gail

    I have been using the ZQuiet mouth guard for a few months now. It does work. I have stopped snoring and if I do snore on my side, it is a very light snore….that is what my husband tells me. I have had the tooth sensitivity. It feels like it did when I was a teen and took my retainer out. The main problem I am having is that it is moving my bottom teeth. When I wake up in the morning and take it out, my bite is off. I actually can’t bite down. My bottom teeth have been pulled forward. I have to take my upper front teeth and pull the bottom ones gently back so I can bite down. Now my bottom front teeth are actually loose. I really thought because this product was designed by a dentist that it would be completely safe, but now I am not so sure. It may help me to stop snoring, but to me, it’s not worth my teeth moving out of place…not being over 40, I’m not getting braces again. Unfortunately it took longer than 30 days for this to occur. I am sure since the “30-day” trial is up, I am stuck with paying the $70. Hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

    • Alison

      Gail– my teeth have moved too. My front bottom teeth now seem to have spaces between them. I love how my snoring is resolved. Not sure it’s worth my teeth permenantly moving though!

  • LKK

    Thanks Steve. I was about to use the “friendsfamily” link to get the $20 discount. But as it stated it seems that they will charge the 39.95+9.95 right away without the 30 days trial period. Is this a trick of Zquiet?

  • Dan

    Has anyone tried the cheap boxing,karate style mouthpiece’s Its been years but they used to be under 10 bucks? I remember boiling water and they would mold to your teeth. Seems like you should be able to breathe ok if athletes can wear during exercise, not sure about snoring as my dog never complains.

  • Linda

    I regard zquiet as a miracle. After using it for a couple of weeks (successfully), I took it to my dentist to make sure it wasn’t doing any harm. He actually thought it had some positive effects: no grinding, no wearing down of the veneers on my bottom front teeth, lubricating of the gums (due to the salivating). I felt I was just lucky that it sized perfectly to my mouth with a small adjustment to the inside bottom (easily done with small scissors). I have now used one for about four months and just switched to a fresh new one since the first one had softened and was not as effective. The second one worked perfectly the first night. My dentist had predicted that it would have to be replaced after several months.
    I also use only American Express on-line and didn’t have any problems charging with the card — but did have difficulties with accessing the “friends” option for the second one and as a result ended up with a third — not really an issue since I intend to keep a spare.

  • Candy

    Hey Steve (and everyone else who has posted to this blog) – I appreciate the information and will be placing my order within the next day or so. I DO have sleep apnea and use a cpap, but because I travel quite a bit, I’d really like to have something I can slip IN my carry-on instead of it BEING my carry-on. I’ll post more once I’ve gotten the product!

  • Tom

    Just ordered using your friends link and with my Amex card. Seemed to go well. Pricing information is there and tells you pretty much what the cost is. Just had to take time to read the information.
    I’ll take the gamble to see if this works. It costs me more to book an extra hotel room when we travel as my daughter can’t sleep in the same room. My wife says it bothers her too, but she is used to it.
    Going to Cape Cod over Memorial Weekend to help friends put in the docks. Many people sharing the house for this annual event. I was going to bring a tent and sleep outside so as not to keep everyone awake with my snoring. This will be a big test for this device. Will I be sleeping in the house or in the tent away from everyone? I hope it gets delivered before we go.
    Thanks for the information and the link to the discount.

    • @Candy and Tom: Looking forward to hearing if it works for you (and hoping you’re not relegated to the tent, Tom!)

  • Hello to all. I tried the zquiet and it did not work for me. I gave it two weeks and no success. I now have to return the product. I will post another response after the process is complete.


  • MaryA

    I am not sure if I have ordered one of these or not. I used the friends and family link and that page worked. I used a MC. I went through the questions, and read the terms and conditions, and that worked.

    I then got a page that says at the tab name Order Confirmation, but is a special offer to buy another Zquiet. And when I clicked no, thanks on that, I get an error, Directory Listing Denied
    This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.
    I tried it three times. Always the same; directory listing denied.

    So, nowhere have I gotten a page that actually says I placed an order , nor have I gotten a confirmation email.

    However, reading above that a failed order actually went through, I am hesitant to re-order this. Especially since that tab says order confirmation. And the IP address has CheckoutPostSale in it.

    I guess it is wait and see if it shows up.


  • Nancy

    Did anyone notice on the zquiet website that the URL starts HTTP vs HTTPS? This means when you enter your credit card number, your internet connection is NOT secure. For this reason alone, I would not order this from the zquiet website. I hear it is available via ebay and amazon (although I haven’t confirmed), but that would definitely be a more secure way to order.

  • Maria

    Anyone know if this had helped with migrant headaches? For people who wake up with them?

  • Kevin

    I just tried ordering using the friends/family link and it still works with the $20 off. Also, the link did use https until the final checkout page which was only my order print page that contained no CC info.

  • MaryA

    I received my zquiet two days ago, so I had ordered it. My security program does warn me if something is sent unsecured, and it hadn’t warned me about that page, so I went back to the friends and family page I ordered off of, and it is https.

    I’ve used it for two nights now, after wearing it for 30 min or so while watching tv as a practice. It was fairly comfortable for me from the beginning, but I have been trying different things recently. I did have too much saliva during the practice run, but not when I wore it to bed.

    I was told I snored much less and quieter. I also woke up more easily in the morning. So all that is good.

    My lower front teeth ached for a while yesterday and today after removing the device.

    But last night when I put the zquiet in, I discovered my gums below my lower front teeth hurt also from the pressure of the device while wearing it. Will that get better? Is there anything I can do to make that hurt less?

  • Tom

    Ordered on 5-10-11 via website and got the discount.
    Did not use the faster delivery method.
    Product arrived 5-19-11.

    I ordered the Dental Soak add on for $9.95 too.

    No problems at all and can’t find anything go complain about.

    Haven’t tried it yet except to put in mouth to see how it feels.

    Probably start using it this weekend.

    Big test, next weekend when we will be with a group of people sharing a house……tent will be in car just in case!

  • Wow! Lots of posts about ZQuiet. Most of them are not showing anymore. It’s great to see such interest in our product, and we always like hearing from customers. The good comments keep us enjoying our work, and the zingers keep us humble and working hard to gain the confidence of our customers.

    If you have questions about ZQuiet, please call customer service at 800-281-0543 rather than relying on posts from other users. This is a medical device, and you should speak to someone who has been specifically trained on the product. We’re happy to help!

    Also…contrary to a post that I read, our site is secure and you should feel 100% confident about placing your order online with us.

    It’s easy to assume that a product that is advertised on TV comes from a big company that doesn’t care. In this case, ZQuiet was created by my husband and me to help other couples who suffer from the MANY problems that snoring causes. We’re back in bed together and helping tens of thousands of others do the same. Rest assured…these comments are read by us and we are constantly working to refine our product and the customer experience we provide.

    Peace….and Quiet,
    Trina Webster
    President, ZQuiet

    PS. Steve…I’d be happy to send you another ZQuiet as a gift if you reply to my email with your mailing address. We appreciate the exposure you have given us, and your honest reviews!

    • Hi, Trina. The comment posts are all still there, but there have been so many of them that you have to scroll through them now! And I agree that anyone with product or suitability questions about the ZQuiet should simply contact customer service directly. However, I also believe that comments and questions on blogs (like this one) are most helpful when they relate directly to an individual’s personal experience with a product or company (it worked/didn’t work for me, that weird feeling in my jaw went away after X days, mine lasted x number of months before I needed to replace it, etc.). 🙂

  • Kris

    I also snore – my family describes it as “a freight train going through a brick yard”. Not such a nice description for a woman! Anyhow, I ordered the zquiet (no problems with my order) and the first night didn’t snore. My husband was so thrilled – not sure he’d ever let me quit wearing it 🙂

    My negative side effects are:
    sore gums (that was remedied after I saw my dentist and he ground down the zquiet for me)
    sore teeth that hurt enough to make me not bite with my front teeth
    some times it causes me to bite the side of my mouth
    drooling and a tounge that feels asleep

    I sure appreciate this site to give insite for other! Personally, for my husbands sake I’d never quit wearing it (great bargin). I have heard the ones made by a dentist will cost thousands.

    • Kris

      Okay, so I have an update since I wrote the above.

      I looked in the mirror and noticed that my two bottom front teeth are pulling apart a bit. This was disturbing enough until I touched one of them and it moved every so slightly. Great, my tooth/teeth are loose.

      I am not old enough to have teeth falling out so I ran/drove quickly to the dentist without even giving them a heads-up. Thankfully they squished me in to their busy day.

      The dentist told me that I was probably overly worried and it wasn’t that big of a deal. Then he did the exam. After checking my teeth out he looked at me and shook his head. He wants me to discontinue the use of the zquiet right now! He wants to see if my teeth and jaw go back to their pre-zquiet state.

      I am very sad. This means that I now am a snorer again. My husband will look for another bedroom to sleep in and my kids will have to tell their friends it’s their Mom (how embarassing) snoring.

      Good luck to all of you – I’m sure not everyone reacts the way I have so just try it and see. Worth a try right?

      • Ronda Buckingham

        I have been wearing zquiet for 3 mo. and noticed my bottom teeth weren’t as close together. This a.m. I noticed my two front bottom teeth are loose. I hope all goes back to normal and I don’t think I will be wearing this mouthpiece again. It’s really to bad because as long as I was on my side I did not snore. It’s very disappointing.

        • Kris

          Ronda, I am sorry to hear about your teeth and I hope that with time your teeth and mine will be back to their natural (tight) state. My husband has slept with me only once since I stopped using zquiet. Guess I’m back to snoring. Very sad. My dentist does think that once my teeth are tight again I could go get a custom appliance made that will do the same thing – only problem is that custom ones cost $1,200 or more. Good luck! Kris

          • Kris

            Just wanted to let Rhonda know that I called a dentist who makes custom mouth pieces for snoring and they quoted me $650! Much more expensive than the ZQuiet but less than the $1,200 that I feared! I’ll be in there later this month, gotta help my husband sleep. My teeth are starting to tighten up, hope yours are too!!

          • Dave

            I’m thinking of using it also. My wife and I rush to see who can fall asleep first since we both snore. I’m thinking of trying it since I work earlier in the morning than my wife and am asleep generally first. One point I was curious about, did your dentist say anything about maybe a women’s mouth being smaller causing these problems with the teeth? I’m wondering about the one size fits all thing. Most having problems are women. Just a thought.

          • Fit hasn’t been a problem for me, but maybe I’m just lucky. There have been a few reports saying that softening it in hot tap for a few seconds and then putting it in your mouth will help shape it a bit. But I’d be careful not to “cook” it too long.

    • James

      I just ordered mine and I did not get a confirmation email right away. Instead it came 2 days later. I just now got a call from Z-Quiet today to “confirm my order” but also to enroll me in a “Budget Savers” program for $29.95/month. I got transferred to a verification line after I told them I didn’t want the program and they continued to pressure me in to accepting the program.

      Both men spoke very fast and made it sound like I am automatically enrolled and I have to opt-out once I get my Z-Quiet. Then I found out they were charging my card right now. I had to explicitly explain that I DID NOT WANT THE SERVICE for him to tell me that he would not sign me up. He also said he was “under the impression from the first agent that I was interested in the program”, which I told him was false.

      This company is trying to sell a lot more than snore devices and they are really pushy and deceptive about it.

  • Lisa

    My visa card was declined. I tried my debit card (it worked). And the thing works !!! I’m scared about it repositioning my jaw/teeth though for good. Ur dentist didn’t think so? My teeth feel wierd and it hurts a little. Last night I dreamed that something was stuck in my mouth!

    • Steve

      I have the same concerns about repositioning my teeth and ending up with an underbite. It reminds me of the retainer I wore as a kid after braces. The sensations sound the same.
      BUT all the dentists are making them so unless it’s like Steve Martins eyeglass invention in The Jerk I guess it is worth a try.

