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Gun parts in the CP1100HT 3
How one cleans and cares for their firearms is a deeply personal decision. Some take it to almost religious levels of zeal. For me, it’s always been about making it as effective, fast, and easy as possible; the easier the process, the more likely I am to reliably perform it. […]

Review: Crest CP1100HT Ultrasonic Cleaner for Firearms Cleaning

.44 Magnum cylinder face - before 5
I currently own two stainless steel revolvers: a Smith & Wesson Model 629-6 Performance Center (.44 Magnum) and a Freedom Arms Model 83 Premier Grade (.454 Casull). They are both fantastic guns that I cherish, but they’re not museum pieces. I use my guns, so they get dirty. But I┬ánever […]

Review: KleenBore Lead Away Cloth