Sea Doo BRP OEM Parts Cross Reference 1

Sea Doo Cross ReferenceIf you’re a cheapskate (er… frugal) like me, and you like to do as much of your own service on your Sea Doo PWCs yourself, then hopefully this OEM parts reference will be helpful. It started out as a list just for my personal use when I starting doing my own oil changes and winterization on my Sea Doo RXPs. Hopefully, as others use it, they can suggest additions for other parts that meet or exceed the OEM quality, but at a fraction of the price that you’d pay at your local Sea Doo Stealership.

Most of these replacement parts can be found online at places like Amazon, or eBay, or simply by doing a web search for their part numbers. IĀ also recommend the 4-tec Performance online store for OEM parts (sometimes no “generic” part exists), as well as great prices on aftermarket performance parts (Riva, R&D, Solas, etc.)

You can link directly to the Google Spreadsheet here, or see it embedded below.

Please contact me if you have updates or additions for this spreadsheet. Thanks!