  • Michael Gudeman

    Thanks for the $20 off.
    To do a proper test, I did not tell my wife I bought one but asked her if she noticed anything different after the first night. She was quick to state that I did not snore or stop breathing. This is quite an accomplishment as family complain when they are staying in our upstairs bedroom, as far as they can get from me.
    People may be unhappy about the little bit of discomfort, but I can say it is nothing compared to undergoing snoreplasty, now that is big time pain both in the mouth and wallet.
    If you care for your spouse, or family depending on volume, buy one.

  • Beth

    Thanks Steve – On your recommendation, I used the friends & family discount and ordered mine today using my Amex. The return policy they provide on this offer is merky and filled with confusing mumbo jumbo and shows them taking no responsibility… but I’m willing to give it a try – if I hate the goofy thing, I’ll just have to flex my Amex muscle. Thanks again!

  • After seeing the ad on TV, and reading this site in April 2011, I successfully used the “friends and family” code given on this site to order a ZQuiet mouthpiece. I ordered on-line with my VISA. No funny stuff, just quite a few extra “would you like this?” screens, as this site mentioned. $39.95 plus 9.95, and it arrived promptly.

    It really does work – no kidding. For the first time in almost 20 years, I am regularly, night after night, back sleeping with my wife. The very minor sore mouth in the morning only lasted a few days. The same comment for the very slight odd taste.

    On a personal note, I have found that (for me) the ZQuiet works best if I first moisten my lips, and then insert it. As long as my mouth stays shut (lips together) I seem to be quiet. The few times that my wife has had to “roll me over” as she calls it, I believe that my mouth had come open slightly.

    I have no association with ZQuiet. I am a 50+ year old Chemical Engineer, living in Colorado.

    My sincere thanks to Steve.

  • Go Go

    I am a very light sleeper but snore if I sleep face up or tug my chin. As a result, I woke myself up many times a night. However, I found a way to be snore free without using Zquiet or similar products. The key is to till your chin up until you relax your breathing and find yourself have no problem letting air pass through your nose and lungs. The only problem is that my mouth will drop open once I fall asleep with my chin up. As a result, I hug a pillow when I sleep and push the pillow up again my lower chin. I have been sleeping pretty well and snore free since.

  • Amy

    I tried to order one on the website but because I did not want faster shipping, it “conveniently” came up with an error message. I decided to order one over the phone and it worked, but low and behold the website one did also even though I never made it to the end. So now I have 2 of these things and only wanted one. So I called and got my RMA number that they require and I returned it USPS with delivery confirmation…thank goodness because at least I have proof they received it. They were suppose to reimburse be for the extra one when it was returned but they never did refund the 9.95 and today a mysterious 5o.oo charge shows up. They are the most disreputable company ever and I suggest you try any other device on the market unless you have a good credit card company like I do. They are helping me fight this battle. This product is not worth the extra headaches you will get from having to deal with them. Not to mention I woke up in the morning with my teeth hurting.

  • Jim

    Is there any odor or taste to the product. I am chemiclly sensitive and chemicals make me snore worse. The CPAP made me violently ill from the plastics.

    • I haven’t noticed any taste or odor – but I’m really not that sensitive to it, so I’m not sure I’d notice. It is made of plastic, but beyond that I don’t know much else about the construction.

      • Hi Steve, I just ordered the Z-Quiet, Thanks for the $20.00. I put it on my amexp card. I will update you. I really hope it works, I am going on a 7 night cruise (on the Oasis) with a friend and I really am sweating out my snoring problem. Thank you again for your delightful review. (It was entertaining as well as informative).

  • Dave in Keller, Texas

    Ordered today using Friends and Family link…thanks for discount! REALLY excited about opportunity. Have snored and observed mild sleep apnea that leaves my throat very sore and dry when snoring is bad, so anticipating good results based on web research. Will follow up with progress report once ZQuiet arrives. But I am NOT wearing a CPAP machine without a fight…life is too short not to try alternatives (not to talk down the technology – but a simpler solution is preferred). And maybe if this works well, I will spring for a dentist-fitted unit, as I am used to sleeping with mouth pieces which I now wear to prevent grinding. Wish me LUCK!!!!!

    • Dave in Keller, Texas

      OK, made it through first night last night….a little rough. Jaw sore (not excrutiating) and teeth also sore. Wore off within an hour or so, and not concerned about damage. I can understand why some folks struggle with getting used to this device….so…the question is how did it work????

      Like a charm!!! I only woke three times throughout night, not to the jolting and panting wakenings when I am not breathing, but more of a wake up gently, roll over, back to sleep. Wife said no snoring, and felt refreshed in AM.

      It will take a week or more to get used to this device. Tonight I am going to have my lip balm and a glass of water on nightstand to use when I awake. I also anticipate eventually having a better mouthpiece made by dentist if results are as positive as last night. But overall, I am VERY encouraged by last nights results, and look forward to more restful nights….FINALLY!!!!!

      Will report back in a month with update.

      • Dave in Keller, Texas

        Well, about a month has passed, and I am still wearing the ZQuiet nightly. Wont say this is the easiest thing to get used to, but it does get easier over time. I still have some tooth discomfort in the mornings on one front lower, but other than that, not too bad.

        But, the more important thing is that I LOVE the results!!! I sleep better than I ever have, and cant imagine having never found this thing!!! I am considering a dentist-made appliance to address tooth pain, but the ZQuiet was well worth the $$$ to see the results I have seen….

  • Hector

    Steve: how’ya doin, Hey I have a question or concern, some people complained about having sore teeth,teeth getting loose and their teeth separating , have you herd or know if a person has a few teeth missing if they experience the same thing, cause I sure wouldn’t want my teeth to come loose or separate. And also is that friend and family link still good for the twenty dollar discount since we are in July now.

  • Steve Stoneman

    I have trouble keeping my Zquiet in my mouth at night. I usually have to look in the bed for it in the morning. Heard any tricks to keep it in the mouth?

  • frank mastromauro

    great review – thanks a lot for publishing this

  • Bought one for my husband and was delighted that he didn’t snore once the first night he wore it. He does complain that the bottom part doesn’t fit well and the guard sometimes falls out of his mouth.

    Re: the ordering process: I didn’t have any credit card issues but when I opted to just buy the thing outright, I was never warned that the full price to buy is $59. I just had the $9.95 price in mind and would have liked to have been asked if I was sure I wanted to complete the transaction.

    If the fit issue can’t be resolved, we’ll try to return and ask for money back. We’ll see what their customer service policy is.

    • Cathy

      exactly, I just wanted more information and thought I exited out of my order before it went through. Then I started receiving phone calls with in 3 days trying to get me to purchase other services or products. ReallY??? they sold my information within 3 days. Not cool.

  • I got an email message today from someone named Bill about this blog post. He sent it through my contact form instead of commenting here, so I’ll assume that he doesn’t want his full identity shared. However, I will share his email message:

    “So did it really work? I hope you’re not getting paid to promote the item. I’ve tried anti-snore mouthpieces before. They were so uncomfortable, I ended up taking them out. What’s the real story? Thanks.”

    First, yes – it did (and still does) really work for me. Of course, everyone’s different, but for me this is a good solution. And no, I’m not getting paid to promote the item. I have zero affiliation with ZQuiet or any of their owners and/or employees. They haven’t paid me a penny. This is my personal blog, and I post my personal opinions here. Mouthpieces can be uncomfortable, and as I said in my post, this did take some getting used to for me. But I’m fine with it now and have no problem wearing it nightly. As far as the “real story,” there it is, Bill! 🙂

  • Jason

    Thanks for posting! Quick question, from reading it sounds like you don’t have sleep apnea, but I’m wondering did you feel more rested?

    • I do feel more rested, but only because my wife isn’t nudging me continually and telling me to roll over. 🙂 When I’m travelling and sleeping alone, I don’t use the mouthpiece – and I still sleep just fine.

  • Jerry

    I ordered through the Friends asnd Family link, and had no credit card problems (I used Visa). I did, however, receive a phone call from them asking me to join some “buying club” for the low low price of almost $30 per month. I thought this was a little creepy, and turned it down.
    My Z-Quiet works very well. My wife says my snoring has decreased dramatically, and I feel more refreshed in the mornings. It has come out of my mouth during the night a couple of times. Don’t know what to do about that, but it is not a major issue yet – only happened 2 or 3 times.

    • Jim C

      I purchased it through the friends and family link. I also received a call about the buying club. Extremely creepy. Didn’t know the number (that was calling me) so I didn’t answer. After 4 times in a day, I finally answered to see who it was.

      They said I orderd “Z-QUIT” and confirmed the address and last 4 numbers of my Amex. They repeated that I should receive it soon or I may have alrerady received it. They explained the buying club and also said I get $100 in gas vouchers. The way it was explained, it seemed that by purchasing the snore device, it automatically enrolled me in the club and I would have to call to cancel, but I get to keep the gas vouchers. Whatever. At the end of the call, they wanted my Amex card number again. I told them I was driving and couldn’t get it. The woman said “No worries. I’ll wait for you to pull over.” Umm, I’m driving and don’t have the card with me. “No problem,” she said. “We’ll take another card.” Sounds like a scam to me.

      Z-Quiet worked after 1 night. Wife said I didn’t snore. Dried out my mouth and lips, which I think is the sensation I’m still feeling today.

      Wondering if you could soak it in boiling water in order to mold it and get a better fit.

  • JuLio

    Hi Steve just had one question, about the friends and family offer do i have to pay the total discounted price upfront or can I still try it for 9.95 and then pay the 39.95 after.?

    • I don’t know – when I purchased mine, they didn’t have the friends and family link available, so I did the trial. If you find out, please let me know and I’ll update the blog post.

  • John Wilson

    Z-Quiet is a scam. Do not purchase from them. They will rip you off and the product doesn’t work.

    • Hi, John. It worked for me, and has worked for many others who’ve commented here, but of course it probably won’t work for everyone. Could you provide more details of your experience?

      • JuLio


  • brandi bolen

    I tried to order for my boyfriend and my visa was declined twice. I gave up for today. I may try to order again tomorrow. I will let you know what happens.

  • Kellie white

    Tried it for three days and yes, no more snoring. We both get better sleep. However, I’m concerned about my teeth moving in time and whether or not it can cause TMJ. I have a missing tooth about 3 teeth back on the top. I think this might act like a retainer and over time could shift teeth around, which is what it sounds like it is doing for more longer term wearers. I did not know about boiling the mouthpiece for a more custom fit, bit still Leary about teeth movement. No problems ordering with MC. Not sure if I’ll keep it. Will try the previous poster’s suggestion about tilting your head back and having a pillow under the jaw…anyone ever try a snore pillow? Or the Pillar Procedure?

    • Skip

      My wife bought me the snore pillow, $100 at Sharper Image. Did not work at all for me.

  • Mark Mayweather

    if yer wife is ‘smokin’ hot, then why are you ‘sleeping’?!

  • Joe Cheavens

    I have been using a Zquiet for about 3 years now. The first year it worked great. However, gradually, the plastic seems to have lost a lot of it’s flex in the hinge so that it doesn’t stay in my mouth as much (frequently falls out in the middle of the night), stay in contact with my lower jaw if I open my mouth when I sleep, or force my lower jaw forward as much as it used to. I don’t know if the more expensive ones that the dentists provide have a longer wear life, but based on my experience, it seems as if one can only expect about a year and a half of good use from a Zquiet before the reliability starts to diminish.

  • Cara

    I just ordered this today and the friend/family discount is still working. Thanks for the link! I am so excited to find out if it works!

  • Debbie

    I just ordered one as well and the friends and family discount worked. To answer Julio’s question, I had to pay the full $39.95 upfront and didn’t get the option of the $9.95 for a 30 day trial. I’m willing to take my chances anyway to save $20. Thanks for the review and the discount link.

  • Jackson

    Okay, Steve… (And everyone else) I am convicnced enough to give this a try for my wife, Tina. I’ve been with Tina for 25+ years and for the first 24 of those, she never snored loud enough or often enough for there to be a problem. However, for the past year or so, it’s been fairly “gnarly.” Fortunately, I have no problem falling asleep or sleeping with a snorer…I find the sound to be soothing and sleep inducing! ( I’m sure most people think I’m nuts, oblivious, or both!)

