Blackhawk 410610CBK Double Mag Case

Review: Blackhawk 410610CBK Double Stack Double Mag Case

BLACKHAWK!Since I own a few different Blackhawk SERPA CQC retention holders (in carbon fiber finish, natch), I decided to pick up the matching Blackhawk 410610CBK Double Stack Double Mag Case. Up to now, I’ve been using a Safariland leather double-mag case, but the snaps are a bit difficult to manage so I was hoping the Blackhawk solution might be a bit easier. Plus, at $27 on Amazon, it’s a relatively inexpensive experiment.


Blackhawk 410610CBK Double Mag Case

Blackhawk 410610CBK Double Mag Case

Pros: Like all other Blackhawk products I’ve owned or reviewed, this one is well made. It’s light, durable, has multiple adjustment screws for tension and belt size, and looks and feels like a quality product. I was able to easily adjust it to my 1.5″ belt size and put it on.

Cons: There was only one con I could come up with… but it was the first thing I noticed when I went to load a pair of Glock 17 round 9mm magazines in my new case: the shape of the magazine wells was tapered inward, which forced me to insert my magazines so that the “front” side of each mag (where the bullets are pointing) were pointing inward… meaning the magazines were facing each other, instead of the same direction. That alone disqualified this otherwise exceptional mag case as something I’d be comfortable carrying for defensive purposes.

Perhaps you’ll say “it can’t be that bad, Steve — maybe just take it to the range!” but I can’t do that, either. From my years of playing musical instruments, I’ve learned one inviolate truth: you play what you practice. When I reload using a semi-automatic pistol, I practice the same time, every time:

  • Both magazines on my belt are stowed with the bullets facing forward
  • I reach down with my left hand, index finger extended, and let my palm and index finger make contact with the magazine
  • Gripping the magazine with my my thumb, middle finger, and ring finger, I pull upward on the magazine to release it from my case
  • Using my index finger as a guide, I “point” my finger upward toward the magazine well and insert the magazine

And I do this every… single… time.

So while I generally love Blackhawk products, this one was about to get a “thumbs down” from me, and I had decided to go back to the Safariland.

And then I realized I was a complete moron.

Remember when I said the Blackhawk mag case (like most other Blackhawk products) is extremely adjustable? Well, it turns out that had I slowed down for a few seconds and considered actually using those adjustments and loosening the middle retention screw, I’d have realized that both my doublestack G17 magazines fit fine, both pointed forward, both exactly how I like them.

I’m embarassed to admit it, but I only realized this when I went to find a stock photo of the Blackhawk mag case to use when writing this review… and stumbled across this one:

Blackhawk Double Stack Double Mag Case holding two Glock 9MM magazines

Blackhawk Double Stack Double Mag Case holding two Glock 9MM magazines

For those who may have skipped over the caption, yep — that’s my Blackhawk mag case… holding two Glock 9MM magazines… facing the same direction.

So, forgive my haste and forget the con. This mag case rocks. It’s only $27 bucks, looks great, works well, and inadvertently taught me a little lesson about jumping to conclusions.

Jump to your own conclusions by picking up one of your own today.