SeaDoo RXP Maintenance & Mods

Home made catch can installed in Seadoo RXP and connected to oil separator hose

The purpose of this post is to track maintenance, modifications, and speed testing for my 2006 Sea Doo RXP PWCs.

Most of what I’ve learned (and am still learning) about Sea Doo modding is from my participation in the GreenHulk Performance PWC forums. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in PWC service, upgrades, and modifications to join and participate. I’ve created a Project Thread for these boats on that forum.

I’m also documenting various mods and maintenance task HowTos on this blog with a dedicated Sea Doo posts category.

WN 8471 NT

WN 8472 NT


  • 8/21/2012: The first “round” combination of relatively easy speed-related mods (intake grate + pump wedge + rear air intake) appear to be good for an additional 4 MPH over the stock setup. I have a feeling that will be the easiest 4 MPH I get, though. 🙂