    Tina did seem to suffer from some apnea-like symptoms at first, but she changed the time of day that she took some of her medications and this alleviated the problem. (Medications can be a BIG issue for some…I suggest that the snorers out there give a try to dosing themselves with some or all of there medications in the morning, if at all possible.)

    At any rate, Tina’s snoring can likened to the sound of twin 4-barrel carburetors on a drag-racing car’s motor when the throttle is opened! “Sssssuckkkkk-ROARRRR-whizzzzzzz!”

    I’ll forward the link to your blog to my dear wife, along with the “friends and family” discount link….We’ll let you know.


    Jackson in Santa Cruz, Ca.

  • Kath

    This device is much the same as the ‘tongue’ trainer I had when I had braces for my teeth. Every morning I’d wake up with my lower jaw pushed out but it always went back in again. I didn’t snore when I was using it but after a year it had some holes where I’d bitten through it and it was starting to get less of a tight fit. So I’d say that a year out of Zquiet for $60 is pretty good going. I’m still tossing up whether to get one.

  • I really loved trying Zquiet. It worked,but I had to send it back because it was pulling my jaw out to far. As I said, it worked. PLEASE!!!!!! make one that the bottom jaw is not so far out. This would fit me perfect. Thank you so much.
    (I would have to jump through so many hoops to get my dentist to make me a fitted one.)

    • Joan

      I had trouble with the CPAP and so had the dentist make the mouth piece for me, very expensive$2,200. I could not get reimbursment from my insurance. However I do have a bit of aching of the teeth/mouth when I awake and the taste in my mouth is not as before.

  • Bob

    Hi Steve,

    Using the Friends & Family link, I just ordered (8/24/11) a replacement that I misplaced about 10 months ago. Saving the $20 plus all the feedback on your blog was the only motivation I needed to replace the original.

    For the benefit of all those who commented on you blog before me, count me as supporter of the product, although their online ordering process is somewhat flawed. After submitting my order and Visa c/card info, the next screen said ” Your order is almost complete” and required me to both confirm I was to be the actual product user, and to answer a few qualifying questions and complete 2 disclaimer check boxes.

    I did and was moved to a follow-up screen asking if I wanted to purchase another ZQuiet and benefit from free shipping. I clicked “No Thank You”, at which point the process dead-ended and returned several lengthy error codes. Aside from retracing my online ordering steps (definitely a no-no with credit card orders), My only other option was to end the session and call customer service, which lead me through a not-too-lengthy phone tree and to an actual person who grasped my problem, a very polite and helpful “Freddy”.

    I’ll call tomorrow and determine the existence or nonexistence of my order and let you know how sophisticated their problem-solving skills rate. This will not dissuade me acquiring another mouthpiece, because it really does work. Thanks for advising the need to pre softening the new device to facilitate a better, more custom fit. Didn’t do that with the first device.

    Thanks for very useful blog. I’ve forwarded it to my 42 yr old son in the Air Force, and my wife’s daughter’s fiancé

  • Glenn

    Steve, I really appreciate your blog. I was on the fence on getting the ZQuiet, but after reading your review, I have just ordered one. I will let you know how it works for me.

  • Bob

    Steve…thanks for the blog entry. I’ve been using Z-Quiet for about 2 months now and 80-90% of the time it is fantastic. I still occassionally have that funny ‘loose tooth ‘ feeling in the morning and the 10-20 % of the time its not perfect is when I open my mouth at night and the ZQuiet shifts. Overall, my wife is thrilled and I sleep far better than before.
    And no I have no affiliation whatsoever to ZQuiet…

  • Richard

    I just ordered Z Quiet from your friends and family link. I noticed a box that I specifically unchecked that asks if you want to receive additional promotions. It is located on the screen where one enters credit card info. Hopefully this will avoid the spam that others have experienced after ordering from the Z Quiet website. Hopefully it all goes smoothly and that it works for me!

  • Hi Steve, I received my Z quiet yesterday, I put it on my AMEXP card and not one problem. I will try it tonight. Thanks again for the $20. Eva

  • Diane

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for creating this blog and for the review on the ZQuiet. I am considering purchasing it and this site has been very helpful.
    I have previously had a dentist make a mouth guard for me (not for snoring, but for jaw clenching) but I had a problem with it. They first made it for my top teeth and when that didn’t work they made one for my bottom. But that failed also.
    They didn’t work for me because during my sleep – I guess to avoid the feel of the guard – I apparently moved my bottom jaw to the right or left and then clenched tight causing great jaw pain when I woke up. I still don’t know why I did this. My dentist and the designer of the apparatus couldn’t figure it out either. They tried many adjustments but none worked and I never got my $$ back.
    I think I might have had problems beacuse these devices were only one-sided – top or bottom. What I like about the ZQuiet is that it is a dual guard, covering the top AND bottom teeth.
    My questions is – do you think the ZQuiet would prevent me from being able to move my bottom jaw to the right or left, independently of the top jaw?
    I don’t clench anymore, but I do snore, and would love some relief from that.
    Again thanks, Diane

    • Hi, Diane. Sorry it took me a while to respond to this. 🙂 I’m not a dentist, so all I can give you is a personal opinion based on me wearing it. Lateral motion would at least be inhibited, based on the fact that a hinge connects the top and bottom. If it were me, I’d give it a shot, and just keep an eye on the calendar to make sure that if you need to return it, you do so in within the time limit. 🙂

      • Diane

        Thank you. I will and then I’ll let you know what happens.

  • Sue

    Thanks for taking the time to do this review. I already have a CPAP, but I was thinking of getting this for traveling. I have not decided yet, but I am such a procrastinater anyway. I just wanted to make a comment on the guy who remarked about why do you sleep is your wife is so smokin’ hot? I lol on that one because (being a woman) I was thinking you were the smokin’ hot one. lol. And I’m very happily married and an old fart, so not trying to start anything.

    • LOL. That’s very sweet Sue, thanks. 🙂 I hope the ZQuiet works out for you!

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  • jkh

    We ordered a Z Quiet a week or so ago and didn’t have any difficulty with the ordering process. (I wish I’d seen this blog first though, so we could have tried the $20 off).

    However, yesterday I kept receiving tons of 888 or 866 toll free numbers. I was so tired of it, so I finally answered.

    The person on the other end told me they were just “confirming” the shipping address. I told her the payment was already done. She said, “Oh, this isn’t billing. I’m just confirming the address so that everything goes through smoothly.” I told her I was confused since we had already paid for everything up front. Then she said, “Oh and you should be receiving your order shortly.” Then I told her I had already received it so I’m sure everything was correct and already paid for. (The red flag immediately popped into my head when she started to ask me to confirm anything). She also had said that she was calling from Z Quiet, though she wasn’t. Anyway, I think I remember that when she asked for my information, the phone call launched into the whole, “This portion of the conversation is being recorded for quality bla bla bla..”

    She told me as a “Thank You” for ordering Z Quiet that they would be sending me $100 worth of gas cards, with me not having to do anything but sample this buying card thing that gets me discounts at local something or other. I told her clearly I was “Not Interested.”

    “Oh, she said, it is totally free. You don’t have to do anything and you can cancel after the 2 weeks.” I had to tell her again that I was not interested. Finally, she let up.

    Thankfully, I did not even confirm my address or any credit card information.

    I told my husband he should call and complain to Z Quiet, because even though we have loved the product so far (and the sleep!), this extra hassle is too much like a scam (the buying club part).

  • Fred

    Steve, your review seems honest and sincere and the other comments genuine. I was even about to purchase a ZQuiet. Then I noticed the ad for ZQuiet on this very page. I get it that it’s a google ad, but with all of the online scams and bogus product reviews, it made me reconsider. I read your bio and see you are an entrepreneur. Guess it’s impossible to ever know for sure if, despite your statements to the contrary, you have some economic motive for promoting this product and whether the other comments are legit. Obviously, you’re a smart guy, smart enough to throw in some negative comments to build the credibility of your review. Sorry, but we live in a cynical world.

    • Hi, Fred. Cynicism is fine. 🙂 My cynicism was what made me insist on using my Amex. But I really do have nothing to hide. I DO wish I owned even a small part of ZQuiet. I think it’s a good product that does what it advertises. Heck, I even looked for an affiliate link to get a commission from the links I send their way, but I couldn’t find one. I paid full price for my ZQuiet, and glady would have done so again when it wears out, but the president of ZQuiet read this post and sent me two freebies recently with a pleasant hand-written note. Other than that, I haven’t received anything from them. If they’re still listening, I wouldn’t turn down a free trip to Hawaii… 🙂 But even in the remote chance that ever DID happen, I’d disclose it here. You only get one shot at integrity. I’m not gonna blow mine for a piece of plastic… even if it’s a really cool piece of plastic. If you do buy it, I’d love to hear your comments. We cynics need to stick together. 🙂

      • Oh, and the ads? That’s just Google being Google. Their ad servers scan the page for keywords that match current campaigns in their system. I chuckle when I see them too, but it’s just Google figuring out how to do something I couldn’t do: make money from ZQuiet on this blog post. 🙂

  • Dennis

    Hi Steve, I took the plunge and ordered a ZQuiet today with my AmEx. I paid the upgraded shipping. I am tired of not having a good night’s sleep, and I’ve tried everything from nose strips to losing weight. 🙁 Thanks for your honest blog, and I hope to also be a success case with this product.

  • Patricia

    My husband ordered one and they delivered it tonight. I am looking forward to sleeping peacefully at last. Especially after last night i was up for more than 4 hrs just leasoning to him and rolling him does not help.

  • SnoresALot

    Based on the comments here I purchased a ZQuiet device. The discount link still works, so the $49.90 (including shipping) was a nice option.

    I ordered the device using a Visa card online on Sept. 4 (Labor Day holiday), so nothing happened for a couple of days. Then, within just a couple of days I got a email notice of shipment and tracking information. The delay was with FedEX ground. It took several days to travel across the country and finally got handed off to the USPS in Memphis, TN for delivery. The tracking info said that would take another 3 days, but it actually arrived in my mailbox the following day. Seems like USPS priority mail would have been cheaper and quicker??

    Oh well, it did come and the first night I tried it my jaw really knew there was something strange in there with a lot of tension on my TMJ. The next day I was also pretty sore. It was a bit disconcerting to remove the device and have such a horrible malocclusion. I could hardly close my mouth for 30 minutes or more, and it took another couple of hours to actually get my teeth to meet in a normal fashion.

    Now, after using it consistently for a week or more, the initial tension noted is much less, and it’s actually almost comfortable to wear throughout the night. The real problem now is when I remove it – it’s almost more comfortable to leave it in.

    Teeth loosening problems? Not that I have noticed, though there is some soreness in the front teeth where there is a bit of pressure on a tooth that is not as straight as it could be. I enjoy eating chewy bread and have had to lay off on that a bit for the past few days due to dental discomfort. That said, I can’t help but think that excellent oral hygiene is a must!

    My wife says the snoring has stopped, and I do believe I feel more rested. Both very positive results.

    If you’re going to buy this device make sure you use the discount $$ link above and save yourself 20 bucks.

  • Steven Crowley

    That my father is a VERY LOUD sleeper…

  • Cecelia Dugan

    Can ZQuet be used if someone wears dentures?
    Thank you

    • I think only if you sleep in them. It’s designed to hold the teeth in a position to minimize snoring.

      • Julie

        The FAQ page on the web site says that denture wearers should not use this product. Just saying…

  • Paul nev

    I have a pretty big over-bite and snore a fair amount. I feel like it has been affecting my quality of sleep for years. I want to try this product but I am worried that it will hurt way too much. My incisors are angled back and my canine teeth are somewhat twisted. Pretty much my teeth aren’t that messed up but they are enough to the point where I am worried about the pain. Still worth the buy for me Steve?

    • Hey, Paul. I wish I was a dental expert and could answer definitively… but I’m not, so I can’t. I’ve heard reports that letting the mouthpiece soak BRIEFLY in warm water will help it conform to your teeth better. For anyone wondering if they should try it, I’d say that the guarantee means you have nothing to lose, as long as you return it before the deadline!

