Curved Sig Rail vs. Flat 1913 Picatinny Rail

Confirmed: Blackhawk SERPA CQC holster will NOT fit a Sig Sauer P226 MK25 26

Sig Sauer P226 MK 25When I bought my Sig Sauer P226 MK25 9mm pistol (commonly referred to as the “Navy Seal” gun), I had no idea that finding a concealed holster to fit would be so difficult. I really like the Blackhawk SERPA CQC holster, but web searches could never definitively tell me if it would fit. So, after purchasing the SERPA holster for the P220/P226 (part number 410006BK-R), I can now confirm that the P226 MK25 will not fit this holster — even with the retention screw completely loosened.

The problem is that the accessory rail on the MK25 is a true (i.e. flat) M1913 Picatinny rail, as compared to the curved Sig Rail on most other P226 models. Here’s a side-by-side comparison on a Sig P250:

Curved Sig Rail vs. Flat 1913 Picatinny Rail

Curved Sig Rail vs. Flat 1913 Picatinny Rail

Because the tolerances on the SERPA CQC holsters are so precise (which is understandable for a retention holster that is custom fit to a specific model), the slight difference in rail geometry is enough to make the fit of the P226 MK25 not fit.

I’ll probably end up finding someone who can make a custom holster in Kydex for me. I recently picked up a Streamlight TLR-2s light for this pistol (review coming soon), and while I’m told that Safariland makes a 6280 holster for the P226R (Sig railed version) with a TLR-1 attached, I’m certain that the extra bulk from the laser assembly on the TLR-2 won’t fit in the Safariland either.

Hopefully, this short post will help others who are wondering if a Sig Sauer P226 MK25 will fit a Blackhawk SERPA holster. I love the gun, and I love the SERPA holster, but they just don’t work together.

If you’ve got a MK25 and can personally confirm a commercial holster that will fit properly, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

UPDATE: I bought the IMI Defense Holster for it that supports the Streamlight I have attached to the rail. It’s a big OWB holster, but it fits perfectly. I’ve also been able to confirm that Comp-Tac makes a shell for the MK 25, which will work with any of their holsters.

  • Mike Craft

    Wow, thanks for the post, I had no idea that the rails on the MK25 were different! Being ex-Navy, a huge Sig fan, and the MK25 being such a nice piece, obtaining one is DEFINITELY on my list. I do know a solution to your problem… we can trade my P226ST (fresh back from Sig having been rebeadblasted, new Hogue grip, SRT installed, Full Service Package done, barrel crowned, feedramp polished, trigger job, basically every single service to upgrade and service a pistol the Sig Custom shop offers, which means it has all kinds of upgrades and retains its warranty :). Then you will be good to go! I have a Level 3 Serpa for mine (given I have diff smaller pieces for concealed carry I just got an open duty carry holster that is utterly instinct for me to draw, but pretty much impossible for anyone else to take from me:, BH makes great holsters for the $.

    But, if for some crazy reason you don’t want to trade :), and you cannot find a holster(sorry, I don’t know of one, folks in the service I know use the more “generic molle compatible check or thigh holsters vs.custom fit waist) or someone local to make one for your excellent MK25, I do have someone I do business with who makes Hybrid IWB holsters for around $40 that are excellent quality and you have many customization option. I dunno if you have tried one yet, but I just recently did, and Hybrids instantly became my new fav for concealed carry, I can carry a full size all stainless 1911 and not only does it not print (I carry deep, only slight cant, at about 45 oclock, and my spare tire covers it nicely :)), but the nature of the hybrid makes it comfortable(except when driving), the most adjustable & perfectly maintained cant and depth holster I have ever had even when running, AND it distributes weight so well it is comfortable all day! SO much so when I am carrying a small piece I sometimes freak out thinking I forgot to arm before leaving until I patt back there :). Anyway, if you don’t get any luck, I can shoot (no pun intended) him a note and see if he already has done one of these in which case he can turn one out pretty quick, otherwise you would obviously have to send the gun or an imprint or something. I have never had to do that because so far he has already had a mold for every piece I have asked for, which is about 7 now, given once I used my first one I was hooked :). He is going to be making me some custom hybrid IWB double (for my Five seveN) and triple (for my 1911’s, SIg’s, Glock’s, etc.) mag holsters to carry on my weak side, so if you do go local to someone to make you the holster, might as well have them make you something to carry a few extra mags as well!

  • Mike Craft

    “generic” molle compatible CHEST holsters not “check”, cannot edit and forgot to spell check before hitting submit :(.

  • Scott Douglas

    Just received my MK25. I use a guy in ATL who makes custom kydex stuff. His OWB rides high and tight. I own three (g30, 23 with taclight, 26) I’ve asked him if he has a blue gun for our Sig. If you haven’t found what you want yet, I will pass info to you when I hear back from him. Just let me know.

  • Major

    Hope this helps with your holster issue, I retired from the Seals and still carry the MK25. I use a black leather Galco Yagui holster made for my Glock 20. All you need to do is remove the set screws and replace them with longer screws so you can adjust the tension to fit the MK25 w/rail. Great for CCW and fits like a glove for a quick and smooth draw. Nothing comes close to the MK25, trust me. I’ve bet my life on it. The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday!

    • First, thank you for your service to our country. And second, thanks for the great real-world feedback regarding the Galco holster. I’ll go grab one and some longer screws! 🙂

      • Mike

        Don’t think the mk25 is a good choice for concealed carry. It is geometrically clumsy for cc with the big flat rail. It is designed for external carry so pissing and moaning about the lack of cc holsters is meaningless. Anything that is designed for a light cannot be considered optimally designed for cc.

