Sig Sauer 1911 TACOPS Unbox & Field Strip Video 4

Here’s my latest how-to video, in which I unbox my new Sig Sauer 1911 TACOPS and walk through how to easily field strip and re-assemble it. Hope you enjoy it!

  • TJ Anderson

    Hey steve.. TJ here.. Beautiful 1911.. they really did it nicely. I am curious if you can do the “dirty” takedown on that like a standard 1911. With my Para-Ordnance and Colt Officers.. instead of messing with the turning bit at the front and threat of eye loss.. I pull the action back to the takedown position, pull the slidelock pin out.. and the entire slide-with-spring comes out of the frame. (Also how I put it back together)

    • Hey, TJ. Yep, the Sig 1911 can break down the “dirty” way, too. But where’s the fun in anything if you don’t risk losing an eye? 😉

      • TJ Anderson

        Ahh.. Pirates philosophy. (Erm.. YARRRG! I mean..) a side note.. the audio quality was amazing.. just a GoPro?

        • Yep – GoPro Hero 3 Black. I was basically talking directly into it, so maybe that’s why the sound was decent?