  • rosemary

    Hi, I’ve been using an English version of this, and most all the same is true. Initially I found it too uncomfortable, but you have to stick with the instructions to put in hot water to meld, NO BOILING WATER, then take the time to get over gag reflex, etc. I put it aside for months but my snoring was killing my marriage, 18 years on! It does make lower teeth looser, but when partner goes away I give it a rest and they tighten up again. But now my snoring wakes me up more that I’ve gotten used to this! In the UK literature it does say they wear out after a year to 18 months, and I’ve found that to be true. Thanks for your post and the family discount; I was about to order two more anyway so no point in getting it made out of USA, and it cut down on shipping getting two at once, also at better price. People have to understand they have to ask those questions at the end otherwise the FDA would have kept it a prescription only thing. Gingivitis is my only concern really, but that’s related to ones own dental care not the device. Someone made a good point here about women possibly needing a different version; they do hurt when I first take them out in the morning. If Zquiet comes up with that, and have read this, hope they let us know!

  • Harvey Gordon

    Hey Steve…thanks for the $20!!! I am so skeptical…and to be honest a bit worried with the LOOSE TEETH comments…but I’m in! SO I will update you after I get it and after my wife gives me the thumbs up or down!

  • lifen

    Steve, thank you for the valuable information about ZQuiet in your Blog! After reading everybody’s experience here, I decided to give a try. BTY, the family and friends link is still working! Thank you for saving me some money.

    I have been using it for about two weeks now. It works great for me – I have not snored since! I did experience some discomfort of my front teeth in the morning, but it disappeared within 30 min.

    I am a 56-year old female and thinner than the average. I eat very healthy and exercise regularly. Yes, I snored! Because of a lot of people snoring, I have never registered my snoring with any of my health issues. One day in Sept, my doctor pointed out that I have a “very narrow” airway that causes snoring! That day has been the turning point for me. Over years, I have been suffering all problems caused by snoring: low energy, heart problem, headache …. Other doctors have sent me to all kinds of tests and heart surgery including MRI, CD, etc. I suddenly realized that snoring is the source for all of my health issues!

    As you could image, I glued myself to the computer right away from doctor’s office. I made a long list of things I can do myself to open up my airway from playing brass instrument, singing, to wearing mask, surgery, etc. ZQuiet came on the top of my list because I could get an immediate result at lower cost, and it makes sense to push my lower jaw forward while sleeping.

    As the immediate result, I already have a lot of more energy than I ever had in the past few years, more appetite, much happier, …..!!!! I just want to share my experience with someone. I am typing it here since this is the place I started…..

    • That’s awesome to hear, Lifen. Maybe someone else in a similar situation (from what I understand, it’s rare for thin people to snore) will give it a shot based on your experience. Thanks for coming back and sharing that.

  • Brian

    I too was starting to see my relationship affected by my snoring. So I ordered the zquiet without any issue other than the call about the $100 gift card deal. Which I declined after some pressuring.

    The zquiet definitely works. My girlfriend noticed a difference the first night. But so did I. When I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t quite close my mouth properly and I also had some discomfort in the jaw. It took a better part of the day for my mouth to feel normal again.

    I’ve been using it for a week now and have come to a few conclusions. I can’t really open my mouth completely without experiencing a “poppy” TMJ type symptom, and I have noticed that a few of my teeth, top and bottom, seem to be loosening from the pressure. This is really disappointing. I think I may have to look into a dentist fitted mouthpiece that spreads the pressure more evenly, hopefully not displacing them every morning.

  • Randy

    Hey Steve!

    I am excited to tell you and your bloggers here that there is a molded device that fits the teeth perfectly! And, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper too! I know that you’ll probably lose that trip to Hawaii from ZQuiet but this is what the dentist use without paying $600-$1000! And, it’s just about twenty bucks! There’s great testimonials on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Snore-Eliminator-Snoring-Mouthpiece-Solution/dp/B004U2818M
    I found it on Ebay which I just purchased for $20 and free shipping too! We’ll now see if you’re affiliated in any way to ZQuiet! Lol *just saying*

    • Hi, Randy. I’ve allowed your comment to stay on this page, which should verify that I’m still not affiliated with ZQuiet in any way. 🙂

      However, in the spirit of full disclosure, I should inform you (and everyone else reading this) that I did edit your original Amazon link for the Snore Eliminator. Your version of the link included a referral code so that you would make a commission if people followed your link and purchased it. That’s called spam, Randy… Lol *just saying*. The edited version of the link in your comment now points directly to the Amazon product page, with no referral link – not even for me.

      Now it’s my turn to ask – are you affiliated with Devmarketing, the company that appears to be selling the Snore Eliminator on Amazon? Or are you unaffiliated, and just trying to make a quick couple of bucks by Amazon spamming the readers of my blog?

  • Dean

    Hey Steve,

    Today is Sunday. After reading your blog, I decided to use the “Friends & Family” link to order. The page loaded fine but wouldn’t submit on my (Firefox) browser.

    I contacted a live rep from Z-Quiet’s main website. He (Edward) stated the following:

    “You may get the friends & family discount through customer service (800) 281-0543, Monday-Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm pacific time. If the representative you speak with will not assist you please request a supervisor.”

    So, I had resigned to wait till tomorrow to place my order over the phone.

    I continued reading the posts on this site. After reading so many posts here from people that successfully used the discount link, I decided to give it another try…this time using Internet Explorer. IT WORKED!! Order successfully placed!

    So, If anyone else has problems ordering with Firefox (or any other browser), try Internet Explorer. If all else fails, use the customer service contact info from above.

    Hope this comes in handy.


  • Skip


    Based on your review and the replys I to attempted to order using the friends and family discount on 11/4/11. The order information went in fine, but the link would not process. I tried again today 11/8/11 and the link processed with the friends and family discount.

    I will update the site after trying Z Quiet for a couple of weeks.

    Thank you

  • Jay

    I purchased the ZQuiet and received it last about a few days ago. I was disappointed in the website, after selecting the ZQuiet and be scrolled through pages of up-sell pages (silver packages, pillows, etc) and rush shipping, it did not give me a chance to review my purchase or shopping cart prior to purchase. Because of this I inadvertently ordered 2 ZQuiet mouthpieces. Absolutely worked the first night and its still working each night, I am feeling much better waking up. Oh but the pain in the teeth!! My jaw was sore in the morning each morning and it subsides throughout the day. My two lower, front teeth have a lot of discomfort all day, and each night when I put the mouthpiece in, it worsens. It’s only been 5 days, so I am hoping that the pain goes away soon.

  • DD

    Thanks for the discount code!!! Still works 12/1/2011.

    • Neil

      After reading your very helpful blog and countless other blogs, articles and reviews, I decided to do a little experiment. I noticed that most of these appliances resemble some type of sports mouthguard, especially a boxer’s mouthguard. My children and I all play, played hockey or other sports, so trimming, boiling and positioning a mouthguard was not new to me. I purchased a boxer’s mouthguard at Sears for $6 and set off on my anti snoring oddessy. Boiled mouthguard and positioned it with bottom jaw forward. First night was very uncomfortable, but effective. I am in the process of finding the correct combination of comfort and effectiveness. If I don’t get the right mix here, I will try a guard with a hinge. Then maybe the Z…

      • mike fink

        Don’t do this! ZQuiet would be similar to the night mouthpieces dentists make for people who grind teeth during sleep. Sports mouthguards are not the same; they grip the teeth rather than seperate upper/lower sets. The Sports mouthguard will grip your teeth and if you grind even a bit will really hurt and possibly loosen your teeth.
        Go with a product like zquiet or a dental unit.

    • Thanks for the discount! Why do you advertise SnoreEx if you like ZQuiet…just curious.
      Hope ZQuiet works for me!My husband moves to another room each nite b/c of my awful snoring!

      • Hi, Rebecca. I don’t manage any of the advertisements on this site. I just use Google ad tags and whatever ads get inserted based on key words. 🙂

  • Jamie Keister

    Great article. Very helpful information. Thank you. PS Discount still works as of 12/2/2011. You rock!

  • Risa B.

    Hi Steve!

    Thanks for the thorough review! I have tried everything… sprays, pills the works and I’m willing to give this a shot. I placed an order yesterday and hopefully this will help me. My friend recorded me one night while I was sleeping (and after months of denying I snore like a $”:&;!!!! freight train) and I was appalled!! hopefully this device will give me the good sleep because he’ll finally stop poking my ribs and he’ll get the good night’s sleep he deserves because I’ll be silent 🙂

  • Hugh B.

    Steve, thanks for the bolg on ZQuiet. It has help in making my decision to make the purchase and make my wife happy. After reading all the comments, it became a no-brainer decision. I tried to place my order on 21 NOV in the evening (I don’t think ZQuiet ordering system is automated) using my debit and then credit card. No luck with either, so I waited until the 22nd during the daytime. My debit card processed the order without any problems. I also remembered to uncheck the box about receiving new products. I receive my first email confirmation on the 23rd. On the 29th I starting getting phone calls from an unknown number. It was a ZQuiet seller trying to offer me the $100 gas card gift to try other products. I gave them a repeated No Thank You until they finally gave up.
    I finally receive my ZQuiet on 3 DEC. The fit will take some getting used too, but my wife was surprised that I didn’t snore all night and she no longer has to put in earplugs. So far, so good!
    I was still able to use the friends and family coupon. Thanks again!

    • andy b

      I second that. I wish Zquiet wouldn’t try pushing other products on me, especially that have no correlation with my original purchase.

      On day three of zquiet, no snoring. Slight headeach that I wonder is related to new jaw placement. Will continue to use.

  • ProjectManager

    Thanks so much for doing the research and including me as your friend, yes, the discount worked. They really try to get you to buy more stuff right after submitting the order.

    I used my cash back Discover, we’ll see how that works….

  • One for the road

    Link still works! Thanks for the review. Hopefully it’ll work as well for me it has for others.

  • Martin

    Used the Friends and Family discount link, worked fine but there is no $9.95 trial offer. I used AMEX as well. Hope my purchase experience is better than yours. Will post updates.

  • Chad


    Thanks for the great review and updates. I have just received my Zquiet and I hope that it works for me as well. I too used my AMEX for the exact reasons you stated. However, I wish that I would have found your blog before making my purchase so that I could receive the $20 discount.

    Thanks again

  • Martin

    UPDATE: Amex purchase went fine (email – Thank you, from: ZQuiet Dear Martin, Thank you for your recent order at ZQuiet.com and welcome to the ZQuiet community of well rested sleepers. Your order is being processed and should ship within the next 24-48 hours.)
    Although I did receive this message as well: “Dear ZQuiet Customer, It has come to our attention that you were sent a credit decline email on |M04. Due to a recent system enhancement, you were sent the email in error. Please disregard the email and accept our deepest apologies.” I never got the credit decline email. The same day I received my Shipment Confirmation. It should be here next week. I will post results of using soon.
    PS – have not received any annoying messages or calls trying to sell me other things, so far….

  • Tom


    This was a very helpful review and yes the F&F Discount worked after several times of entering the order. I will update once I recieve the device.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Robin Cole

    Loved your post because I had just ordered the trial for 9.95 a couple days earlier. Then I saw it advertised for $20 less if ordered online. I called 2 different numbers they had listed and never spoke to a live person. By listening to your cust. serv. message I got the right phone number. A very nice lady answered and after just a minute of conversation she gave me a $20 credit and I still get the 30 trial period. Woohoo. Thanks! I hope it works!!

  • Aristotle

    Just ordered it and the coupon still works. I called and made an appointment with my Dentist to see if he can make the same guard using my insurance coverage. We will see.

  • Matt

    It’s because of this blog post that I decided to buy a z-quiet. At first, I was very happy with it. The snoring stopped! Yes, it was uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it. Unfortunately, it’s not held its shape well. That is, the product works by pulling your jaw forward by putting pressure on the back of your bottom teeth. In order to do that, the top of the product puts pressure on the front of your top teeth. That top part has become incredibly flimsy, so the z-quiet doesn’t stay in place and is unable to prevent snoring anymore. It simply slips off my top teeth.

