Video: Top Glock Upgrades to “Rock your Glock!” 6

Glock UpgradesGlock’s marketing tagline is “Perfection,” but that doesn’t prevent many of us from wanting a little something extra from these popular striker-fired pistols. This article will include links to my YouTube video series on Glock Upgrades.

My general philosophy around any firearms modification is that in order to truly be considered an “upgrade,” the modification must improve the functionality of the weapon for how you use it. That means that depending on the owner and the gun’s purpose (competition, home defense, carry, etc.), one man’s upgrade is another man’s downgrade.

Further, I tend to give preference when modifying a weapon to using OEM components. There are exceptions to this, like when I feel that a third-party manufacturer has designed something that exceeds the original functionality of the gun. But in most cases, when choosing between two similar upgrade components, I’ll tend to choose the OEM manufactured one if the choice is available.

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Glock Field Strip

For many of these videos, knowing how to field strip your Glock is a necessity.

Glock Upgrade: Installing a 3.5lb Trigger Connector

Glocks come from the factory with a 4.5-5.5 lb trigger by default. In this video, I install a Lone Wolf Distributors 3.5lb trigger connector to slightly reduce the amount of trigger pull necessary to fire your Glock.┬áPrice: $12 – $15 online.

Glock Upgrade: Grip Plug

In this video, I install a Glock grip plug from, which improves the reliability of magazine swaps, keeps dirt from entering your Glock, and gives a more “finished” look to your Glock. Price: $4 – $6 online.

Glock Upgrade: Extended Slide Lock

If you’re “all thumbs,” then this upgrade is for you. In this video, I install a Glock OEM extended slide lock, which comes standard on some Glocks (such as the Glock 17L or the GLock 35). The extended slide release allows the shooter to more easily and reliably manipulate the slide lock lever. Price: around $17 online.

Glock Upgrade: Rail-Mounted Light

You can’t shoot what you can’t see. In this video, I install a tactical light on the Glock 19’s rail, and discuss the circumstances under which you’d want to run a light on your Glock.

Glock Upgrade: Beavertail Grip Adapter

Get a grip! In this video, I install a beavertail grip adapter on the Glock 17, and discuss how it helps the overall “feel” of the grip.

Glock Upgrade: Trapezoid Grip Slide Lock

Want to make field stripping your Glock a bit faster? The trapezoid grip slide lock from Brass Stackers might be the answer!

Glock Upgrade: Pierce Grip Extension

The Glock 26 is sub-compact, but what if your hands aren’t? The Pierce grip extension PG-26 will give your pinky finger somewhere comfy to sit while you drive the gun.

Glock Upgrade: Stainless Steel Recoil Guide Rod & Spring Assembly

No doubt that Glock OEM spring assemblies are fine… but what if you want some additional weight at the front of the gun, or maybe some bling in your spring? Could this be the upgrade for you?

Questions, Comments, and Feedback

I’ll be adding to this post as I make more videos in this series. If you have suggested Glock upgrades for me to investigate, or would like to discuss my upgrades or your own, I welcome your questions and feedback in the comments below!