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Low millivolts from a thermopile 286
Disclaimer As with all my DIY posts, anything you decide to do as a result of reading this post, you do so at your own risk. With gas and flames involved, things can get dangerous — as in blow-your-house-up dangerous. So hire an expert if you’re not comfortable doing any […]

DIY: Gas Fireplace Won’t Light? How to Clean your Thermopile ...

Eating a healthy breakfast is important, but mornings are always so rushed. So here’s a quick, easy, and yummy recipe I like to make first thing in the morning to get me going. Feel free to experiment with other seasonings you like, or try Feta instead of Parmesean, or kick […]

Recipe: Spinach Mushroom Egg Scramble

Chocolate Banana Cashew Smoothie
Because I’m lactose intolerant, I enjoy anything that actually tastes like a real dairy-based treat, especially something that tastes like an actual milkshake you’d pay money for at an old-school drive-thru restaurant. This protein shake is so simple, but so yummy. Vitamix Recipe: Lactose-free Chocolate Banana Cashew Smoothie   Author: […]

Vitamix Recipe: Lactose-free Chocolate Banana Cashew Smoothie

Curved Sig Rail vs. Flat 1913 Picatinny Rail 26
When I bought my Sig Sauer P226 MK25 9mm pistol (commonly referred to as the “Navy Seal” gun), I had no idea that finding a concealed holster to fit would be so difficult. I really like the Blackhawk SERPA CQC holster, but web searches could never definitively tell me if […]

Confirmed: Blackhawk SERPA CQC holster will NOT fit a Sig ...