    At this point, I’m past the 30-day return window, and I feel a little let down by the product. I’ve considered writing the company but am concerned to do so because of all the astroturfing they’re obviously doing via SEO. All of the other supposed “review” sites are exactly the same (save for a different look) and are nothing more than an advertisement for the product. Anyone else here had the same problem with their z-quiet?

    • Hey, Matt. Actually, yes – I’ve noticed that same thing with my ZQuiet. Since it’s a plastic “hinge” that provides the pressure on the lower jaw, it wears out eventually. I don’t remember exactly how long my first one lasted, but my foggy memory thinks it was somewhere between 6-9 months of wearing it every night. With my second, however, I experimented with storing it in an open (flat) position during the daytime so that pressure was taken off the hinge portion. I figured since that how it looked when I took it out of the package the first time, that’s the best position in which to store it to extend its useful life. 🙂

      I tried placing different bathroom objects on top of the mouthpiece to keep it open (soap dish, Sonicare charger, etc.) but I finally ended up just storing it flat in the little blue case it came in, and based on its current wear (and compared to how springy the hinge still is) I’m looking to get a year out of one mouthpiece. I don’t know how long you’ve had yours, but if it’s only been a couple of months, it can’t hurt to contact the company and at least see what they say. If you do, please comment again and let us know how it went!

    • cecil

      try some fixodent on the top…it works on dentures

  • Mark R


    Thank you for the blog and to the others who’ve commented. I’ve been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, was prescribed a CPAP mask but it didn’t work for me and hadn’t tried any other anti-snoring solutions.

    After seeing the Zquite TV add, I was a bit skeptical and wasn’t going to order because it seemed too simple to work effectively. I definitely would’ve been deterred by the heavy add-on marketing pops while confirming the order.

    I used my Amex and was able to take advantage of the friends / family link

    I’ll update after I start using ZQuite.

    • Hey, Mark. Thanks for the comment, and I hope the ZQuiet works out for you. That said… I want to make sure that nobody reading my blog gets the impression that I’ve ever suggested that the ZQuiet treats sleep apnea. It doesn’t. As mentioned in my original post, I had a sleep study done to rule out sleep apnea, and it was only because I don’t have it that I started researching snoring solutions. So again, if you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, treatment for it should be something you discuss with your doctor. Sleep apnea can be a very serious condition, and while a ZQuiet mouthpiece may help an individual with their snoring, I just want to cover my butt and be on record saying that it’s not intended to treat sleep apnea, and that I don’t recommend using it for such. There – now my conscience can be clean. 🙂

    • Keith E.

      Thank you for the in depth review. my wife and I watched their infomercial last night and we are keeping our fingers crossed. i also used your “Friends and Family” link, knocking off 20 bucks. The drawback appears to be that they charge the full amount ($39.95 + S&P + Tax) to your credit card at the time of your order. This is different than their “standard” offer of $9.95 initially, then the balance after the 30 day trial period. Just thought I would bring this to your (and your readers) attention. I’m (we) are hoping it works so that I don’t have to deal with obtaining a credit if for some reason it doesn’t work.

  • I’m moving in with my boyfriend in 4 weeks, and my snoring is ridiculous (akin to a growling bear, according to others). So last night, my boyfriend suggested I try this, since he’s seen all the ads on tv. I did a search for reviews, and I don’t trust 99% of them (OMG THIS WAS PERFECT! LOVE IT! 5 STARS!). I came across yours, and this seemed like the most honest review. I was sure I wouldn’t order it as I read about the trouble with your credit card, but then I saw that it actually worked. And then I saw you had a referral link which would save me $20. And so I decided that for $50 (including shipping), I might as well order it and give it a try. Like you, I used an Amex just in case there are any issues. I also took a screenshot of my entry of the cc number, so I’ll know for certain if they are *%#-ing with me if they call to say there is a mistake with my number. So here’s hoping it not only arrives without any issues, but also works for me! 🙂

  • John Michaelson

    Hi Steve, I just read your blog and all the comments and ordered the device….This is what the internet is all about.
    What a joy…………….

  • Laura

    Steve, thank you for the great review. The $20 discount also worked for me today (1/4/2012). As soon as I receive my ZQuiet I will report back.

  • Gretchen

    Hi Steve,
    I read your review before I ordered and I also used the discount web site. It still works as of January 5, 2012. Thank you and I will let you know when I receive my Zquiet.

  • wayne


  • Jen

    I ordered this a while ago, still not recieved

  • Say what?

    Just ordered it based on your excellent Blogging … I hope it works as well for me as it does you. I know my SHW will be happier.

  • Crystal

    I ordered over a week ago and still waiting for it to arrive. Although I can’t review on the product itself, however the soliciting calls and emails were enough for me to call the company and have them remove me completely from their database (after I received confirmation of shipment). Almost immediately I started receiving marketing calls and Spam emails that indicated I had purchased items. I called my bank as well to tell of the emails and put a “watch” on my bank account, since I purchased with my credit card. Also, very odd that it shipped via Fedex, but as of shipment tracking today, Fedex delivered to my local post office to have them deliver it to my house. What’s the sense in me paying for Fedex shipping if my local USPS carrier is delivering? I’ll give the product a review…if I ever receive it!

    P.S. Your coupon worked – thanks!

    • Crystal

      Finally received…wore it for the first time last night. Don’t know about you, but this a.m. when I removed the mouth piece I had a really sore jaw – ouch! Has anyone else experienced this? It’s worse on my right side, getting better as the day goes on but was really painful this a.m. Maybe because I’m a female and my mouth’s smaller than a guys (hey, watch the jokes)…but yikes, I removed it and it felt like I was pulling my jaw out of socket. Just wondering if this is normal and if in time it will not be so painful? Feedback would really be appreciated because I didn’t snore at all 🙂

      • Brenda

        Hi Crystal. I experienced the same with another similar product. I am about to order the Z-quit and I am assuming that it is a similar situation where you have to fit it to your mouth? What I did with the other mouth piece I purchased was that I didn’t do it right and my jaw was way to far forward. If it is not working for you, send it back for a refund.

      • mike fink

        Maybe you grind your teeth like me. If so, the zquiet might actually be saving your teeth from wear, but cause you mild jaw pain. In a few weeks it should get better.
        This from a dental guard user who isn’t connected in any way to zquiet, I’m just considering it to reduce snoring AND still help with my grinding like a bag of bones.
        Never use a sports guard for that condition, speaking from experience . You will wake up in much pain and can loosen teeth according to my dentist. They mold to each tooth and by design grip them, which causes you to ‘work’ them when trying to grind away.

  • Jon C

    Thanks for a very objective review. I have used this product now for about 1.5 years and am just getting ready to order a second one (the first one finally wore out and developed a hairline split in it which pinches my tongue at night).
    Like you, I got the “suggestion” to try it from my wife and like you, didn’t upgrade the shipping but still received the product in a very short time. I have noticed that over time my device became slightly less effective and am attributing that to the possibility that it got somewhat less “firm” in the pushing forward of the lower jaw over time.
    Looking forward to getting a new one to see if it feels any different and oh yes, I have sleep apnea, snore like a chainsaw (althought I don’t think I snore at all because I have never heard it), and have even woken up my kids because it was so bad at times.
    The product works well.

    • EB

      That was a very insightful review…love that it was in story form! And, thanks for saving me $20, friend. Hope it ships without a problem and it works! Fingers crossed 🙂

  • Josh Taylor

    Good quality but unfortunately did not work for me.

  • Joe

    Well, I ordered today…I had another brand and it eventaully wore out. The $20 off worked, but was pretty much negated by what I think is an outrageous $9.95 shipping/processing charge. Also, the fine print at the bottom still says they could charge $59.95 additional after 30 days. My verdict is OUT OUT OUT until I hear otherwise. I used AMEX so if this is a scam, you guys are the burned ones, not me.

  • Joe

    Looks like customer service is up to their old tricks with the credit card declines….maybe they took a look at my comments that I’m waiting for them to pull this shenanigan. Do you guys want me to file on RipoffReport.com or what?

    It has come to our attention that you were sent a credit decline email on |M04. Due to a recent system enhancement, you were sent the email in error. Please disregard the email and accept our deepest apologies. We value our customers and are very sorry if the email upset you in any way.


    |Customer Service

    • Joe

      UPDATE: And so now I get a phone call thanking me for my order, and as such, they’ll send out some gas vouchers with a $1 cost for this fantastic program. The thing is that this program will bill me now for the $1 trial, and then continue billing unless I sign something and send it back. So…I declined that since I’ve seen gas voucher programs and none have ever worked as promissed, and that they can send something that I didn’t order, yet continue billing for it is ILLEGAL and considered MAIL FRAUD as well as being against their agreement with the credit card agencies and the law stating that they can’t keep credit card information on file once the transaction is done unless you volunteer to do so (with a signature). I didn’t even bother to ask them how much this fantastic program cost per month.

      The jury is out and the verdict will be coming upon delivery of my device and a few days to run it through the gammet of tests and compare to the one I had from Vita-Sleep that actually worked…but finally wore out.

      I can tell you if they bill me for one penny more than indicated, I get an attorney and get wicked. My attorney already went after a nationwide loan company that as a direct result is now defunct. He’s such a great guy…except his wife says he snores.

      • Joe

        Well, have tried this thing for a long enough time to know it works some of the time, but not as well as another I have had. Second, it puts IMMENSE pressure on just a few front lower teeth to the point they are LOOSE. This is apparently going to un-do the work that my braces did to pull them back in line. I can see that the cause of this is that there really is no support that transfers the “pull forward” of the unit to anything other than the front lower teeth.

        I’m already ordering the other Vita-Sleep unit that I had before. At least I know that I won’t have to get braces again to re-correct what I already spent $10 Grand on. This thing is going back.

        • Joe

          Well, after going back to the Vita-Sleep apparatus, it works much better and without the teeth pressure. If this doesn’t work for you, try that.

      • Who’s your attorney? I’ll need his number in case they over bill me 🙂

    • Hey, Joe. Thanks for your comment. However, I notice in your comment that you address me as “you guys.” As clearly stated in my blog post, I’m not ZQuiet, nor part of ZQuiet, nor affiliated with ZQuiet, nor have I ever been paid by ZQuiet. I repeat: I’m not ZQuiet. 🙂 I’m a ZQuiet user who also has a blog. But I’m also curious if you ever got this sorted out with ZQuiet?

      • Joe

        No, I didn’t get it resolved. They just said it’s not the regular price, so the trial deal doesn’t apply and that’s that. It’s a full week now, and I still haven’t received the item either. I’ll post the results of how it works if/when I get the item, and I can compare it to the VitalSleep version of this type of device, which did work well…but had its own issues.

  • sue

    My significant other is trying the zquiet & seems to be having a tough time adjusting. He can only wear it for a short amount of time, less than 30 minutes. He complains that his mouth gets too dry. Is that a common problem? Any suggestions?


    • Hey, Sue. My mouth had the opposite problem – for the first month or so, having my ZQuiet in made me produce lots of excess saliva (a nice way of saying that I slobbered all over my pillow). After a while, however, it got better. Let us know if your S.O. adjusts with some time!

    • Joe

      I used a different brand of similar item and for the first couple nights, I slobbered a lot. It went away and hasn’t been an issue. You do need to keep them clean though and probably not a good idea to eat before you put it in your mouth.

  • As one of the few dentists in the area trained to treat sleep apnea, I applaud you in differentiating treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. Having a test to rule out apnea is very important, so kudos for doing so.

    Oral appliances are a great alternative to a CPAP machine, and treating snoring can be complex. If apnea is not present, then these OTC products can be great.

    • Greg

      I have never under gone a sleep apnea study, but my wife told me it sounds like I am gasping for air and I snor very loudly. Can this product be damaging in any way to those who may have sleep apnea?

      • Lance Timmerman DMD

        I hope you don’t mind some expert advice here, Steve. Yes, there IS a danger (and Steve mentions that in his post). If a device takes away the snoring, it may leave behind apnea events, so the risk for death remains. A properly titrated apnea device will eliminate the apnea, and usually the snoring is gone too.