        • Hi, Mike. Thanks for your comment. There’s a side widget on every page of my blog with a section called “About Steve.” The last sentence reads “He enjoys listening to others’ opinions before politely pointing out that they’re completely wrong.”

          I’ve enjoyed listening to your opinion, Mike. You’re completely wrong. 🙂

          But you’re always welcome to come visit my blog. 🙂

          • mike


            Ok, so you think I am wrong. Well, if I am then answer me this. How many holster manufacturers make a CC holster for the MK-25? Yup, your right Steve-NONE. How many companies make any type of holster for the MK-25? NONE Gee, do you think that just maybe most people agree with me, and NOT you. Face it Steve, your opinions hold you, not the other way around. The MK-25 is a poor choice for a CC gun. Even the holster manufacturers know this. It is meant to be carried just as the seals carry it. Face it buddy. You are wrong.

          • IMI makes one, with the Sig Sauer logo and everything. How do I know? I bought one. And “how the SEALs carry them” is a good point. You know any SEALs, Mike? I do — and a drop-leg rig in full tac gear isn’t the only way they run the MK25. Special Operators don’t always walk around towns in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Whereverstan in their dress blues, and not all their missions involve late night full kit helicopter raids on Bin Laden’s house. They often work undercover, wearing regular clothes or local dress… and do you think they leave their sidearm back at base or under their bunk at the CIA black site or embassy out of which they’re operating? No, they conceal it. Any handgun can be carried concealed if the owner really wants to. I know a pawn shop owner in Spanish Fork, UT who carries a DE .50 concealed. That’s a big gun, and he’s a big guy. It’s not my preference, but I’m not going to disparage him for making that choice. The only guns that are technically “designed” for CC are compacts and sub-compacts — their designers built them to address the market demands of gun owners who were willing to make some type of compromise vs a full-size, such as number of rounds, recoil, or some other features. But just because a gun is specifically designed to be concealed, doesn’t necessarily make it a better choice — it just means the manufacturer believed they could sell enough to make it worthwhile (and more power to them). Plenty of holsters will work with the MK25 — my search was for one specifically designed for that gun. Relative to most other pistols, there aren’t a lot of MK25 pistols out there, so I understand why most (but thanks to IMI, not all) gear manufacturers don’t want to invest the money to produce them, when they can sell Glock holsters all day long and keep the shareholders happy. That’s fine with me. I currently conceal a full size Glock 17 on a regular basis. And a Walther PPQ. And now, my P226. Carry what you want to carry, Mike. You won’t be wrong there. But you are wrong that “nobody” makes a concealable holster specifically for the MK25 (in fact, it’s specifically designed for my tac light, too!), and you’re wrong about how professionals carry theirs.

  • And… IMI to the rescue! I just ordered one of these:

    I’ll post a full review when it arrives here from Israel.

  • Dan

    this post is see is a few months old, but I had the same problem with my p226 combat. use a hair dryer to heat up the holster then insert and draw the pistol a few times. fits like a glove

  • Dave

    the sig mk25 will fit in a black hawk serpa holster for the sig sp2022

  • vinny

    TT Gunleather, Tim makes the best leather holsters anywhere
    period…he can make you one.

  • Adam

    I own a Sig Sauer P226 Combat 9mm and it fits fine in both a Serpa CQC and a Serpa Level 2 tactical drop leg holster. The Combat also features the same “true” 1913 rail that the MK25 has. Actually, they are dimensionally nearly identical. I have also tried the Combat version in my Level 3 duty holster that I carry my Sig P220 in for my job. It’s definitely a tighter fit in that one, but it fits nonetheless. I’m not quite sure why your MK25 doesn’t fit a CQC. My advice would be to try a few others in a store and see if it’s just that one holster that gives you problems, or all of them. Best of luck either way though!

  • scott

    Just to let you know you can buy a Blackhawk serpa 226 w rail holster, I currently have the gun in a bh on my hip, I replaced my sig 229 40 with the mk25.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Scott. Did you have to do any adjustments to the holster?

      • scott

        No Steve, adjusted the tension screw on it a little and it was good to go. Im looking into getting Blackhawks xiphos light and holster for it now. And a crimson trace military lg429 grips. Also thinking about srt trigger.Then im going to start saving for a suppresor. This is best handgun ive ever fired.

  • Mika

    IMI Defense holsters fit MK25

    • You’re right, Mika. I actually bought one long ago and never updated the article. I’ve updated it now. Thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Steve. I just ordered a P226 Tacops (also shares the 1913 rail), so this is great information to have.
    I’m personally a fan of Pitbull Tactical’s Bloodline series of holsters. Hopefully, I’ll find one that will fit. 🙂

    • Devon

      Hello all, I am awaiting my Sig sp2022 9mm to arrive and I already own a tlr-2 light that I want to use with for duty carry. Will the sigtac holster (item # SGHOL-RPR-LVL2LIGHT) fit with my mounted tlr-2? In reality tho, I would be interested in any lvl 2 or lvl 3 polymer duty holster that does. Google has not been a help on this. Thank you very much for your time!

  • Awesome! Very helpful, thanks!

  • Eric Ginny Billiter

    OK, now let’s add the Romeo1 to this!
    I’ll probably have to go custom, too!
    I’ve researched for 6 mos on what 9mm we wanted! Always ended up Sig MK25 with Romeo1. Any ideas on that?