        It is similar to a carbon monoxide alarm going off, warning of dangerous levels of a poisonous gas. Would you remove the batteries so you aren’t annoyed anymore, or would you eliminate the CO gas risk?

        Get a sleep study done, and from there decide the next step. If you are like Steve, a noisy sleeper but NOT apneaic, then any device that comfortably eliminates the noise is a good thing, professionally made or not. If you ARE at risk of dying in your sleep, professional help is recommended

  • John

    ordered on Monday – shipped on Wed – Call from the marketing group today on Thur trying to rope me into the gas card gift thingy.

    Will post more after I get the device and use it.

  • Chip

    Well after seeing this on TV many times, the wife FINALLY said get it as she was kept up last night with me snoring.
    Thanks for the valuable review, and of course the Friends Discount.
    Thanks and will post back after I get it to give my test drive.


  • Adrian

    Thanks, the coupon still works! Just ordered mine… I tried something similar about 2 years ago, but It wasn’t very comfortable so I sent it back… 2 years later I still snore like I chainsaw, and me and my partner can’t have a good night sleep, because of that… waking up all the time, the tossing and turning etc trying so many things 🙁 with no success.
    After reading your blog and your comments I decided to give it a try! hopefully this will be it! thanks for the recommendation. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Adrian

      follow up!

      Got my Zsleep…. no problems! the order came on time, nicely packed… and fits great! much better than other brand that I tried (puresleep)… no need to do a “custom fit” thing…and best of all IT WORKS! 2 nights NO SNORING!.. yes some minor strange feeling in mouth next day but nothing painful or bad which its supposed to be like that, so I think I’ll get used to it pretty quick… I am so happy and my partner too! finally we can both sleep! thanks!!!!

  • Ray

    I sleep with my mouth open, will this be a problem with using this product? Do i need to buy a chin strap? I wonder if this pops out of your mouth if you sleep with your mouth open.. Please let me know..

  • ed

    after reading all the comments and that the piece can wear out I think I will get it done through my local dentist who will have to cover it if there are any issues, they do mouth pieces all the time for various other procedures

  • Yup, ditto. Been meaning to try one for a while, and bought it in large part due to your honest review — including skepticism and frustrations, “but the product worked EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED.” Screw journalistic integrity at this point, they should give you a commission for every one sold through your link.

    And they should really, really, really tone down the sketchy vibe of their site and purchasing process. I would have bought it months ago if it weren’t for that.

    I’ll be back when I receive mine to let you know my experience with it.



    • Ok, Max here again. Yup, it works! I don’t get waken up by my sweetheart ten times a night because I’m snoring. We both get way better sleep. For the first week it took some getting used to in my mouth… I felt a bit gaggy and was salivating like a rabid Mastiff. But now it’s fine.

      My only ongoing complaint about the product itself is that my front lower teeth are a bit sore every morning because the bottom hits only that part; a mouthpiece that’s moulded to fit would be more comfortable. I’m going to look into other products with that.

      That said, the company is completely sketchy and weird, and if there’s another option out there that works and is similarly priced, I’d go with it. Not only do they try to upsell you in a skeezy way on the site to both fast shipping (shipping is fast enough anyway, so it’s obviously a ploy to get you to spend another $8), but they also try to sell you a $60 cleaner for the mouthpiece, which is completely absurd.

      I’m a marketing professional, specializing in web work (http://mishagos.com), and I can tell you that their methods are the same methods that multi-level marketing and high-pressure ripoff websites use on a regular basis.

      Which leads to my biggest complaint–and biggest evidence of their complete sleazyness: Just as Joe said above, I got multiple phone calls from a number I didn’t recognize, that didn’t leave a message. When I finally answered it, it was a high-pressure, fast-talking sales pitch to get me to sign up for THREE — read it — THREE different “discount” clubs for $1 each for the first month, all of which have pages and pages of complaints about them being a scam.

      I was told I would get “$100 in gas coupons” and “a $40 Visa gift card,” and something else I can’t remember.

      I wanted to see just how sleazy these folks were, and I was going to be changing my credit card number anyway, so I signed up for all three for the free month. So far, I’ve received NOTHING. No promised e-mails, no promised coupons and membership info in the mail, nothing. Though they did charge the three separate $1 charges to my account.

      I’ll be back to tell all y’all how it worked out, and whether I file a complaint to the Attorney General here about them. Hey, for 3 bucks, this could be some great entertainment!

      Steve Jenkins, thanks for the great forum and information.

      • Joe

        I use the VITA-SLEEP version that you boil to soften and then it shapes to your teeth. Lots less pressure, and there is adjustability as well. It does take a couple days to get used to, but far less pressure on the teeth, especially once you get it dialed in with the adjustment factor. I’d do the dentist made one, but that’s $1500.

    • PS: Here are the companies they GIVE YOUR NUMBER TO –without asking your permission:

      http://www.shoppersadvantage.com and

      They are all run by http://www.trilegiant.com, which has myriad other scammy companies (see the list on their site homepage).

      I’m going to of course cancel within the allotted time, and if they charge me anyway… trouble time! 🙂

  • lori

    Thanks for the reviews……my husband has been sleeping on the couch because of my snoring. I looked for solutions on the web and came across your site. Your review helped in my decision to try it and the link worked for my order….Thanks it saved me 20.00. Will let you know when i get it.

  • Anthony

    So I just ordered this product today Marh 11, 2012 and I must say that I am skeptical but I have got to get this snoring under wraps for my wife. Initial thoughts on the purchase. I opted for the 30 day $9.95 trial. I didn’t like that all the ordering was done on the initial start page, but like you I have a pretty good card company for fraud protection. It was a little annoying that they kept trying to sell me more stuff before I even had a chance to try the main product. So far I have not recieved any confirmation email that I made the purchase over an hour ago (this should be automatic), so I will stand by I guess for a shipping confirmation email. I will update this I get more information.

    • Anthony

      So I recieved a pleasant call from the company today confirming my address and letting me know that I should be recieving my shipment soon.

    • Anthony

      Arrived on the 20th but I was out of town so just got it today. It looks great. It feels a little small in my mouth but I look forward to seeing if it produces results.

      • Anthony

        So I have been using it now and it works as advertised. It does feel like it pulls hard on my bottom front teeth. I also wake up with dry mouth.

  • Dave

    I usually don’t respond to these but your blog was a great help. I am looking forward to recieving my zquiet and sleeping with my wife again. The link still works on 3/31/2012. I will repost after I get it with an update.

  • Has anyone tried the other company with the more advanced Snore Eze. I dont know what to do because the other company says it has an adjustable hinge that prevents TMJ and stops the mouthpiece from becoming loose. This is the site that you come across under ZQuiet reviews. It has an old guy trying to get you to try his product instead and says that Z Quiet is an inferior product and that Snore Eze is more advanced in a sense that is stops all the shifting in the mouth when you have an adjustable hinge and stops the TMJ and loose teeth issues. I dont know which one to buy now and am confused. I would imagine that with a mouthpiece that is fixed not everyone has the same shaped mouth. His product adjusts to fit your mouth. Has anyone tried his product and have they had better results? I dont want all the hassles with the promotions either, I just cannot stand all that stuff. So can someone let me know if they have purchased the other product. If I can get another product that stops all the problems you guys are having I would prefer to buy that? There doesnt seem to be any reviews of the other product which is a bit of a worry, just some old guy saying you shouldnt buy Z Quiet and gives a diagram and detailed explanation of the reason why? Any thoughts anyone??? I will be waiting for a reply……Thanks

  • Roxanne

    Hi Steve –

    I’ve been using the Z Quiet for about a year now and it really works very well. But one thing that has become an issue is that it is now starting to irritate my tongue. I’ve done some web searches to see if anyone else has experienced this as well. I’m wondering if, after a year, the device is starting to break down and causing an allergic reaction. Have you had similar issues or heard of anyone having any?

  • Jessica

    I never, ever read blogs or write product reviews, but I feel compelled to do so on the ZQuiet device. I’d been using it for about a year, and yes it does work. That was probably the best year of sleep in my life! However, after a recent routine visit to my dentist, I was instructed to get rid of it immediately. I had been having ongoing sensitivity with my bottom front teeth, but was willing to deal with that annoyance in order to stop snoring. My dentist could tell instantly something more drastic was going on…not only were my bottom front teeth loose, I developed gum recession, significant shifting in teeth, and irreversible bone loss. We compared my x-rays from 8 months ago, and the difference was shocking and quite scary. Please beware of this product!

    • Joe

      Jessica, try the Vita-Sleep unit…just Google it…I had one and it worked very well. I only had the issue with soreness for a couple days and it has gone completely, unlike this product where it never went away and actualy got worse.

      The Vita-Sleep can be molded and remolded as needed and since it can, it equalizes the pressures throughout your teeth so they put all the pressure on just the bottom front teeth. I even ruined one accidentally and when I emailed them about it…even telling them it was my fault, they sent me a new one no charge. Now THAT’S service and backing up your product.

      Only on my worst nights where I’m totally exhausted or have been drinking a few too many Jack & Cokes do I find myself snoring even a little bit…but then otherwise…no snoring…even when I’m on my back. So…from my experience, I’d ditch this thing asap and go with the Vita-Sleep model.

      The dentist said he can custom mold one that’s 100% perfect, but said for the money, that was not bad so long as I didn’t experience the tooth sensitivity problem after the first couple days.

      • Joe

        I mean to say it equalizes presssure on ALL teeth instead of just the bottom front ones…sooooo much better. I can sleep now and feel refreshed and wake up without the mouth feeling like I got punched.

  • I have tried 15 times entering my Amex and they are not processing it. They keep on requesting another card. Steve, I only use my Amex as you do. I will try a couple more times. Has anyone tried calling in the order and still being able to obtain this discounted price?

  • They just called me, because they saw my number as a hang up on there Saturday phone log. I mentioned the Amex problem and they took my info over the phone and extended me your price. I’ll update you if and when I receive the product.


    We received the Z Quiet yesterday–I guess in a timely fashion. I also never received my email saying that my item had shipped with a tracking number. I had to call and listed to the automated system. The pushy sales calls were pretty annoying for the gas certificates and junk as well. Had to be pretty firm that I was not interested and then they actually hung up on me! Anyway-last night was the 1st night the boyfriend used it. I lasted in bed with him for about a total of 5mins until I finally just gave up and went on the couch. NO GOOD! Snoring just like usual. BUT–I am (and so is he) willing to give it another chance–we plan on using it over the weekend-which would be a total of 4days–if it still doesnt work I will be calling the 800 # for a RA #- 🙁

  • Troy Redmon

    Just started using my Zquite and my wife told me she had to check to see if I was still alive because it was so quite. I was wondering how long does the soreness last in the bottom teeth and jaws?

  • HKrijnen

    I bought it today and hope it will work.

    grtz, HKrijnen from The Netherlands

  • SnoresALot

    I’ve been using this device since September (9 months now) and have been through the mill of dental discomfort, TMJ pain, and dental malocclusion—but the snoring is definitely better. Dental discomfort remains to a degree, but I’d say it is “slight” at this time, and the malocclusion thought it remains to a degree, is tolerable—grinders just don’t meet quite like they once did. The real bugger is the TMJ pain and neuropathy apparently caused by this device (didn’t have pain before using it). There is often a sensation of cold water being poured over my cheek, and one (the left) side is never without some discomfort, but it is tolerable without any interventions.

    Immediately after beginning to use the device, and for several weeks following, the TMJ discomfort was really pretty severe with days when I could barely open my mouth to eat, but chewing actually seemed to improve that situation throughout the day—even took up chewing a bit of gum to get the jaw exercise, as well as taking a bit of Ibuprofen here and there.

    Overall, I’d say the experience has been positive, and I’m now in the market for a replacement—just debating whether it will be this particular one or something similar. I’ve also been intentionally losing a little bit of weight (I’m not huge – 205 currently down to 188 and 6 ft tall). Positive experience? Yes, considering the alternatives of surgery or CPAP, neither of which are very appealing to me.

    • First of all, awesome screen name. 🙂 Second, I’m glad that your experience has been positive overall, but bummer that you’re dealing with the TMJ issues. I also lost about 30 lbs, and that made my snoring a little bit better, but my wife still nudges me if I fall asleep without the ZQuiet because my snoring is still loud enough to keep her awake without it. I’d love to hear back if you try something else. It wouldn’t surprise me to see more of these types of devices appear on the market.

  • Daniel

    First I want to say that your review was fantastic and was a great help in deciding to try this thing out. Its a shame though that actually placing an order is soooo difficult. I entered my credit card information using the FF link you gave and it will not process my card, (a non-Amex BTW). This seems to be a serious flaw experienced by several others. Also when I spoke with the representative today she said that the FF discount only applies to a second purchase of the Zquiet, which is not displayed on the page.

    • Thanks, Daniel. That’s a bummer about the FF discount, but I bet if you squeeze them on it they’d probably give it to you anyway. I’d love to hear back from you regarding whether or not it worked for you when it arrives.

    • Lauri

      I just got a friends and family discount today. Hmmm

  • lucy

    Just saw the infomercial so I wanted to research reviews before ordering. I appreciate you being thorough in your updates I’m convinced I should try it. Thank you

    • Hey, Lucy. Glad to be of help. I hope it worked for you, so please stop by again and let us know whether it did!

      • Greg

        Hi Steve, I have been diagnosed with Severe Sleep Apnia, and one of the recommendations from the specialist was a Mandibular Repositioning Device.
        My Dr. suggested I try this particular device rather than spending a large amount on a custom made one and going thru my medical insurance. The CPAP machine is something that I can’t tolerate due to a broken nose, so I’ve ordered this device and will see how it goes. Thank you very much for your very informative blog and everyones comments.
        Thanks again, Greg

  • Greg, you need a new doctor then. This product is NOT for severe sleep apnea, and you risk your life if you do. Find a trained and experienced sleep apnea dentist.

  • Rob

    I have been researching both the Z-Quit and the Vatal-Sleep. Your blog has been very informative and is a great resource to the consumer. It appears that virtually all other sites reviewing these products are NOT impartial but instead are fronts for the companies selling their products. I get it that you have been satisfied with the Z-Quit product, but have you ever considered trying the Vital-Sleep so that you could provide an impartial comparison? It seems to me that this would be a great service to all of us searching for an honest comparison. Last time I checked, Consumer Reports has not done any comparisons.

    • Hi, Rob. No, I haven’t tried the Vital-Sleep, or any other mouthpiece. The only other anti-snoring products I tried before finding the ZQuiet were the throat spray and a couple of anti-snore pillows. Neither worked for me. And once I got a ZQuiet and found it worked for me, I didn’t really have any reason to try anything else, and I figured why waste money fixing a problem I’ve already fixed. 🙂 However, if I can get a free one from Vital-Sleep to test and compare, I’d be happy to do an honest comparison on my blog. I’ll try emailing them and seeing if they’re game!

      • Rob

        That would be great to see a comparison from someone who is honest and impartial. Meanwhile, I have ordered the Vital-Sleep yesterday to try out. I have NOT tried the Z-Quiet. According to my wife, my snoring has gotten so bad in the last year that on some nights I can shake the walls. This is really becoming a big problem between us, so I have to do something. According to my wife, there are no sleep apnia issues ( interupted breathing, gasping for air, etc, and I always wake feeling very rested), so I am hoping one of these mouthpiece devices does the trick.
        The Vital-Sleep ordering process was painless and hassle free, they took my AMEX without complaint, and I was e-mailed a confirmation of the order within minutes. This morning I got an e-mail that it had already shipped. So far, none of those annoying sales call that people report after ordering the Z-Brand. I will update you on the results when I have more to report.

        • With all due respect, Rob, your wife is not capable of determining if apnea is present. Direct observation is not a substitute for a polysomnograph, so you are putting your life at risk by not seeing a pulmonologist or sleep specialist. Even if you lessen the snoring (this device or others), apnea can still be present (a silent apneic). I think you are playing with fire and encourage you to see a professional. The nice thing is that insurances pay very well for studies and treatment, so there may be nothing out of pocket to get a proper diagnosis.

          I personally have treated MANY people that report ONLY snoring and feel there is no apnea involvement. Bed partners have insisted there was nothing else and find their AHI was above 30 (severe problem).

  • Janet

    Thank you, Max and others! I just read this wonderful blog, after spending yet another night waking my husband up with my “sawing” (and the sore throat I get from it) and ordered (used my Citi MasterCard with no APPARENT (yet) issues). HOWEVER, now I have begun to read everyone’s comments, and I’m a bit SCARED! I don’t want to be scammed!! It sounds like the product will be what I need (I also ordered the UV light cleaner), but I HATE the solicitation phone calls I may now get (SHOULD HAVE gave a fake number OR our landline and not my cell) or–worse–get my credit card scammed!! I just went through this with my Discover card–identity theft–for 6 months and DO NOT [can you HEAR ME, ZQUIET PEOPLE??!!!!} DO NOT want to be bothered when I just spent $90. on your products!

  • Jenny

    Anyone who is curious enough to spend $35 on one of these – Groupon is having a deal! I just ordered one but these expired quickly! http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-zquiet-stop-snoring-device

  • HeyMikey (not a doctor)

    Migraines are a complex problem with many possible causes and treatments.
    IF your “migraines” are due to hypoxia from sleep apnea, and
    IF ZQuiet opens your airway enough, it may help with the headache. Unfortunately, it seems the only way to find out is to try it–what works well for one may not work at all for another, due to differences in cause of the apnea and individual oral architechture. If ZQuiet doesn’t help, that doesn’t automatically mean something else won’t work. Short of a custom-fitted device, trial and error seems the only approach.

  • HyeMikey

    (Sorry ’bout that–I intended my comment to reply to someone above asking about migraines they get on waking–but it landed at the bottom & now I can’t find the original message… oh well)

    Steve, I’m curious, as to your opinion of ZQuiet’s effectiveness for occasional use. I’m a life-long snorer (at 3 I heard mom tell a friend I sounded like a Caterpiller–confused me for a long time 😉 and I’m addicted to my CPAP, in spite of the difficulties. My biggest problems are travel (quite rare) and severe allergies/sinus infections (frequent) that make the nose mask very difficult to use without Afrin, which causes its own problems. Do you think someone like me could use Zquiet a few days a month, or would the “adjustment” period just stretch on interminably?

  • L

    I tried to order with my Discover card and after typing in all of my info twice, the site declined my order with a message saying it was unable to process using my credit card information at that time and told me to resubmit my order!??? This is a major issue with this company and they seriously should fix this problem they are having with processing orders online. I am very suspicious about this and even after reading the original testimonial on this blog owners experience, I rather report this and move on. The Zquiet company should be held accountable for the collecting of credit card info from potential buyers to only decline their orders.

  • Don

    Hi Steve,

    My apologies if this question has already been addressed in one or more of the comments and replies above. But, do you know of anyone who’s experienced a bitter fit and resulting comfort by placing the Z-Quiet in warm or hot water, then placing it in their mouths as one would w/ a sports mouthguard for football, etc.? My teeth hurt in the mornings after wearing the Z-Quiet and I’m wondering if that might be a solution, but also worry it might reduce the effectiveness. Any feedback or thoughts on this idea?

    • Hey, Don. I do know of someone: me. I’ve done this with good results. I have an instant-hot in the kitchen, and filled a mug with hot (not boiling) water and dropped my mouthpiece in for about 30 seconds, shook it off, and popped it in my mouth. Works great.

  • Bill

    I tried to order online 2x and had the same credit card issues. I checked my bank statements and saw pre authorizations yet the cards were declined? No way the cards would decline. I then called the toll free number and explained the situation only to have the person get belligerent and hang up on me.

  • Carolyn Burns

    I have been using this product for many months with good outcome in breathing at night, but now I have a loose lower front tooth. I am concerned that the pressure on my teeth is aggravating some misalignment in my front teeth & my bite is not even now causing a loose tooth.

    • That is one of the risks of self treating, with ANYTHING (causing side effects). Go see an experienced sleep apnea dentist, one trained in all the oral appliance options, and you should be fine. Most medical insurances will pay the dentist for the oral appliance, so there may be little or no out of pocket expense.

      It is not unusual for bites to be affected by a mandibular advancing appliance, and often have simple solutions. Some more involved than others.

  • Gene Cheek

    I tried ordering a ZQuiet from the link you gave. Their problem is the last box for putting an Amex # only accepts four digits and the AX card needs five

    • Gene Cheek

      Therefore I expect I will be getting similar followup phone calls

  • jessica

    omg i luv it i dont snore anymore my bf says that now he can sleep at night yes their is a lil sore ness in my mouth wen i wake up but its totally worth it

  • I grind my teeth very badly and had worn them down quite a bit over the years. I now wear a mouthguard while sleeping to protect my teeth. I don’t sleep well so I had a sleep test done a while ago. I don’t suffer from sleep apnea but the doctor said I snore a lot which was disturbing my sleep. I’m wondering if I try the zquiet will it resolve my snoring but will I end up chewing it to bits like I do my mouthguards after a while. Or will it possibly cure my grinding since it supposedly corrects the bite while sleeping. If you or anyone else has any info on this please reply. Thanks

  • Carla

    I am curious if you have tried sleeping without the zquiet now that you have lost weight. I have been told that it is often being overweight that creates the issues that cause heavy snoring and/or sleep apnea, and upon losing weight the problem can disappear. (i don’t know how heavy or not you are now) but just curious.

    • I’m down about 30 lbs since I first started using it, but I still snore. I’m still trying to drop a few pounds for training purposes, but most people who see me now wouldn’t consider me overweight. So I’m still wearing the Z-Quiet nightly.

  • Rob

    Hey Steve, Thanks for blog and great info, I’ve struggled with snoring for several years and lately it’s become a real problem with me and my wife. In investigating diffrent solutions i came across your blog and really liked the candid information and open dialogue from other people, all comments both positive and negative really helped. i just used the friends and family link you provided on 4/4/11 to order the ZQuiet and enjoyed the $20 savings, used my MC to pay, no problems with processing the order. i will keep you posted and let you know how well it works. Thanks, Rob in Bel Air MD

  • Linda Morine

    Glad I read your blog. I like to check out products reviews before I purchased the ZQuiet with the link provided and received the $20 discount. I must check out your other blogs-

  • I used the $20 off link, but the screen asked me if I want to pay up front rather than try the 30 day money back guarantee at only $9.95. Um hello? That was my intention at $39.95. So, we’ll see what I get charged because I added another one at $39.95 for travel. I’ll keep you posted. Hoping it will help my husband’s snoring. He is not overweight, but sounds like a bear who had too much too drink.

  • Dan

    I don’t know what you guys are smoking but the zquiet is not good. I have no idea if it works because my bottom teeth keep slipping out.

    If you enjoy sleeping with a sock in your mouth then try it. If you like the pain of your top teeth being pushed backwards then go for it. I have been waking up with the zquiet in my hand because I must be taking it out in my sleep because its so uncomfortable.

    I’ve never had such a bad sleep in my life til I have been sleeping with this painful thing in my mouth.

    • Snores-a-lot

      My experience exactly!–but I chose to hang in there instead of going the surgical (or other invasive route) and now, a year and a half later, I think it been a good choice.

      • Dan

        Well, I called to return it and they asked a few questions and want me to try a bigger size. Apparently they have different sizes. I do have a large mouth so I am hoping it works. I was getting headaches and bad sore teeth and my bottom teeth wouldn’t stay put, so id wake up with a sock in my mouth, but still snoring cuz my bottom jaw was back in the original position

  • Snores-a-lot

    I just ordered my third ZQuiet. They seem to last about 9 months – so I’ve been wearing it for about a year and a half. The TMJ problems mentioned in my earlier posts seem to be minimal, the dental discomfort has also diminished to the point of practical non-existence. The malocclusion problems seem to also have been adapted to with no problems at the present. Yes, it’s taken a year and a half to get comfortable with it, but I still prefer that over surgery or other options.

    • Bill

      I didn’t find the jaw pain, tooth pain and over discomfort wearing the piece to be worth it. In fact it didn’t work. My wife said I was still snoring every night. I sent the item back. I wouldn’t recommend this item

  • don


    Hey Guys: been using Zquiet for about 6 months now. My wife no longer needs to have music playing in her earphones to drown out my roar. It took about 2 weeks to get used to slight tooth ache in morning ,but I get a good nite sleep now.

    Be worth it at twice the price. Any idea how long these things last in normal use??

  • Jennifer

    I ordered a zquiet and I really wanted it to work. I don’t know if it does because it hurts so bad after a few hours that I can’t sleep. I called to return it and they offered me a different size. It is a little smaller and much stiffer. It doesn’t pop out as easily as the first one but I am still experiencing pain that is pretty bad. The pain is mostly in my lower teeth. Not sure if I am going to keep trying.

  • gcamp0730

    For those wondering how Vital-Sleep compares to ZQuiet:

    I ordered the ZQuiet first, about 2 weeks prior to the Vital-Sleep. My personal results are that I will keep the ZQuiet and send back the Vital-Sleep. The specific reason has to do with the fact that I grind my teeth at night. The issue with Vital-Sleep is there is an adjustment mechanism (which I really like, btw) at the back of the mouthpiece. Unfortunately as I bite down during the night this causes quite a lot of back molar pain in the mornings, and sometimes it is painful enough to wake me at night. I tried for nearly the full 30-days to get used to it, but I could tell I was not sleeping restfully even though my snoring was decreased (according to my wife).

    As for the ZQuiet, as others have mentioned, it is quite aggressive on your lower front teeth. The Vital-Sleep product is not; it provides evenly spaced pressure around top and lower teeth. With that in mind, I noticed that the bottom of the ZQuiet mouthpiece has extra “product” right where my two middle teeth are. I have caps on both of those teeth due to a biking accident years ago, and so they are a bit thicker in the back due to the caps. So, being the problem solver I am, I took a very sharp knife, and steady hands, and I trimmed away some of the thickness so it was more balanced. I am now quite happy with the ZQuiet and it no longer feels as if my lower teeth will fall out in the mornings (I jest, they were really sore, but definitely still attached).

    If you try this modification yourself, I suggest bending the lower part inside-out. If you do not, you might accidentally cut the edge of the material that will be against your gums. I made a small nick in mine but fortunately caught it before it was deep enough to cause discomfort. Also, try to remove only small sections at a time. My fear was that I would cut through the entire thickness of the product, but by removing bit-by-bit I ended up with a good curve. The inside *will* be rough – I don’t see any way around that. However, since that part is against your teeth (and not your gums) you shouldn’t notice any difference; I haven’t, anyway.

    As to the effectiveness of the products, as far as I could tell (again, based on my wife’s comments) both products worked equally well for me. The primary differences are 1) the ZQuiet will move with your teeth as you open/close your mouth whereas the Vital-Sleep is a solid mass that does not move with your teeth; 2) the ZQuiet is a softer material than the Vital-Sleep, 4) the Vital-Sleep creates a larger space between your top and lower teeth (possibly to allow more air to enter), and 5) the adjustable hinge on the Vital-Sleep is wonderful, except that it creates a hard place for you to bite down on at night which may not be pleasant come morning.

    I hope this helps others who are considering one or the other!

  • Andy K

    Great blog! Hard to find non-manufacture related reviews on
    these anti-snore devices! I ordered a Z-Quiet that worked pretty
    well, but failed to keep my jaw forward after a few weeks. I called
    Z-Quiet, and they said they would send me “a version 1 Z-Quiet”
    that has a stronger hinge. I received that one, which is a bit
    smaller, stiffer, and seems to be made of harder rubber/compound.
    It works well, holds my jaw in place, but hurts my front teeth more
    than the first softer one. Wonder if there is a pending design
    change, going back to the more sturdy material, but keeping the
    modern shape?

  • AndyK

    Great review, I agree – the Vital Sleep is more balanced
    across all of the teeth, compared to the Z-Quiet’s method of using
    the front teeth as anchors. I found that the Vital Sleep loses it’s
    shape pretty quickly, and becomes ineffective until you re-boil it
    and bend it back into shape. That becomes pretty annoying after
    several times though.

  • I’ve used the ZQuiet for 2 days now. Although it didn’t work 100% for me, it has reduced my snoring tremendously! Now I don’t have to sleep in a different room! It’s a bit uncomfortable when you first try to go to sleep, but by morning it almost feels natural. Within 15 minutes the weird jaw misalignment goes away. I wanted to show people exactly how much it helped me so I recorded myself snoring before I got the zQuiet then again after. Trying to compare apples to apples I used the same criteria for both records. Between 4 and 5 hours after I fell asleep which is when my snoring was the loudest. Look at the picture while you listen to the sound. By the way, I am in no way affiliated with zQuiet.
    Picture: http://www.OgleServices.com/SnoreComparison.jpg
    Sound in WAV format: http://www.OgleServices.com/SnoreComparison.wav
    Sound in MP2 format: http://www.OgleServices.com/SnoreComparison.mp2

    • Hi, Dave. Glad it helped, even if it didn’t 100% solve it. And mad props for going through the trouble of recording yourself and sharing the results. 🙂

  • Tony

    Is this device a one size fits all or does it come in different sizes like small, medium and large. Small being for a child, medium for a person of average size bones and large for big boned people?

    • As far as I know, it’s only one size. But that may have changed since I bought mine.

  • Andrew

    I was super skeptical at first too about ordering a product from an infomercial. After watching some of it though, I thought I would give it a try for the 9.95 trial period thinking I would just end-up sending it back. It arrived really quickly even though I chose the normal shipping option. I wore it for about 25 minutes while I was working and watching TV the first day I got it. I used it the first night, and (I know, it seems this is what many of you have described) in the morning, I asked my wife if I snored and, much to my surprise, I hadn’t. Believe me, I know many of you may not believe this information, but I had to share. I have been using it now for several weeks and it never fails to stop my snoring. My only complaint is that it seems to have “loosened up” a bit on the top tray so that it tends to come loose from the upper teeth as I sleep and my mouth opens. I am not sure if anything could be done to keep this from happening. It just means that I have to reposition it once in a while throughout the night. A little annoying, but nothing compared to my wife and I having to sleep in separate bedrooms.

    I am not affiliated with zquiet, just a regular guy who is very happy to have something that has made my life better and my sleep more restful.

  • rowena

    Hi steve.

    Well thanks for the read. Enjoyed that. Best blog ever lol glad ive seen it now. Just because of this well informed review i want to purchase one. Zquiet steve really should recieve life time mouth pieces simply for getting customers via reading this blog 🙂

    Rowena 🙂

  • Neil

    I have had my device for two days now – used it both nights. My wife says the snoring is gone – now I need to get used to it in my mouth while sleeping, My teeth and jaw ache in the morning – but eases quickly – i’m hoping i will get used to that.

    For $60 or so its a good choice so far.

  • Connie Barlow

    Steve, I am so glad I saw your blog. I tend to forget to read comments before I spend my money just as I did this time. I thought I might have to call tomorrow and CX this my pur hase . I do have a sleep apnea problem. I told my doctor that I fid not want a C-pap cause I threw my other one under my bed 5yrs ago & I am sure they have not improved. There is a doctor here in town that has made a mouth piece similar go this one that pulls your jaw forward to open the airway so one can breathe freely. Icould not afford his. I know you dont want to be a doctor and tell people that this is not for “sleep apnea” but I will say that it is easier & cheaper to try this first. I did not have insurance and paid $3000 for 2 nights of study. I paid $60 a mo for 6 years. Just finished paying that sucker off….. Soooo, I am excited to get mine.

  • Robert

    Glad it worked for you, lord knows what goes on when i sleep but found the Zquiet to fall out most nights.. but when in it allowed me to sleep on my back.. without waking myself up…..

  • will it help with buxism? I don’t have any other issues but occasional grinding of the teeth-what are your thoughts?

  • golfer1john

    I was surprised to see the comments about the difficulty of disputing a charge. I’ve had only good experiences with my Citibank VISA. They credit the account immediately, then go to the merchant and get their side of the story. In every case it has been resolved in my favor. Based on my prior negotiations with some of the vendors, I’m sure Citibank ate the charge in at at least some cases.

  • JJG

    They wouldn’t take my Amex either. I could care less if it works or not. If a company engages in that kind of deception they will never get my money.

  • Shirley W

    I also have the snoring issues with my husband. And being a SEVERE insomniac, it has gotten to point where we have to sleep separately. He purchased the z-quiet 2 years ago, and each and every time he rolls over, the darn thing falls out of his mouth and it’s back to the snoring. He tried it over and over, and it always falls out when he rolls over. He is asleep and it doesn’t help for me to be awake and wake him up to have him put it back in his mouth because my sleep has been interrupted and I can not fall back to sleep. (The trials of being an insomniac!) So, my question is- how do you keep it in your mouth? Or don’t you roll over in your sleep? HELP?!

  • May L

    hi Steve, After reading your blog, i think they should give you a piece of their company after all 🙂
    Cuz of you, i have decided to give it a try. Thank You for the $20 discount link, It stills applicable!

  • Tom Howley

    Thank you Steve for your review and feedback on the product as well as the link that is still operational. I ordered on just now after reading your blog. Appreciate it and look forward to trying it out.

  • Mark

    I am attempting to purchase one, entered my credit card info, and now I’m stuck on a page that is offering me two pillows and another ZQuiet. It seems stuck on this page and when I click “no thank you” it just refreshes the same page.

  • Sippy

    I purchased one, tried it for a week, and had terrible jaw pain and problems eating. It did fix the snoring however. So, we tried. The difficulty came in returning the items. This company will do everything it can to avoid giving you an RMA#. They want to counsel you, question you, argue with you. I had to get really angry, and threaten an American Express charge back in order to get an RMA#. Just waiting for them to claim further issues, and try to charge me. Don’t do it, get one from a dentist like I’m going to.

  • Marty Brown

    Steve, the Friends and Family discount still seems to work (as of November 2014) … thanks!

  • Craig

    Thanks for the review and the link for Friends and Family discount. It is a $30 discount, Regular price is $9.95 + $69.95 = $79.09, F&F discount is $39.95 + $9.95 = $49.90. I’m not sure if I can return it with that discount but with all the positive ( a few negative) reviews I’ve read the last few days it’s worth the gamble.

  • Laurie.

    Thanks for your review. I am a 48 year old female that has started snoring. My family is so bothered by it, I ordered one as well. And, it works! I have been only using it for 3 nights and I have noticed my jaw pain went away, however, I feel as though my teeth have shifted. Did you notice that? What did your dentist say about that sensation? Also, when you travel and do not wear it, do you have to go through another breaking in period? Thanks for your witty review. Wish I had found it and saved $20 before I ordered it.

    • abraham

      Just received my new order…did have one for a couple of years and used it for travel. Ordered 2 by phone this time using the friends “discount” with the stated price of $59.95…they did after the phone call tack on the $9.95…I was a little disappointed on how that was done. But the 2 are matched in the sense that one uses #1 (less pronounced in jaw movement forward) and #2 for more movement. I will try this new approach. Thanks for the thread!!!

  • Phil C.

    I received my zquiet two weeks ago and my girlfriend said it absolutely works. It took a couple of days to get used to it, but now it feels very comfortable. I would not have ordered it if it weren’t for a friend telling me it worked for her better half. Too bad I didn’t find your blog first for the $20 friends and family link.

  • Au Naturel Mel

    Great review. Laughing at “It’s a Festivus Miracle.” Mel at stopsnoringrx

  • LeanSpike Spike

    Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to pass-on your honest experiences, so that others can make a better informed decision.
    I’m in Tasmania, Australia, and have a dental-made mouth guard (expensive) because I grind my teeth as I sleep. It covers only the top section so I am still grinding the lower section but with the mouth guard.
    I going to try the ZQuiet to protect the top and bottom teeth; my theory being I will have nothing to grind against.
    Again, thank you, for telling your story honestly.
    Happy Christmas. LeanSpike